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As you all know, I have an addiction. I freely admit that this addiction will never die and it’s the best kind of addiction one could have. My name is Nel and I’m a bookaholic. That’s right. I live to read. I often stay up way past my bedtime to read. I take my reading responsibility very seriously to the point where I’ve decided not to post on the weekends because I want to focus on catching up on my Goodreads challenge. I’ve committed to reading 100 books this year which is 17 more than I read last year and, because I love torture, I’ve made it so that I can only read books I’ve never read before in an attempt to discover new authors. I’m dedicated!

Anyway, here’s what I really wanted to talk about. Friday, I showed you all my book haul from a library sale I went to last Wednesday. I also posted that picture on Facebook and has led to many people asking to see my bookshelves and wanting to know how many physical books I actually have in my collection.

Now before I show you the pictures, I should probably tell you where I obtained them all. It all started back in 2008. I worked in the dining hall at my college and it wasn’t my ideal job. I got a second job at the Field Station (which is where the trumpeter swans story came from). One day I walked into the library to study or something and one of the girls who was graduating soon asked me if I wanted to work there. I’d never worked in a library before but of course I was interested! She recommended me to the boss and I ended up getting and working that job for the rest of my time in college. I kept the Field Station job and dropped the dining hall for the library.

One year, we had a library sale. It was the first library sale I’d ever been too and is how I discovered romance novels because I picked up a book for 50 cents called A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught and the rest is history. About 2 years ago, that memory came back to me and I wondered if there was a way to find out when library sales were happening. Google is truly a beautiful thing. I found a website that tells me when a library sale is happening in pretty much all of Ohio from now until April of 2018 and I steadily go to about 6 or so sales a year. I also frequent regular book stores such as Half Price Books, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble and local independent bookstores as well as buying books online using Amazon, Ebay and Alibris.

So here we go:

Total count is 311 books. Before you get any ideas about how much money I spent on all of these, let me break it down for you. The ones in the top picture with the exception of two series on that shelf, came from library sales where I literally spent pennies on those books because most of them cost between 25 cents to $1.00 or I went on bag day and spent the flat fee ($5 or less) to stuff a bag as much as possible with books. The remaining books in the other four pictures were bought or gifted to me via regular retailers. Yes, the best gift a person could ever gift me is a book (or money for books 😉).

After doing all this arranging, I got this idea in my head that I want to build a shelf to the ceiling. I was thinking of stacking a bunch of cubed shelves to the ceiling so that I have more space for future books. I may or may not be determined to have Belle’s library one day. For what it’s worth, me and the husband hope to build our dream house one day and he actually drew a library room for me in our imaginary future house. ♥ ♥

Happy Monday! What’s your physical book count? If not books, do you have hundreds of one item sitting in your humble abodes? Let me know in the comments below!


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46 thoughts on “By Popular Request/Demand

  1. I hate to count how many books I have on my shelves. I too buy at Library/Used book/yard sales so do not pay a lot for some, but for others, I buy when it comes out because I can not wait for the library. I love this post.

    • Thank you! I’m the same way. Sometimes I pre-order because I absolutely need to have the book as soon as it comes out and if I’m super desperate, I’ll buy the ebook and the physical, haha.

  2. I’m going in the opposite direction you are. My husband and I have hundreds of books collected from since before we got married (more than 40 years for some of them). The last several years I’ve been concentrating on taking my books TO the half price stores and posting on and giving them away. Plus, I’m finding that ebooks are the best friends of my shelves. I’m still buying some books; I can’t help myself. But lately only poetry books (where holding the poem in the hand is part of the pleasure) and other things I know I’ll read repeatedly, or am saving to read to the grandchildren. Okay, so there’s still a lot of books hanging out around here. But I’m down by at least a third!

    • Aaaaah! Yes, ebooks have definitely changed things. I’d say I have triple the ebooks than the physical books. Do you have pictures of all your books??

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have more books than I can count… I am always getting more. I hope to have a library done here in my home by this time next year, so that they can be stored and displayed properly. Your shelf is gorgeous! My kids think I am crazy, that looking at a shelf of books actually makes me happy. Hee hee… they would never understand, not being bookaholic. Maybe we should start a self- help group for those with the sordid addiction to the written word? : ) I am incorrigible. I couldn’t pass up a book sale to save my life!

    • Haha! It’s so funny that you say that. My husband thinks the shelf is too distracting when he’s playing video games and I tell him it’s because it’s so beautiful to look at that you can’t help it!
      I would love to see that library in your home! I hope you share some pictures! And yeah I can’t pass up a book sale either! I get so excited when coupons hit my email!

      • I know! I agree with you– he probably can’t keep his eyes off it because of its captivating beauty (at least that is how I would be). : ) When it is completed, I will definitely share! At my grandson’s “Meet & Greet” this weekend, my daughter and a friend were talking about some cosmetic club that is $10 a month… I that that has no interest to me at all, if it was books on the other hand….. my daughter said “Mom you don’t need anymore books!” LOL I said that I had an excuse– I have a blog and review them! (It’s a good one, I think! Now I have a reason to justify mega- hauls!) X D

        • They do have book boxes! I follow a few newsletters that talk about the book boxes they get. I just can’t bring myself to sign up for them cause I feel like they’re a waste of money.
          Thats a great excuse in my book! There’s no such thing as too many books; just not enough shelves 🙂

  4. OMG your shelves are awesome! I ran out of shelves, so early this spring I got a ton of books together and took them down to the used book store for a credit! Yay! I’ve been back and forth to the library lately, so I haven’t had a chance to use my credit yet but that’s okay. 🙂 It felt good to clear out some oldies, I only kept my faves and the ones I go back to again and again 🙂

    • Thank you! I hauled my dupes off to one of my best friends. It’s hard not to get every book an author has written once you discover a few or a whole series that you like, haha. So far this year, I think I’m done at least until my bookshelf to the ceiling becomes a reality and I can double the amount of books I have, hahaha

  5. Not that this is a contest but 331 books? You’re a rookie. When I moved here 31 years ago I had 55 BOXES of books. I’ve probably tripled that by now. I have a small hall at the top of the staircase that is full of classics ceiling to floor. Hey, maybe this is a competition! Let me know when you have at least a thousand! See what I did there? I’m spurring you on to buy more books AND letting Zel know that it could be MUCH worse. Unless he likes to read, then it could be MUCH better! 😉 ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

    • 311! And I’d love to see pictures of all these books just saying! Haha! I might be able to hit 700 before I run out of space 😉. If we’re talking about ebooks, I’ve surpassed 1000 and then some lol. Zell reads online magazines. However I have to leave shelf space for him cause he collects limited and ultimate edition video game sets. I’ll have to show you a picture of that someday. 😀

  6. OMG, that is amazing!! AND yes, I love how you organized your books!! Very neat. I need to take a leaf out of your book! (pun intended lol)

    • Thanks 😀. It took me a couple hours to get the stacking right cause I stacked by author and there’s books stacked behind the ones in the front, etc. The ones on the stairs were the only ones I didn’t change. Just added too hahah

        • Yeah and those are my favorite so whenever a new book comes out I have to figure out how to fit them in the shelf haha. Like I still need the remaining guild hunter books, the other 2 court of thrones books, I’m missing Mercy book and I have a Kate book out on loan. And then, the 12th grave has to be added when it comes out plus my indie authors have spin off series I need to buy. It’s neverending I tell ya hahaha

  7. It is the best addiction to have!!! WOW!!! That’s a phenomenal amount of books!! And so impressive about how much they all cost- wow!! That’s brilliant to have a site about library sales- I think my local libraries always seem so sporadic about it. I do love books as gifts!! I’m really limited on space and a lot of my books are in storage… so I have absolutely no idea how many I have. I would love to have a library room one day too though!!

    • I can imagine you have more than me! I had them boxed when we still lived in our tiny apartment but they all came out when we bought our house haha.
      Maybe one day we’ll both get that room and it will be glorious!
      P.S. im DYING to read your GoT review. Just saying! 😉

      • hahaha well I’m always giving so many away to make more room in my cupboard (or once my brother got a load out of storage and made me choose between my babies- devastating as you can imagine!)- so I’d be amazed! But I’d like to think that there’s a load of my books floating around and that I have more than I think so that I can build that epic library!!

  8. AWWWW, your husband is so sweet! A library would be so great! With a single comfy chair or chaise just for you! I can see it now… Library sales are so cool, I didn’t know about them until you explained about bag sales with your picture! ♥️

    • They’re super awesome! I have to try not to go more than like 8 times a year cause I still frequent regular retailers and I have bills haha

  9. Nel, how beautiful! I love your shelves! You’re making me want to find some book sales, lol. 😉 I suppose you can’t have too many books and I love viewing all of mine. Happiness. 💗 Great post and enjoy!

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