Facebook Friday: Hiatus Edition

Hello world! Isn’t that how the first posts start on here when you create a new blog? Anyway, I finally have about 5 minutes to breathe and decided to update you all on my insanity of a life. As you can still, I’m still kicking for the most part. As I mentioned in previous posts, my job has basically taken over my life. I’ve been upgraded to number two, second to none, personal assistant almost and anything else you can think of. I’ve basically gotten a crash course in what my boss does every day and my days just fly by. By the time I get home, all I want to to do is pee, eat, read something if I can, and sleep.

Besides taking over her job (on top of mine), I’ve had baby stuff galore. Last Saturday was our baby shower. It was pretty great and we got tons of gifts which makes me so grateful for just people in general. We still have things to buy and send thank you cards and oh, I kind of need to pack a hospital bag as well because we’re in the last 4 weeks and need to be prepared. In between all of that, I’ve had constant appointments from chiropractor to dentist to OB and my life is just a whirlwind.

I do want to apologize that I have just barely looked at WordPress in the last week. One day I’ll go back and catch up on all your posts. Please don’t hate me! I miss reading and commenting and being present but please don’t give up on ReactionaryTales! I’ll be back regularly eventually. Because of this, I wanted to extend an invitation to you all if you would like to be my friend outside of WordPress, just let me know. I will message you the details of my personal Facebook and Twitter pages so you can keep up with my life and the other random stuff I post if you’d like. I know some of you already are my friends but for anyone else, just let me know! I’m happy to be your friend outside of this world too!

Facebook was pretty much my only social avenue the last week. Here’s what I shared:

Not only am I digging the song, but the women celebs he got to cameo in the video are just so cool! Give it a watch and listen.

I also shared this video today which just made me go woah! Definitely watch this one if you don’t watch the one above. You’ll be like “NO WAY!”:

Lastly I shared a couple pictures from the shower and another one from the grocery store! The first picture is me and one of my best friends Scott. He kept me sane in front of all the demanding “photographers”. The second picture is a pigeon that made a nest on some carts at my local grocery store that I snapped yesterday. The staff were nice enough to put a sign saying not to disturb the carts near the pigeon. Birds will make a nest anywhere!

And that’s it! I hope all of you are doing well! I miss you and I promise to try and catch up the minute I get a free day. Keep being awesome, and read some pages in your books for me! πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Facebook Friday: Hiatus Edition

  1. You look great Nel! I’m so excited for you! P!ease pack that damn bag and get ready!!! Don’t you think Scott looks a bit like Tracey Morgan??😊😊 Have a great weekend and I truly miss your posts!πŸ’–

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    1. Thanks Susan. I feel massive, lol. I promise to pack this weekend and yeah Scott does a little bit. You have a good weekend as well and I miss your posts too so I hope to catch up as soon as I can! 😊

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  2. I think that might be a morning dove, they look like pigeons but nest in the lowest branches of trees or shopping carts. silly things. We have a nesting pair in our yard that often have to rebuild their nest over and over because they blow down. I’d love to link up. I’m just barely maintaining my FB but I did just join twitter… Yeah I know, super lame. biaatlaswordpress@gmail.com

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    1. I think you are right Sheryl. Another friend of mine said the same thing. Apparently they are opportunisitc nesters haha. Look up my Twitter handle @ChanelBlairC. That’s my personal Twitter page. 😊

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    1. Hi Nina! I miss you!! πŸ’œ And omg I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I have to make it at least one more week cause 37 is safe apparently haha. Any tips on what to pack and what not to pack??

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      1. Haha. Yeah. 37-38 and you’re good to go. Our little one was actually fine. Docs never figured out why he popped out a whole month early. He has been a contrary little one ever since πŸ˜–;)
        As to what to pack… wow. Trying to remember. Check with the hospital/ nursing home you’re going to. Often they have a recommended list based on what they like to do/provide. That helps a lot. Lots of blankets and little hats for the baby (esp if you’ll have visitors holding the baby). And make sure you’ve got a few changes of nightgowns for yourself! lol.


  3. You look wonderful Nel and so happy. I love the pics and videos. I had seen the dogs and the bear before, it was amazing. Get your bag packed and ready to go. You never know what will happen, my first was 3 weeks early.


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