Facebook Friday 2/23/18

Man is it just me or did February pass by in the blink of an eye? I checked the calendar this morning and this is the last Facebook Friday of February! (say that three times fast :P). Not much was happening in social media land besides constant talking points on guns of course but I did manage to find some happy spots I’m going to share with you today.

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

So this week, I actually did find a meme! I think it’s quite appropriate too since this is pretty much me all day, everyday:

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I have definitely had no time to read these days so becoming a hobo sounds quite appealing right now!

Next up, I’m a bit of a Phantom of the Opera nerd. Which isn’t really true because I’ve only watched the movie version featuring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum but I have listened to various versions of the soundtracks and I know every song. Phantom of the Opera celebrated 30 years on Broadway this past week so their Facebook page shared lots of interesting fun facts all week long. It was also featured on an episode Jeporardy where it had it’s own category! I always liked guessing the answers to these types of questions so I watched the clip and I actually only missed two I believe! Shocked myself let me tell you. Had to have been a combination of lucky guesses and memory. Check it out for yourselves and see if you can guess the answers before the contestants do:

Lastly, I want to show you all two of the four feral cats that have been plaguing my existence these days. Yes, I know, they’re so cute and look so friendly! Don’t let looks fool you. They’re the spawn of Satan, the little howling demons. I hope as the weather warms up, they find somewhere else to live:

That’s it for Facebook Friday! Have you all seen anything interesting or fun in your social medias this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a good weekend everyone and see you Monday!


12 thoughts on “Facebook Friday 2/23/18

  1. Aww, now that I see the cats pic I feel for it. Cute! I can’t imagine what a pain they are though. I’m guessing they won’t let you touch them, right?

    Love the meme! Lol. I haven’t seen that one yet. I’m not a huge Phantom fan at this time but enjoyed watching the Jeopardy video.

    February is going by too fast! I agree This year is already flying by. πŸ’™ Hope you have a relaxing weekend! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Don’t feel for them!! They’re evil! And 1 of them is nice enough. Would walk right into the house if we let it and then my cats would have heart attacks, lol.

      Glad you like the meme! I liked it too. Could totally relate haha. You have to give the Gerard Butler version a try! Because it’s Gerard and he’s hot.. πŸ˜‚

      I hope you have a relaxing weekend as well! πŸ’—πŸ’œ

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  2. Happy Friday, Nel. I’m a huge fan of Phantom. When I was little I had a double cassette of the whole play, starring Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford which I listened to all the time. I got to see a production in the theatre in London when I was around 15. Definitely worth it if you ever get chance. I also really identify with this week’s meme. #lovebooks

    Sorry the cats are still messing with your sleep 😦

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    1. Happy Friday to you too!! I’m so jealous you got to see them live! That was probably the coolest experience! Hehe, glad you enjoyed the meme. I’m right there with you!

      Sigh. Yeah.. I hope they find a cooler place to live before we rip out our deck and force them away, haha


  3. Haha, love the meme. Won’t the animal control people come out for the cats? Maybe if they go to a shelter they can be adopted. One of the shelters up here has what they call a Barn Cat adoption section. The cats are feral but make great mousers for farms. As long as someone agrees to feed and water them and live trap them to get them to the vet if need be, they can adopt them for little to nothing. Know a farmer with a live trap?

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    1. You know my mom said the same thing but I don’t want them to be euthanized cause as much as I hate them, I want to hate them alive, haha. I’m in a really suburban area. No farms nearby at all unfortunately but thanks for the suggestion Linda!

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  4. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of February either! And I love that meme!! hahaha I just love how you posted a shaming photo of the feral cats- tthat’ll show them! (my brain is going all GOT right now and I keep thinking “SHAME!”… must be because it’s been a long week and it’s late πŸ˜‰ ) (in all seriousness, I hope they move away soon, that must be so annoying)


  5. We have a few evil spawn feral cats around here too! A few years ago one joined our old guy as a buddy and we accepted him just as “Tinkers” did. Tinker passed two years ago and we still have “Kinko” but he remains a semi-feral. He let’s us touch him for a brief sec after that you will draw back a bloody hand. He will come in the back door only at feeding time and rub against our leg and meowing loudly as if he was starving (trust me, he is not) and he lies around here like he’s the king of this domain. The other evil ones lurking about, I can see it in their eyes, they are plotting an attack on me…on that involves ripping my face off!! They give me the cold chills. I would love nothing more than to trap them and take them to an animal shelter but all they would do is neuter/spade them and return them back to the wild. Good luck girl!

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    1. Yes! That’s the other thing. If they don’t euthanize them, they’ll just release them but then they’re still a plague on my existence, hahaha. Thanks for the luck! I’ll need to avoid murderous thoughts πŸ˜‰

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