A friend of mine recommended a book for me to read recently. I’m part of the Ultimate Reading Challenge which lasts the whole year and I’m reading my tearjerker for this month. It’s highly likely I won’t finish it til March 1st because my life got in the way and I forgot February is stunted but so far I’m enjoying the story immensely and is what inspired this post today.

You ever think about the many definitions of one word or the many ways it’s interpreted? The main word revolving around my book is the word “blind“. While I was driving to work today, I was thinking about the many ways a person can be blind. There are lots of famous phrases for the word of course but I wanted to touch on a few that occur pretty regularly in a person’s daily life.

The most obvious definition of blind that comes to mind is a person who physically cannot see. Either they were born that way maybe lost their physical sight due to disease or another reason. To piggyback off this definition, there’s also color blindness as well; people who do not have enough cones and rods in their eyes to be able to see color.

Following physical blindness, there’s blindness of the mind. What I mean when I say this I always think about dreaded politics. I’m not a fan of talking about politics but I admit I do engage in conversations here and there once in a while. I liken blindness of the mind to being closed minded; a person who is unwilling to see past what they believe, their specific morals, ethics, etc. When it comes to getting into a debate whether it be politics or something else, there are people who are unwilling to open their mind and see another person’s point of view on the same subject matter. Or maybe they are willing to see but don’t care to really listen. I guess in this scenario, having an open mind and open ears kind of go hand to hand. Sometimes you can find a break in the stronghold of another person’s mind and sometimes you can’t. It’s hard to make someone understand that you aren’t trying to change their mind, you just would like them to see how your thought processes are evaluating the same topic. I guess the phrase, “walking in another person’s shoes” could fit here.

Lastly, I think of emotional blindness or blindness of the heart. A good example of this could be “love at first sight“. This is a common phrase where a person feels at one glance they’ve met the love of their life. Sometimes that’s true and sometimes it’s wrong. When it’s wrong, people will often shut down their “heart’s eyes”. I mean that in the sense that they are either unwilling or do not believe that they can ever open their heart to another person again. The same thing applies to friendship. Once you’ve been burned once or twice, you become wary of opening your emotions or “breaking down that barrier” to another person. Or maybe even the opposite is true where you can’t see “the writing on the wall” so to speak; that it’s obvious the friendship is going down the drain no matter how much you try, or don’t try, to salvage it.

At the end of the day, in any scenario of blindness, you become reliant on all your other senses, whether they’re physical or emotional. Trusting your other senses becomes quite interesting and intriguing when you think about it because your “eyes” make it so easy. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how my story develops considering the ways in which it inspired me to write this post today.

Do you ever think about the many interpretations of a single word? Are there other definitions of being blind that I didn’t cover? Let me know in the comments below!


11 thoughts on “Blind

  1. This reminds or takes me back to 1997. We were talking about two countries. I was patriotic about my country and the other person said…just because you close your eyes the problem is not seen*…if you keep your eyes open you would see those existing problem. * Don’t be self -made blind is what the person meant.

    Great article and real-time examples.

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  2. Wow, Nel. Another thought-provoking post! I have to admit, I do think about this word in the many different ways you have described it, but not all at once. I’ve heard the “love is blind” comment many times and think about how people see what they want to see. I also think about being blind or close-minded to certain topics as well as you sort of opened up my mind to just the other day when we were having one of our conversations.

    I hope you end up loving this book and that it turns out to be a real tear jerker. I know I have it on my list for now and will wait for your thoughts! โค Great post again!

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    1. Thanks! Oh yes, I think it would be super brain overload if we thought about them all at once, lol. Yes, I love our conversations! I just love having my views expanded even more. Makes you come to conclusions you didn’t think you would come to before.

      I hope I love it too and cry. I will let you know if it’s worth your time for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

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  3. As a writer I love emotional blindness, as you might have noticed ๐Ÿ™‚ One other meaning I thought I’d share is a slang term for you, used here to denote drinking too much as in ‘I was blind last night’. It’s the word you use when you you were more than drunk, also combined with ‘wrote off’ as in ‘I was so blind last night, I wrote myself off’.

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    1. Ooooh! Interesting! Thank you for sharing those with me! I have heard the term in regards to drinking before but not as writing yourself off. Yes! I love you’re writing specifically because of that, haha. Well and other things of course but thats one point of many ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Such a fascinating topic again! Coincidentally, I just finished a non-fiction book that centred on the idea of partisan blindness, so the subject of people’s unwillingness to listen and have open discussions is really fresh on my mind. And emotional blindness is such an interesting topic. Such a thought provoking post!

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    1. Thank you orangutan! I’m glad you enjoyed this post and it related to what you were reading. Almost sounds like a topic you should blog about cause I’d love to know more about partisan blindness.

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