Sorry, no you don’t get to dictate taste…

Nobody says it best like OrangutanLibrarian. I don’t even post on Sundays but this post deserves it and then some!

the orang-utan librarian

thoughts orangutan

That’s quite the accusatory title, isn’t it? But of course, I don’t mean *you* per se- just the *you* who tells people what they can and can’t like- this is turning into a “not you, you” moment…

na na na na naAnyhoo, the subject of taste was abuzz on the blogosphere a while back (sorry I forgot to bookmark posts!) and I wasn’t initially going to respond since I’ve touched on the topic a few times before. But then, I noticed a trend of comments on my “favourites” posts, both new and old, and it started to play on my mind again. Because apparently, saying you like/dislike something is controversial. We’re back to the primary school level of argumentation with your opinion doesn’t match mine, therefore you’re wrong, so there!

tasteLet’s start by clearing something up once and for all: you can’t be wrong about your own personal taste. I cannot tell…

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9 thoughts on “Sorry, no you don’t get to dictate taste…

  1. Thanks for sharing this, I think a lot about how opinions matter and are a personal perception. Both sides are right in their own eyes… and start war 😉

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    1. Thank you! But yes, I’m with you. It’s 100% about personal perception and both sides ARE right so you can imagine how you wouldn’t be a fan of someone telling you you’re wrong or you just didnt get a story because they feel like they did so it must be so.

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  2. This is great! I was just having a conversation about hating the practice of some people who feel they need to either ‘convert’ me to their religion or tell me my beliefs are wrong. Taste is much the same. I used to say that playing Animal Crossing was my guilty pleasure because it’s a child’s game. Now I just say it’s my pleasure.

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    1. Oh man don’t even get me started on the converts. I’ve had many of hate speech from people like that cause they get upset when I have logical questions they can’t answer, lol. Yes! It shouldn’t matter that it’s a child’s game. You like it and that’s all that matters!

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