Facebook Friday 2/9/18

I have never been more happier that it’s Friday than I am today. After my hectic yesterday where I didn’t get to log into WordPress at all (missed Endangered Thursday, sad panda), I woke up super late for work this morning! My alarm must have decided  the weekend came early because I woke up at the exact time that I usually leave to start driving for work. Luckily my boss is understanding! Hopefully the day goes by fast then I can definitely sleep for a whole day with no worries. Let’s get started with Facebook Friday shall we?

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

As far as memes go, I didn’t share any on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t think I saw any good ones that were share worthy enough. It was all about the videos! The first video I shared was one of the Superbowl commercials with Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman but it’s been circulating pretty good so I won’t share it today because I suspect most of you have already seen it. The next video I shared was another Ellen show clip. This one featuring Melissa McCarthy and truly, these two together are just super freaking hilarious. Make sure to watch it long enough to see Melissa McCarthy’s puppy impressions. They are gold!:

This video was actually shared to me by the wonderful Robin over at The Robin’s Nest. She knows how much I love animals, turtles especially, and this video is so heartwarming and just restores your faith in humanity:

In case you didn’t know, loggerhead turtles are critically endangered so this guy is definitely doing a great thing pointing them in the right direction!

Alas, I didn’t share any pictures this week; at least not on social media but I do have a cute cat one for all you lovelies because my cat is such a trip:

That’s it for Facebook Friday! Did you see anything interesting in your social medias this week? Let me know in the comments below! Have a good weekend everyone! Go see Fifty Shades Freed and see you Monday!


23 thoughts on “Facebook Friday 2/9/18

  1. Whenever I see your cat, I just want to curl up and go to sleep. He always looks so comfy! Thank goodness the turtles were sent in the right direction. I love Melissa McCarthy! paired with Ellen makes for an awesome day. Thanks for sharing, Nel! I hope you have a great day today and that it goes fast. Surprisingly, I actually got up early this morning, but late yesterday, lol. 😀 Enjoy your weekend too. 🙂

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    1. Haha yes, he definitely inspires that feeling in me as well, my little cuddle cat. Yes! They are such a pair. I laughed so much watching this video. Them playing off each other making it all funnier. So far my day is going. Work is slow so I hope it stays that way, lol. 🙂

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  2. Hope you managed to have a nice long sleep! I definitely sympathise- thought I came here yesterday (clearly I didn’t) my brain’s complete mush sometimes 😉 Those puppy impressions were hilarious (also I want one of those gorgeous dogs!!) aww I’m so glad he saved the turtles! And your cat is always cute!!

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    1. I did sleep! But not until today haha. Better some than none though. Yes! Her puppies are gorgeous and the way she talks about them is even better 😂. Yes! I’m all for anyone that saves turtles and my cat is just silly, haha

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      1. I feel bad for everyone at home. My daughter keeps complaining about all the shovelling. Sun always feels so nice when it has been so gloomy. I have to go back in three more weeks.


  3. I absolutely love Melissa McCarthy! And she is hilarious, definitely watching that movie!
    The jerk has reminded me I have a bed I can curl up into also, and it’s too late to wish you a happy weekend, but you can have a good week 🙂

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