Have you ever created a registry for something?

It’s not fun.

Not even a little bit.

Who willingly likes making lists?? I’m taking volunteers to make mine. Thanks.

That’s all I have for today.



9 thoughts on “Register

  1. I’m assuming its for the parasite? 😉 Maybe try going to the store, they often have scanners and you can walk around scanning what you want(That’s a bit more fun than doing it online). Here’s some of that advice you’ll get in droves: don’t register anything you don’t want and make sure to register items in a wide range in price. Some people like to get a lot of little things and put them in a basket or baby bathtub. Ask someone who’s had a baby what they actually needed and what was useless but seemed important. Good luck 🙂

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    1. Lmao, you got it Cim. I started one on Amazon and I’m already over it. I actually did as you suggested though cause I have a friend with a 5 month old who is telling me what I will and won’t need. I’ve been going for a lot of gift set type of things so far. Thanks! I need all the luck. I didn’t even do a registry for my wedding so this is such a trial.

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      1. You can’t just register chocolate and books for you? With luck you will need them while your home invader sleeps and it will keep you happy so sort of technically for the little one, right?

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