Hello and good morning! I actually feel motivated to write today. Imagine that! Most of it has to do with the fact that my child has been an angel today and because I almost feel like I slept 7 hours straight though I actually didn’t.

Anyway, I decided to come on and say hello and provide a few updates and insights about what I’m thinking of doing going forward, etc.

My little chunky man will be 3 months old next week. Time has really flown by. He’s a babble machine which some of you know cause you’re friends with me on Facebook and he’s starting to hold his head up on his own. Time is flying too fast though! I need it to slow down! 😭😭

I started back at work when he was 10 weeks. I work half my day at home and the other half physically at the office which is awesome because I’m a freak and get anxiety just thinking about leaving the little one with a stranger plus he’s not sleeping through the night yet. I never had anxiety before in my life but let me tell you, everything changes when you have a little human. Luckily my boss is amazing and understanding and supported my decision and I just couldn’t be luckier.

Besides baby news I’ve been a huge fan of Netflix and Amazon Prime cause reading took a huge nose dive for a while. I binged watched Covert Affairs and my husband and I watched Black Panther. I’m currently watching iZombie cause a friend rec’d it.

However, my reading came back up for air when I read a graphic novel called Saga and now I have a Kindle Unlimited membership and looking to devour more books and graphic novels so yay for that!

Lastly, I’ve been thinking a lot about starting a new blog. I know you all love Reactionary Tales (as Peela so graciously pointed out to me in a lot of words πŸ˜‰) but I feel like myself as a person has changed a lot since I became a mother and I have a very different attitude than I did before. Basically, I feel like this mostly new personality would taint the wholesomeness of RT so I kind of want to start fresh and expand on my thoughts.

I know the Endangered posts were most popular and in a way, on a new blog, I’d revisit it sometimes but I just have these really fresh ideas now that are not always, shall we say, censored like how I blogged here. I already have a name in mind if I decide to pursue this.

That’s about all I have for today. I hope you all are doing well and if you’re in the Carolinas, I hope you’re safe from Hurricane Flo! I’ll visit again at some point in the future especially if I start a new blog so you all know where to find me.

Bye for now! πŸ’œ


19 thoughts on “Thoughts.

  1. You crossed my mind just yesterday. Glad to know you and the chunky baby are doing well. I love that 3 -6 month age. They’re cute and more interactive but still stay where you put them! Lol. Enjoy. Will look out for more from you and/ or RT

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    1. Hey Nina! Yes this 3 month stage is quite interesting. Going from eating, sleeping, pooping to eating, sleeping, pooping, smiling, and babbling haha. He’s super adorable! Hope you and yours are doing well and if you have Facebook, let me know! I post pictures constantly. I can send you my info on Twitter. πŸ’œ

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  2. Life changes you in so many beautiful ways! Keep me updated about the new blog! My final post for Growing Self was yesterday, but I will follow through email. I love seeing photos of your cutie! Such a beautiful blessing! Love and hugs!!πŸ’š

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    1. I definitely will Roda! I had no idea you were going to stop blogging!! I’m sure everyone is going to miss Growing Self but I’m glad I have other avenues to talk with you and keep up with your life and all that wonderful pictures you take and share! We’ll be talking. πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜

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    1. Susan I miss you too!!! I totally didn’t think to post a pic! I’m terrible, lol. Do you have Facebook??? I would love you to be my friend and see the bagillion pictures I post. Or even Twitter if you have it.

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  3. It sounds like you are a very busy momma. Three months is such a cute age where babes are beginning to show their little personality a bit more and do things. Enjoy this time, it goes so fast.


  4. I’m so glad it sounds like things are going well for you!! I actually just picked up a copy of saga in the library the other day πŸ˜€ I think that would be cool if you started a new blog and I’d follow you anywhere πŸ˜€


  5. I can’t believe I missed this! Glad to hear all is well with you guys. It’s hard to believe time flies so fast. Enjoy every minute!

    Can’t wait to hear new details on your new blog. Good luck and chat soon. β€πŸ’œβ€πŸŽƒ


  6. Hey,

    I’m working on my debut poetry book and preparing a mailing list. Would you like me to add your e-mail address please? If so, can you share it with me?

    I don’t plan to do hard-core promotion, I will be e-mailing you privately not through any software.

    I will just inform you when it’s available and when there is some huge fluctuation in price (sale etc.), as on WordPress reader, posts get lost in stampede.

    I won’t be mailing you more than 4 to 5 times a year, and that’s max. Promise!

    And if you want it to share it privately you can do that through contact form on my blog.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

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