Facebook Friday 4/6/18

Hey, hey it’s Facebook Friday!

I apologize for not posting the last two days. Wednesday I just had mush for brains. I attribute it to the weather because it snowed the entire day. Spring is looking farther and farther away. So sad especially considering my birthday is next month and I’ve never had snow on my birthday that I can remember so cross your fingers we kick this cold! And then yesterday I spent half the morning at the OB because I had to do an hour long glucose test. For those that don’t know, that’s where they make you drink a small bottle of this orange syrup, sit for an hour, and then draw your blood so they can test your blood sugar. It’s all related to diabetes. I don’t have it but babies in the womb could possibly develop it. I also got a TDAP shot which is tetnaus and whooping cough so now I can’t lift my arm to shoulder height cause it just hurts today. Joy.

On a happier note, I went to Wendy’s yesterday and it was glorious because I haven’t had Wendy’s in weeks since mine burned down and the next closest one is out of my way. Chicken nuggets are the best!

Anyway, this Facebook Friday is going to be a special edition because it’s basically an exclusive to you my lovely WordPress followers. I did not post anything to social media at all this week in the ways of memes, pictures or videos. I didn’t even realize I didn’t until I looked and saw that Friday was coming up and I had nothing from Facebook or Twitter. However, a few followers (looking at you Susan πŸ˜‰ ) have been wanting to see my pregnant belly. My mother bugs me for a picture every month so I thought today I’d share that picture for you all but in black and white cause I’m a tiny bit self conscious about being so round especially considering this is the biggestΒ  I’ve ever been in my entire life. But before we get to the picture, I took a quick video clip of baby’s heartbeat while I was at the doctor. You’ll have to turn your volume up to hear it real good but if you ever wondered what it sounds like when you’re sharing a body, that’s not from TV, here you go:

That’s 150 beats per minute. To give you an idea, average adult resting heart rate is only 60-100 beats per minute. Smaller the heart, faster it beats. Larger the heart slower it beats. Fascinating stuff.

Following that, here’s the little body snatcher from the outside. I’m currently 26 weeks and some change. About 2 and a half more months to go:


So there you have it. Life information dump for extra special exclusive Facebook Friday, baby edition. I hope you all had a wonderful week and if you saw anything cool in your social medias this week, let me know in the comments below!

Have a great weekend and see you Monday! πŸ™‚


27 thoughts on “Facebook Friday 4/6/18

  1. Awwww!!!!!! Exciting times. I was thrilled each time I heard the heartbeats for the first time.
    Your bump is tres cute!
    And that glucose test is the pits… especially if they end up asking you to take the three hour one… ugh! Nasty tasting syrup.
    All the best Nel. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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    1. Haha yeah. It was pretty surreal at 9 weeks the first time I heard it. The shock of the sound has worn off a bit but I always wonder which side it’ll be on when I go in.
      YES! It is. I hope I don’t have to go in for the three hour one. Did you? And yes, it was so damn nasty and you have five minutes to chug it. Bleh!
      Thank you so much! I hope you have a lovely weekend yourself πŸ™‚ ❀

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      1. They do move around a lot. Lol
        I did have to do the three hour one… twice out of the three times. All tests came back negative for diabetes though. Thank goodness. I told my doc, that syrup alone could give you diabetes. Lol

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        1. Thank goodness! I’m crossing my fingers I don’t have to do it again cause you’re so right! The syrup is straight sugar. There’s barely water in it at all. I was like, can I take a sip of water just to get the taste out of my mouth? Haha

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  2. OMG baby bump! YAY! Don’t be self conscious be proud you are growing a person and you’re a mommy to be! Happy Friday, have a good weekend.

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    1. Haha. Yeah I try not to be but it’s hard the bigger I get and I know it’s all baby weight but still. Happy Friday to you too Cim! ❀ Looking forward to my Grace installment tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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  3. Yay for finally giving me what I want!!πŸ’–πŸ’– Do you know what you are having yet? I’m guessing a boy because you are carrying low! Lol you look great, well minus your head cause I can’t see it! Hahaha

    Have a great weekend Nel!!😁

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    1. Hehe, you’re welcome! I don’t know what I”m having because I opted to wait until it comes out of me. I’m glad you say boy though because that’s what I really want! πŸ™‚ Hahaha I’ll post another updated picture in the future with the husband in it. I can’t be showing my bum hair style to the world.

      You have a great weekend as well! ❀

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  4. Wow the belly is low!! I have to say that to me I’m thinking boy as well, but I’m not saying 100% haha. It’s like a little basketball! πŸ˜€ Loved hearing the heartbeat too! Good times. ❀ Have a great weekend, Nel, and thanks so much for sharing this very special FF. πŸ™‚

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  5. Wow, such a healthy sounding heartbeat. The best sound in the world until you have him/her in your arms and hear the coos, screams, giggles etc. Enjoy this time. Wondrful baby bump, just the right size.

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    1. Thanks Carla! Hahaha, can’t wait to experience the real phase 1 for sure! πŸ˜‰ Yeah I seem to be gaining at the right rate so lets hope it keeps chugging right along. Have a great weekend! ❀

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    1. Hahaha. Yeah today I can lift it above my head and it only feels slightly sore. So crazy a shot can do that. πŸ™‚ Yeah it’s still strange that I’m carrying a human but now I know I can say I know what it feels like when I watch like a pregnant elephant (can you tell I feel huge? lmao). Thank you. I don’t feel self conscious often but man having this huge belly is just messing with my esteem.

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  6. Ahhhh, Nel! What a beautiful baby belly! I love hearing a baby’s heartbeat ❀ Wonderful memories…I loved being pregnant and afterwards I loved breastfeeding. That wasn't yesterday…14+ years ago now!


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    1. Hahahaha you are much better than me. Being pregnant is like the biggest trial in patience I’ve ever experienced. I’m not sure I’ll be doing this again and I haven’t even gotten to the birthing part yet πŸ˜‚.I do hope to love breastfeeding though. Thank you for your kind cooperation Jo-Ann. πŸ’œ

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      1. Ahhh, it does have it’s challenges. Maybe I’m forgetting the rough parts and just remembering the good stuff lol!

        Breastfeeding can be a challenge for the first week. I was very sore, but glad I kept it up. It’s not for everybody and that’s okay!

        I’m looking forward to your updates on your pregnancy! Take care of yourself, be healthy and happy! ❀

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        1. Yes. Side sleeping is the devil. I was a stomach sleeper before. That’s the most rough part about it once you get past the bout of morning sickness haha.

          Yes I’ve heard breastfeeding can hurt the first few times but to keep at it! So I’m hopeful I’ll be a trooper there.

          Thank you! I definitely am very fragile with myself these days. Just got a maternity band cause baby is heavy! Haha.

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          1. Ah, I’m a stomach sleeper too, and yes…now I remember getting used to that! I had pillows everywhere, supporting my legs and arms. Couldn’t lay on my back for any length of time, it felt like an elephant sitting on me! It’s all coming back! lol

            I hope the maternity band helps. You seem to be carrying high, I imagine that kills your back! I carried low with both my boys and it was my hips and pelvis that ached.

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            1. Yeah my husband just bought me a huge body pillow and actually I’ve been told I’m carrying low and I have the hip cracking and pelvic pain you’re describing, haha. The hips are the worse! The band does seem to be helping a little bit walking around at work and doing chores at home at holding the elephant up. πŸ˜‰ We’ll see as I get bigger though, haha.

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