Updates w/ Pictures

Hello! I am apologizing now for totally slacking on my bloghopping/commenting in the past few days. Turns out our 3-5 day flooring project ending up spanning 7 days with a few hiccups, a little bit of stress, lots of stray cats and a fat raccoon. Week before last, I told you all about how we were starting this huge flooring renovation project that basically involves ripping up all the carpet in the downstairs portion of our house and replacing it with luxury vinyl plank because carpet is gross and with baby on the way, I wanted fresh, new, clean, allergy free floors for him (or her) to roly poly around on. Because I’m less than 11 weeks away from popping, my husband had to take all last week off to help move big furniture out of the way and what not cause I’m on a weight lift restriction.

Anyway, our house foundation is part concrete slab and part basement because at some point, an additon was added on. Well when the contractor came and ripped up the carpet, we got this huge surprise at this old looking, 1960’s tile — not just slab under there. At first the contractor was worried the tiles might have asbestos cause they were ancient. That would have threw a big monkey wrench in the project if that was the case. Turned out though there was another layer of tile underneathe the first one… and then in some spaces there was no tile at all. They popped up so easily and snapped easily that he determined (thankfully) that we did not have asbestos and the project continued. Here’s a picture of what 2 layers of 1960’s tile looks like, before and after:


Please excuse the ugly yellow walls from this point forward btw. We wanted to paint during the Christmas break but most paint has chemicals in it that may cause birth defects so my husband told me absolutely no painting til the baby is out of me. So anyway, here are some pictures of what the floor looked like with the ugly carpet before and then the concrete layer after:

Once down to that base layer, he had to fill in some spots to make some areas of the floor level with the rest. This involved putting down something called Feather Finish which is a concrete mix basically that levels floors. In the one room with the addition that has a wood subfloor, he had to scrape all the staples off and hammer down any nails poking up before filling in holes or rough spots. By the end of day seven, these were the results:

The only place that got new carpet were the stairs because we need that traction. I think it turned out pretty great. Doesn’t look so 1950’s anymore. A few hiccups we had was figuring out we did not have enough flooring by like day three cause some numbers got mixed up between the contractor and the guy we bought the flooring from. Then there was a day or two where he could only work half day instead of the full day. Lastly, we had a transition issue and technically still do around the tile where the woodstove is but he’s working with us to figure that out. Most of the final pictures were taken in the dark so one day when we have sun again, I’ll take better ones.

Oh, as for the raccoon, that happened on the very last day — Monday in fact. He had an extra long work day that day but it was 70 degrees outside so he left the patio door opened while he worked. Lots of animals came walking past like the feral cats because I know they live under out back deck but it was in the night time when he was finishing thatΒ  surprised the hell out of me. Here I am sitting there watching him work when a mammal walks past the door. I’m thinking, “hey look, yet another cat.” and then I noticed how it was walking and then it’s coloring and I was like “OMG THAT’S NOT A CAT!!!” I mean he was huge! I’ve never seen another mammal around our house besides squirrels, deer, chipmunks and cats. AND! he came walking out from that damn hole under the deck. Suffice to say I was very glad we had closed the door at that point cause that raccoon stopped in front of the door and walked closer like he couldn’t see humans sitting there or something and I’m convinced he would have walked right in had the door been open.

Now we’re in the process of getting the floors completely dusted and mopped while moving all our furniture back in its proper place. I can’t wait til we’re done with that so we can sleep in our bed again. The guest bed is so hard to me! I don’t care what any of the guests that sleep in it say. I’m quite happy though that our house looks less 1950’s with the berber carpet and more in the 21st century. By next week, after birthday shenanigans, I should be back to my regular WordPress self, at least for another couple months.

Hope you all are having a great week and I’ll try to make tomorrow’s post shorter. πŸ˜‰


40 thoughts on “Updates w/ Pictures

    1. Oh yes! Luxurvy vinyl plank is your best bet for concrete subfloors from what we were told. It’s definitely a lot of patience to put them together yourself especially cause they all have to start at different lengths in each row to look seamless but if you find a good contractor, it’s worth the money to just pay someone else to do it quicker, haha.

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    1. Thank you girl! YES! The raccoon about gave me a heart attack. I don’t know if you’ve encountered one but they’re pretty fearless and very mean. I would have lost my mind if it would have walked up in the house, haha.

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    1. Thanks Patty! All credit goes to the contractor and Zell mostly. I’m a useless whale, hahahaha. Body snatcher is doing well; getting bigger. We see the midwife again next week.

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  1. The floors look spectacular! I’d say it was worth all the stress for sure. Wow! I can’t believe it’s only 11 weeks until the body snatcher gets here. That’s crazy. Time flies! πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’– I love all the excitement! 😁

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    1. πŸ˜€ Thanks beautiful. I believe it was all worh it as well. We definitely learned a lot and maybe will attempt to do it ourselves upstairs at a later date. As for time flying, my goodness! I feel like its going so fast that I can’t even keep up properly. I thought the year we got married was the busiest year of my life but so far 2018 takes the cake, haha.

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    1. Lol well should I have said her?? Raccoons are ugly unless they’re babies so they’re all he’s just cause. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it πŸ˜›
      As for yellow walls, not cute. Stop it! I’m glad you like the floors though. πŸ˜€

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  2. It looks like the wait was well worth it! You must be loving that new floor. As for the raccoon, I’m glad you had the door closed. They are really friendly sometimes. I remember feeding one an apple and thought it was cool till someone told me I was insane. All sorts of things can happen, rabies and more. No open doors when working at night!!

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    1. Thanks, Linda! It definitly was worth it by the end. I’m glad I had the door closed as well! Hahahaha, you aren’t insane. Some of them can be friendly I suppose especially if they’re still younger but I definitely wouldn’t mess with the big guys!

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