Life Shenanigans

Normally I have time to go through WordPress over the weekend and blog hop and comment and what not. This weekend, that was completely not an option in any capacity. You see, that floor project I discussed a few posts ago commences today and because we always like to be ahead of the game, we prepared the room the contractor would be working in ahead of time so he wouldn’t have to; that means, we moved all the furniture out. And when I say “we”, I mean my husband because I’m not allowed to lift more than 25 pounds being 7 months pregnant and all.

Basically our plan of attack was to clean out closets first and do a bit of spring cleaning. We’ve only been living in this house for a little under 2 years and we came from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house so we’ve accumulated a bit of stuff in that time. You never really realize how much stuff you have though until you go through it all for a big house project. We ended up donating 4 trash bags full of clothing and 1 trash bag of shoes between the both of us and on top of that, got rid of 2 bags of books I knew I’d never read, a 29 gallon bowfront fish tank and a cat tree. The cat tree is the only thing that went to the trash. Then I gave away some odds and ends to my mother in law because she was homeless before and now has her own apartment to accumulate stuff in. We were also fortunate that she came over because she was able to help my husband move some of the big stuff while I just took the small stuff upstairs or relocated it to a temporary spot for the time being.

By the time it was all said and done, we had our dining room and bedroom cleared of furniture (except the bed; that will be moved during the project) and our living room full of furniture that needs two people to move. However, the poor pets are in a sad panda state at the moment. My turtle’s tank had to be drained in order for it to be mobile so he’s sitting in about 3 inches of water for the time being and the cats are locked in a room upstairs until the project is finished. Milliardo is most especially not amused:


I hope to share some before and after pictures with you all at a later date but for now it looks like it’s gonna be a Wendy’s kind of week (not that I’m complaining!). I hope you all had less exhausting weekends than I did.

Have you done any spring cleaning yet? If you have, are you surprised at the amount of stuff you accumulated over the years? Got any big projects coming up? Let me know in the comments below!


30 thoughts on “Life Shenanigans

  1. Ugh…accumulating stuff! It gets out of hand pretty quickly! Once a year, our city has Heavy Garbage Pickup and people put out their sofas and all kinds of crazy stuff they find in their spring cleaning. It’s crazy…the sidewalks are loaded with junk! But, it’s also awesome, because one person’s junk is another’s treasure, and loads of people drive around picking out what they find useful. Crazy, huh?

    I have to get busy and get my goodies out by April 30.


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    1. That’s pretty cool that your city hosts something like that Jo-Ann. And you are so right; one man’s trash is definitely someone else’s treasure. That cat tower we put out last night was picked up by someone before the trash people came so I hope it serves them well! I hope you’re able to accomplish your goals! April 30th is not far away at all, lol.


  2. I loved doing house projects when I was pregnant… got other ppl to do the heavy lifting and follow my orders! Hmm… maybe there’s a bit of a queen complex going on there…
    Hope your enjoy your Wendy’s frosties and fries this week. Lol

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    1. Hahaha queen complex! lmao. See I feel bad cause I’m so used to jumping in and helping but now I’m just useless. I cook the meals and keep the kitchen clean though so I guess thats something until this is over with and we can go back to sharing that chore again.

      THANKS! I might do chik fil A this time. Waffle fries with their chocolate shake but I really love their cheese sauce so I don’t know if I’ll commit.

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  3. Uhg, I need to do the kitchen cupboards, I’m not sure how I have three, yes three full shelves of glasses and mugs. One is all that is necessary and the worst part is I have glasses stacked in threes and fours on these shelves. I think they’re getting busy when the door is closed because I haven’t bought new glasses or mugs in over six years. Maybe they’re what those lost socks and Tupperware lids morph into when they go “Missing”…

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    1. Wow! See we have one cupboard of plastic glasses and mugs that I want to replace eventually. “Getting busy” bahahahahaha I keep hinting to the husband that I want open shelving cause I feel like, if you can see it, you’ll deal with it. Omg lost socks are the worst and tupperware lids! We bought a whole tupperware set and I have no idea where all the small ones went but oh look, lots of lids.

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      1. With a wee one on the way put those plastic mugs and glasses away instead of getting rid of them… in about four years you’ll want them 😉

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  4. Hahaha sounds like such fun, moving stuff around, for Zell 😛
    On the bright side, the one thing I like about moving and spring cleaning, you get to get rid of a lot of junk you would have otherwise sat with. So yaay to the bags of clothes, shoes and bags! Milliardo does NOT look pleased, not that he ever does look pleased hahaha

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    1. Exactly Peela! I looked at it like that as well. This stuff would have sat even longer if it wasn’t for this project to get our butts in gear and get rid of things.
      Haha Milliardo is not a fan of being locked up. Neither of the cats are but we can’t have them stepping on nails and other things! He has his pleased look moments okay! Just not yesterday, lmao.

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  5. It is quite amazing the stuff that accumulates over time. I too need to do some spent cleaning.

    Cannot wait to see the new floors! So exciting. Home projects are so much fun. Hope you can get some rest now after all the hard work! 😉❤👍

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    1. I know right! And it’s not like we’re hoarders it’s just a question of when did this happen, lol. Thank you friend! I hope I get some rest as well and the end result is fantabulous.


  6. I need to clean the garage… since moving in to a new house I’ve lived in ignorant bliss… got boxes stacked full of stuff which I’ve not looked at for the past few years… I’ll get there eventually… best of luck with it… it’ll all pay off and look amazing once it’s all done.. 🙂

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    1. Thanks friend! The garage was another thing that got scrubbed this weekend and cleared of a lot of big empty boxes. Haha you sound like us though. Only took a baby on the way to turn eventually into today 😂

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    1. Lol yeah apparently he always looks like that according to Peela. It was quite exhausting but the week will be even more eventful I’m sure since this is a days long project. We’ll take tons of pictures though!

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    1. Hahaha thanks Linda! So far so good I suppose. One and a half rooms and a hallway done so far and there’s a lot more under there than any of us bargained for. So crazy. I’ll definitely post pictures by the end!


    1. Yeah he’s a very sad panda right now and of course we just hit a hiccup in that we realized we don’t have enough flooring so it’s about to get real interesting.

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    1. Haha yes. Slowly but surely. We’ve had a couple hiccups and the project is gonna run an extra day so far but hopefully by Monday we’ll have our house back!

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