I literally  had a whole post written up for today. Truly, I did. And then I took a minute (more like ten) to watch a speech because my coworker insisted that I do. I don’t watch award shows very much. Really the only one I make a point to watch every year are the Grammys cause I love music and I love watching people come together over music. Last night, the Golden Globes aired on TV and it got a huge amount of hype. I mean it does every year when you have a ton of actors, actresses and directors coming together to celebrate each other and their accomplishments. This year, all the glamorous people wore black. The color black was to symbolize that time is up in regards to people getting away with sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood and recognizing those who have been strong to come out and tell their “MeToo” stories. The highlight of the night however, besides historical award wins was Oprah Winfrey’s speech when she accepted the Cecil D. Demille Award. I just watched it and let me tell you, I was as moved as everyone in the audience. I mean not only is she eloquent with her words but the conviction in her tone, you can just tell she made a giant impact on everyone in that audience and everyone who watched it secondary like I just did. So, instead of the long post I initially wrote up for today, I’m sharing her speech instead and highly encourage you to watch all 9 minutes and 40 seconds of it because I promise you, it will surely be one you remember:


21 thoughts on “Speech

  1. I just watched the speech a couple of hours ago and just wow! She really nailed it. I will be honest she has really flown u Der the radar for me, I’ve never watched any of her shows, I haven’t read any of her books but this speech really made me sit up and take notice.


    1. Yes she did! And oh man Claire you have to watch The Color Purple one day. Phenomenal movie or even Beloved! Those are her most notable roles. And she’s going to be in the new A Wrinkle in Time film this year. I know what you mean. I sat up straight and even teared up a little.


  2. That was such a significant and beautiful speech! Of course I cried. It is my hope (and expectation), that there will be many many more people in this country and world who speak equally inspiring words about equally important and good things. Let’s be gone with the lies, the trash talk, prejudice, bigotry, sexism, and hypocrisy, and embrace fairness and respect for all! Oprah and stars have a huge audience, but if everyone speaks up (and I don ‘t just mean for women’s issues), it will have to be heard. I hope we’re inspired to do our part, and keep doing it until those who’ve been closing their ears can’t keep them closed anymore.


  3. That is one if the best speeches ever given at an awards ceremony, probably the best. If she ran for President with a running mate who knows the ins and outs of politics, I’d vote for her faster than you can say “Trump who?”


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