Why I Like Social Media

I was debating whether or not I should write about food today but I have a habit of making everyone hungry every single time so I decided to switch it up this morning and talk about social media. Lately there’s been a big hoopla about how evil social media is these days especially in regards to tragic events and the like. I understand how it can be viewed in a negative light. I mean it’s come a long way since MySpace days where it was very basic and all you had to worry about was exes sending you harassing messages or subjecting yourself to chatrooms to meet new people and smartphones weren’t a thing (man I feel old). Regardless of all these factors however, I’m a huge fan of social media and I wanted to outline a few reasons why.

For the record, I only dabble with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube.


The number one reason I love social media is it’s diversity. There are so many subjects that I never would have even thought of thinking about if it wasn’t for the many people discussing these things. I follow a lot of animal related pages, cooking pages, book related pages, some of my TV shows, etc etc. The list goes on for a while but I feel like my mind is constantly becoming more open and my tastes are constantly evolving. It’s also great to see other people’s reactions to the same thing I’m viewing to get another way at looking at something. Before social media, it was pretty restricted to what you learned in school and what you physically experienced but now you have the added aspect of virtual experience. You also get to meet different types of people from all around the world and learn about their culture and heritage. WordPress is a great example here and blogging in general because you’re exposed to new and interesting content each day.


Second reason I love social media is the communication aspect. I was reluctant to get Facebook for the longest time because I was so heavily involved with MySpace and thought it was the best. However, as more of my family joined the platform and I saw how clean and sophisticated it looked, I decided to switch. In the beginning I mainly used it to communicate with cousins and family I didn’t often see. Now I can communicate with pretty much anyone. Its honestly a genius resource regardless of all the negativity it receives. It’s nice when you leave a job and can still have contact with a person you became close with without having to call or text message them constantly. And the amount of control you have is great. There all kinds of settings for how you want your Facebook to operate and I think nowadays, a lot of people don’t take advantage of those so they end up hating it. I have mine set to Private and only Friends can see what I post; not friends of friends and the general public can only see a very basic profile from the outside. There is also that wonderful block button and unfriend/unfollow button whenever you need it. Same goes for Twitter essentially and I love Twitter because who’d ever thought they’d have the ability to speak to their favorite authors or celebrities without writing a letter and pray it gets answered?? I mean that’s just the coolest thing ever.


Lastly, at least for today, the third thing I love about social media kind of ties with the diversity aspect. I learn a lot each day. For example, last night I watched a cooking video and literally after work went grocery shopping for all the ingredients, went home and proceeded to cook it. Turned out to be a huge success that my husband praised me for and I just felt really great because it was social media that encouraged me to do that. You also learn other cool things like household cleaning hacks, upcoming book and movie releases and even the news. For someone who’s “cut the cord” long before cutting the cord was even a thing, social media is a huge resource in keeping me in the know about what’s going on in the world without having to visit a million news sites. YouTube is especially helpful in DIY videos that help you save money or for me right now, prenatal exercises without having to go out to a gym and paying someone to guide me in these (I’m so cheap).

These are the three big ones for me. I could go on but I don’t want to subject you to reading a super long blog post. How about you? How do you feel about social media? Do you agree with my reasons? Disagree? Have any additional reasons you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments below!


18 thoughts on “Why I Like Social Media

  1. As with everything debatable social media is a double edged sword. The good and the bad will use a resource to their advantage whether it’s reminding someone they care or pushing someone to kill themselves. There is no way to moderate who gets to say what and there shouldn’t be, it’s just a shame that the monsters come out to play and ruin things for the majority of good.

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    1. This is true and in a way, I think that’s why I keep myself intentionally ignorant sometimes. I don’t want someone else to ruin my experience and since I have the control, I can make sure that doesn’t happen while still enjoying the platforms. So while it may be ruined for others, I still have no problems cutting away the ugly patches if necessary.

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  2. Just this morning I was frustrated with my son and youtube. Lol. I wanted to rant about social media and technology but I really can’t. It’s our reality. And as much as I have to keep watch over what he’s putting on, there’s so much good we’ve gotten from it. My six year old knows how thunder and lightning happens thanks to youtube, he can also tell me where in the world to find the most impressive volcanoes. School hasn’t taught him that! We’ve been watching videos together trying to solve his rubies’ cube….
    There’s good and bad with everything. We may as well focus on the good and try to mitigate the bad cuz this stuff isn’t going anywhere.

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    1. Yes! Agreed! I like that your kids are learning and growing. I mean its pretty much encouraged because of social media which is awesome. They both probably feel super smart when they share the information with their peers that wasn’t taught in school. I definitely focus on the good and try to absorb the bad in a way that it won’t cause a negative cloud over my life cause like you said, it’s definitely not going anywhere. Thanks for such an insightful comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Oh definitely. I agree. I think most anything tech related is a double edged sword but it definitely depends on each individual how they manage themselves and the things they want to be subjected to. Thanks for visiting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I used to have a Facebook and Pinterest page, and was on LinkedIn. I made a choice to delete all of those accounts. I will say that I lost some positives. I now have lost touch with some people I never would have kept in touch with without Facebook. I also lost a number of official followers for my blog. Though I never really got into any Facebook or Pinterest pages outside of those of my “friends”, I know there is a lot of good stuff out there. The saddest thing about my deleting my Facebook account is that I didn’t see some of the last Facebook posts (always his original photos) of my nephew. Or at least not in time for him to see me respond to them. He died last June because of bipolar depression.

    I love writing whatever I want on my blog. Doing so with social media ultimately seemed to connect it with my name. I need anonymity. Yes, I’m trying to fight the stigma of bipolar disorder, but I still need some privacy. I want the choice of whether or not I tell future bosses about my illness, or when. I don’t want certain people to read some of the stuff I’ve written in my blog. Would you want a boss or workmate you hate reading about your sex life in Thailand? I didn’t like my husband’s best friend’s obnoxious sister snooping around my LinkedIn page. She did. I could see that she did.

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    1. Well I have to say that is one difference between you and I. My social media accounts are not linked and I make it a point to keep it that way. I also have multiple email addresses. For example, with this blog, it has it’s own email and it’s own Twitter. It’s not associated with my personal pages period. As for Facebook in general, I can see what you mean about people knowing your info but then that just means you have to be careful about who you friend which is where the privacy settings come super in handy. Another example, if anyone were to search my mom on Facebook they wouldn’t find her. In order to be her friend, she has to friend you. Whereas my Facebook is set to private and people can see my profile picture and part of my friends list. That’s it. Can’t see anything on my wall, any of my albums, nothing. So you truly do have the power. A lot of people just don’t realize it.
      It sounds like it’s been a while since you’ve been on social media but I can see how experiences would lead you to not have them and that’s not a bad thing at all.

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  4. Very valid points! Especially the learning bit. I mean we learn a lot of stuff about things we will never need but also, things that come in very handy. We are able to pick up information about subjects we would never have otherwise known about or realized they interested us. Social media is great, honestly, negatives aside!
    Great post love!

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  5. hehe you do make me hungry a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m only a dabbler when it comes to sm too. That’s a really good point about diversity. I do find FB really useful for keeping in touch with people (though I barely use it at this point). And yeah you’re right about life hacks- so useful!


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