Past Few Days

Today’s post is basically going to be an update of sorts. Last week I kind of ranted about how I had the itch from hell and my midwife tried to prescribe me quite a strong oral steroid which I was pretty much against taking because I was afraid of an alien baby. Most doctors or midwives will tell you that at 33 weeks, the baby is fully developed and steroids won’t do anything to harm the little body snatchers. I understand that but I also hate swallowing pills especially 21 pills over the course of 5 days. That just seems like overkill especially when its not guranteed to work. So, I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me a low dosage steroid lotion and I’m happy to report that the rash and most of the itch went away in just two days! So I’m quite content to be a lot less itchy.

However, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that for every symptom you manage, another appears in it’s spot when you’re pregnant. The itching went down but then I started getting pain in my lower right abdomen right above the hip. It felt like a bone was stabbing from the inside. At first I thought it was baby but it’s too small at this point to be a baby foot or elbow or something. All day Sunday, I couldn’t get comfortable in any position which meant I didn’t sleep at all. Instead of going to the ER or even contacting my midwife, I went to Google again to see what other people were suggesting besides “oh hey take some tylenol” which is only temporary. Lots of suggestions pointed me to a chiropactor and let me tell you, chiropactors are Gods. I had one 15 minute session with the guy and he aligned my spine and did some other stretches and I slept like the baby I’m carrying that night. Seriously, if you’ve never been to one, go. It’s worth every penny even for a couple minutes. I went again today and I just feel so great. Turns out the little bone sticking out is a muscle that’s just balled up from expanding to accomodate the growing monster and all it needs is a little TLC to be kinked out.

Yesterday I talked about getting a library card so I can have access to the Ohio Digital Library. Happy to report that I got one and here it is:


I went to go check out some books online in the series I’m reading but the ODL only has the first 2! Sad panda. Except, I continued my search and found out that I can apply for an eCard with a different city’s library. Imagine that! An e-library card! This card will give me access to Clevenet and Rakuten Overdrive which not only have the books I need but they’re available to borrow now and I don’t have to wait on hold or request the book to be added to the collection. I registered online for that quick and easy and I can’t wait to get my eCard in my email!

Lastly, at my work, it’s still been pretty hectic. My boss has been in the hospital for 3 weeks now and her husband is still driving me insane. The brightside to all of this is the two plant cats that showed up just before winter. Both are black cats and my old buddy took care of them. For months we were all hoping they were both the same sex and it seemed like they were until one day, early last month, he came in and discovered kittens! There were originally 6 but one died. Mama cat has been very good to her babies. There are 4 black ones and 1 gray one. They are super cute! I snapped a photo of them today to share with you all:



They are about 3 and a half weeks old now and nice and snuggled under a giant wood pile. My old buddy is hoping to catch them this weekend and take them home to get them started on transitioning from Mama’s milk to at least wet kitty food. He also wants to capture mom and maybe dad and get them spayed and neutered.

So that’s been life the last few days! Look forward to the weekend because Monday is Memorial day which means extended weekend hooray! I hope you all had a great few days and continue to do so the rest of this week. πŸ™‚

Any Memorial Day plans? Let me know in the comments below!


25 thoughts on “Past Few Days

  1. I’m glad you didn’t just start the steroids. I personally think that’s a serious medication and while it has the power to help heal, I think many times they aren’t always needed. Just my opinion. 😁 Once the baby comes I hope it all settles completely. Pregnancy really can cause an uproar lol. I’m glad the chiropractor worked! My holistic doc is a chiropractor and just one of the people that saved my life. They really are healers! It was literally by the grace of God I found mine. Who knows where I’d be now had I not.

    Glad you got your card! Have someone driving across the country to buy one of the pups this weekend so, hanging at home. πŸ’œ

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    1. Yeah I’m a real researcher. I like to know what I’m putting inside before putting it inside. And I know ppl say not to trust Google but like WebMD is just listing what’s on the label so I think that can be trusted.
      I’m glad the chiropractor worked too! I was quite surprised honestly but man I can’t deny how much better I feel.

      Hanging out at home sounds chill enough even though you have to say goodbye to another cutie pie. Enjoy your holiday weekend! πŸŒΈπŸ’œ

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  2. Thank goodness your itch is gone!! And you got help with the pain. I had sciatica with Connor and Kayley pressing on the nerve and I thought for sure you were going to say that was what it was! So glad it wasn’t….so painful!! I’ve never really had luck with a chiropractor but I tense up when the touch me because of the popping, lol. So that probably doesn’t help. The kitties are sooo cute! Kayley wants a kitty or puppy for her bday, but we’ll see…Hubby has to work Monday πŸ˜’ I guess we’ll just hang at the pool and attempt to grill although letting my oldest grill might be dangerous. Long story but we just had to buy a new grill because of him…enjoy your long weekend!!

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    1. I know right! Itching is the devil. I think I had brief sciatica if there’s such a thing but then the baby moved off my nerve and has stayed away ever since. You’ll have to see if you can find a good one cause man chiropractor work some real miracles! The one I go to likes to talk so I don’t even have time to tense cause he’s so distracting. Hahaha! I’d say go for the kitty but only cause puppies are a lot of time and patience in comparison. Oh geez. I hope my husband doesn’t have to work. I keep asking and he just says “I don’t know..” typical man. I’d say not to let him operate the grill if it’s dangerous. Just do some oven baking, hahaha. You enjoy as well! 🌸

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      1. Happy Memorial Day! Sorry I’m just answering you…it’s been a bit crazy. Itching is the devil. I get itching all over if I go out in the sun and get too hot. It has driven me crazy for years but no one could figure out what it was…now they say it’s Lupus related since I get these teeny tiny bumps with it…I tried to say years ago that it was that, but oh well!! I’ve been to probably 4 chiros in the past 20 years, and one I went to for over 6 months, but I never felt like they helped me. But I swear it’s because I freaked out about the popping and had heard (then did my own Googling) that there was a small stroke risk associated with having your neck adjusted by a chiro, so I of course have had in stuck in my head ever since that if it would happen to anyone, it would happen to me…My best friend sees one every week and swears by him too and my mom went to one when I was a kid, so I know they work,but I’ve freaked myself out, lol. We have 1 cat and 1 dog already; we usually have 2 of each, but our cat Chloe is pretty mean, so idk about a kitten..she beats up our 80 lb Lab. She’ll be 9 this year and I think she would have done better with a kitten if we’d gotten one when she was younger…she used to be fine with our other cat who was older, but she died in 2012 when Chloe was so young. It’s only been 6 mths since my dog Branna died, and I’m not 100% sure that I’m emotionally ready for a puppy but Kayley really took her death hard…had to see a child psychologist about grief since it was her 1st time dealing with death. I just don’t want her seeing a puppy as a “replacement” for Branna, which is the only thing her psychologist counseled against but she also said it might be good for her. So, we might skip it as a gift and just play it by ear with timing. I’m home pretty much 24/7 since I’m working from home, so I don’t mind a puppy being so much work, I just want to make sure we do the best thing. My hubby doesn’t want to get another dog at all after I was so attached to Branna because he says he doesn’t want to go through me being weepy and crying again if something happens…freaking men. I hope your hubby didn’t have to work today! Mine did until 1pm, but that was ok! Yeah, we aren’t letting him near the grill since he almost blew it up last time by turning to tank up all the way and all we could hear in the house was “whoosh” and he came in with no arm hair! I freaked out! We had a great day…hope you did too!! πŸ™‚


        1. Happy Memorial Day to you too! And no worries. I know what the crazy life is like. I never used to itch before except for if I got a bug bite or something so this is just the worst! Oh geez. Google has a way of scaring us away from things. I’ve only had my back done though. I don’t know about letting someone adjust my neck unless its absolutely necessary. I see. I can understand the pet situation. There’s no rush on it especially with the cat. If your one is territorial, it should probably stay that way, lol. I definitely see where your husband is coming from. I think you got a good fur family for now and you both will know when the time is right to expand again. My husband was off luckily and the BBQ was great fun except the part where I couldn’t participate in having jello shots but they made virgin ones for the kids so I ate one of those, haha. OH wow!! Yes, he has to stay away from the grill from now on, haha. Don’t want to blow the place up. I’m glad your day was great even in the extremely hot weather. πŸ™‚


  3. I’m glad the itch went away. Pregnancy can be a tough road, but it is worth it. There is nothing like the day you get to fall instantly in love with a little human, AKA the body snatcher.

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  4. Ah I love that about Overdrive- I’m a member of more than one library for Overdrive too! I’m sorry your bosses husband has been driving you insane and all the other problems you’ve been having. Those kittens are so cute though!!

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    1. It almost makes me want to apply to every library I can in this state! Oh geez. Thanks for your sympathy. I need it before I kill him. He’s taking his grumps out on us cause when hasn’t slept next his wife in weeks. Hopefully she comes home this week and he calms down. The chiropractor is helping so that’s awesome! Just gonna go every week til shortpants pops out. Yes to the kittens!!! They’re are too stinking cute!

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  5. Congratulations on getting a library card! I love Overdrive and we have moved so much that I have a card for quite a few libraries!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Let me know if you are ever looking for something and I will gladly share my info with you Nel! We will have rain all this weekend so no big plans for Memorial Day!

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    1. Aww thank you Susan! You are the best! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Boo to the rain but hopefully you can still have a bit of fun this Monday! 😊


  6. All good news! You avoided the pills and got the ‘kinks’ out. You got your library card and a way to get some e-books and you got to see some kittens. That’s all wonderful news! Plus!! Your buddy is a real hero to spay/neuter the parent cats. I nominate him for an animal hero award!!!


  7. I always laugh when I see ‘sleeping like a baby’ as a good thing but I wont say any more on that because *spoiler alerts* lol! Have you shared your due date because I don’t recall it and was thinking I should try to finish my story before then for you?

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    1. Lol yeah spoiler alert babies don’t sleep much for a long time hahahaha. I wonder where that saying even came from. I’m due July 8th. Sooner is fine with me but hopefully not later, haha.

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      1. Oh you already knew? lol You could always get the plot twist baby, the one that sleeps well from a young age, fingers crossed for you! Wow only 6 weeks to go, how exciting, looking forward to life with a baby type posts, maybe some children’s books reviews…

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        1. That would be wonderful! I’m sure I’ll have lots of baby stories and pictures and what not but I don’t want to overwhelm you guys so we’ll see how much baby stuff people will want lol

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  8. Chiropractor deserve some love for real! Lol. Had one that seriously helped with some joint pains a few years ago.
    Although… while I was pregnant and was suffering from sciatica, I went to one of my pre-natal pilates classes and I kid you not… I had walked in limping and I walked out that class almost like a normal person! Lol

    Those kitties are adorable!!!!

    I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

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    1. Yes! Prenatal yoga was suggested to me as well but I’m so lazy that I don’t keep up with them when I should. I’m glad both avenues helped you back then though.
      Thank you so much! I hope it does too. I’m gonna rejoice the minute the baby gets here cause yay for the baby but even more yay for not having to share my body anymore, hahaha

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