I have food on the brain thanks to yesterday’s post.

What I wanted to eat for breakfast is not what I’m currently eating for breakfast. I’m a lazy morning person. It’s a legit struggle to get up out of the bed because it’s so comfy and warm. But then the birds start being obnoxious and the sun is up and work calls. You know, I love basking in the sun but I hate it when it wakes me up. The sun should not be mostly up at 6am. It’s just wrong. Sunsets > Sunrises.

Anyway, back to breakfast. I love breakfast food! I can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack — doesn’t matter. The problem is I hate making breakfast. Lazy morning person. It’s a process to just to make toast let alone eggs and bacon. I’m not much of cereal eater so I end up skipping breakfast. Yes, I know. It’s the most important meal of the day but 1) I’m not usually hungry until about 9am and by then, I’m at work and 2) you guessed it: laziness. My rationale is that I can lay in bed that extra 15 minutes it would take me to make something to eat.

So I’m eating an apple and these chile lime crispbreads(?) They look like mini, crunchy pita triangles and they’re delicious! I don’t know why I paired them with an apple but this has been my go to “breakfast” during the work week even though it’s a strange combination. It got me thinking of other food combinations that seem to be weird but turn out to be really good!

Chicken and waffles is the first combination I can think of that’s just fantastic. There’s a restaurant in downtown Cleveland that does chicken and red velvet waffles! Talk about upping the sweet/savory game!

Another one is shrimp and grits. They just don’t sound like they should be together but I’ve had some really good versions of shrimp and grits. I think grits alone paired with other things is weird for some people. I used to be a sugar in grits person but then I turned into a cheese and runny eggs in grits person and now putting sugar in grits sounds awful.

One I’ve seen, but hesitant to try is mint chocolate avocado ice cream. I like avocado. I like mint and I most definitely love chocolate but together? I’m not so sure. Along that ice cream line, I’ve had green tea ice cream before and that was pretty good!

Oh! Also, polish boys! If you’ve never had one it’s basically a hot dog with coleslaw, french fries and barbecue sauce on top. It’s random as hell but so delicious! And then Lox which is smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers which I’ve had in sandwich form as well as crepe form.

There’s also the classics — dipping french fries into milkshakes, peanut butter and banana (just no) sandwiches and pineapple on pizza.

How do you feel about food combinations? Any that seem odd to some but that you would swear are delicious?

Mama always Said

It’s Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to everyone that has human babies, fur babies, feathered babies and scaled babies!

In the spirit of today, I want to do another one of Jame’s A to Z challenges. But first, a little bit about my mother.

My mother was a single mother. I never really had a father figure in my life. There was a point when I thought I did but that’s a story for another day. She worked really hard to raise me and my sister. We weren’t rich but we weren’t poor either. She always made sure we had clothes on our back, even if they weren’t brand new, a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. As a child, it was a little sad because she worked 3 jobs so I was barely able to see her. Also, any extra curricular activities, band, volleyball, track — she was never able to come to any of the meets or concerts. But, let me tell you, every BIG achievement — awards ceremony, graduations, my mom was there and she made sure everybody she knew was there too. As an adult, I’ve learned to respect the hustle. You do what you have to do to make sure you and your children are taken care of. My mother is everything to me. ❤

Now into the fun part. Whenever my mom would place food in front of me that I didn’t like, she would always say, “You better not waste that food! There are starving kids in Africa who would love to have this meal so shut up and eat it!” If we rebelled, we’d be forced to sit at the table until we ate the food. Let me tell you that’s a torturous form of punishment especially when you got plans to play tag with the neighborhood kids! But I was also a stubborn child. I would always think I could outlast my mother so I’d be like, “That’s fine. They can have it! Guess I’ll sit here all night!” I never actually said that out loud. Oh hell no. You did not talk back to mommy without consequences. So I would sit there for hours and be the last man standing! Victory! Except it wasn’t because my dumbass ended up starving. Mama always wins, yo.

Now that I’m an adult, I can eat (or not eat) whatever I want so here is my list of foods that I love and hate:

A – Apples (love)

B – Bananas (disgusting)

C – Cucumbers (unless it’s on sushi then I love) (hate)

D – Dumplings (love)

E – Egg foo young (love)

F – French fries (love)

G – Garlic bread (love)

H – Hamburgers with ALL the fixings! (love)

I – Iceberg lettuce (hate)

J – Jambalaya (love)

K – Kale (gross)

L – Lima beans (hate)

M – Milk (vomit)

N – Noodles (love)

O – Okra (love)

P – Peanut butter (love)

Q – Quesadilla (love)

R – Rice (love)

S – Sushi (love x infinity)

T – Tacos (love)

U – I don’t even know. James put unagi eel but I love that so… there’s not much else

V – Vanilla ice cream (love)

W – Waffles (love)

X – So I googled and someone listed Xmas cookies! I’m gonna go with that hahahaha (love/hate relationship)

Y – Yams (depends on who cooks them)

Z – I got nothing. All I can think of is Zebra cakes and I’m not a fan.

If you want to try this challenge out, click here for the rules.

And again, Happy Mother’s Day!!

Questions to Bloggers

I’m sitting here going through my followers posts and watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix and wondering.

I’ve been blogging for upwards of three months now and I’m finally getting the hang of the WordPress community, I think. Find blogs. Read posts. Like or comment on posts. Repeat. Pretty straightforward stuff.

And yet, I’m curious.

Is there an unspoken etiquette that if someone likes or comments on a post of yours that you’re obligated to do the same back? Or do you just hope that others may find your content interesting and visit? Not saying that’s a bad thing of course because we all want our content to be recognized in some way but I guess I just want to make sure I’m doing right.

The other thing I wonder is in regards to comments. Everyone I follow probably knows, I comment a lot. I personally feel like the only way you’ll know I truly read your content is if I tell you I did. Is it possible to be an annoying commenter (I don’t think that’s a word..) though? Do you sometimes wish I didn’t comment on almost all of your posts?

That’s pretty much all I have for today. I’m going to go mourn the fact that Avi(my favorite!) left Pentatonix and hopefully eat a cinnamon roll.

Happy Saturday!


Last night I finished my 700-page monster. I mean this behemoth was.. I can’t even describe it without spoilers. It was good. I mean it was fantastic really. I was hooked from the beginning which I think came from the anticipation of reading an author’s work that I’ve been waiting for for a year and a half. I got lost in this book. Well, I have a habit of getting lost in any book I read. I have the ability to tune out the world. A person could be talking to me for 5 minutes and I don’t hear them. I’m so immersed in the story that I forget the real world exists. That can be a problem sometimes but I can’t help it. I’m aware but not completely. If I have a day off, and I’m good and into a book, the only time I’ll get up is to go to the bathroom. I won’t eat until it’s finished. I don’t even think I notice I’m hungry until I come up for air.

Anyway, have you ever finished a book and initially thought it was the greatest piece of fiction ever but then you sleep on it and then think about it some more and then that uncertainty hits. I had one of those this morning. I was ready to dub this the best book I read all year! But now I don’t think so. I have questions and I’ve noticed little things that didn’t make sense now that I think about it later. I also am a little peeved that the author claimed this to be the finale of a certain story line but it wasn’t that at all…. (can’t wait til you review this orangutanlibrarian, just saying!)

Please excuse my giant tangent.

What I really wanted to talk about was book sales again. Have you ever been to one? And I don’t mean one that occurs in a bookstore where the books are all set up nice and in alphabetical order by author and predetermined genres. No, I mean sales where the books are sorted by fiction, nonfiction, children’s books and everything else. There are books on tables. shelves and even in boxes on the floor. You have to dig through them all; literal swimming to check every title, every author, every description to see if it’s something that might interest you. The biggest sale I’ve gone to so far had 50,000 books.

I am not exaggerating!

And then the attendants speak sweet nothings into your ear by telling you that every paperback is 25 cents, hardback is 50 cents and DVDs and audio-books are a dollar.

Oh boy, I might faint.

Now you need a plan of action. It’s always best to go with a friend. Then you can tag team. One of us starts in the paperbacks and the other starts in the hardbacks and we will eventually meet at the DVDs. The books on the table are usually stacked in rows of two or three so you can expect to circle the same table for a good 15 or so minutes. Up one end, down the other only to go back up one end again to scan that middle row. This is the best kind of lost because you don’t know what you’re looking for but you’ll find it if you see it. Sometimes you’ll find one or two books in a series and then give yourself a harrowing quest of seeing if you can find the entire series. It’s so fun. And then when you’re done scanning the paperbacks and your friend is done scanning the hardbacks, you switch places because a second pair of eyes never hurts right? The sale I went to this week, I found these two gems:

For the record, I already own both of them. I’ve read both of them a few times. The right one in particular is one of my favorite books of all time. However my copies are battered and old and ugly. I found these after doing a second sweep of the paperbacks and almost had a heart attack I was so excited! A QUARTER! Whoever donated these babies, I love them. What’s that saying, “one man’s trash…” These are treasures!

So the takeaway here is if you want to get lost, go to a ginormous book sale and then go home and get even more lost in a book. Oh, also, endings suck especially when they’re poorly executed but we’re not going to go into that further today.


Compilation of Pink

I hate pink. Well, I don’t hate it. Ironically enough I’m actually wearing pink today. I think I look great in pink clothing! I would never have a pink wall or pink car though. Let’s just say pink is not my first choice. So for this post, I went through my phone and had M go through hers to find any pink pictures we have and share them!

First up are these jellies! This is kind of a cheating pink picture because the jellyfish aren’t actually pink at all but the neon lights make it seem like he has bright pink feelers. Following that you have pink lilies my husband presented me for some such special occasion. And finally, a pink book! Great series if you haven’t read it but I found this gem at Books-a-Million for $5! All the books are a numbered grave but each one is a different color which is pretty neat!

Since we’re tag teaming this post, I’ll tell you that I’m not a pink girl, either. Went through all of my pictures and I had nothing that was completely pink. My dog does wear a pink harness – otherwise people would think she’s a boy. Otherwise, no pink. Then! Low and behold, I remembered that we have three azalea bushes sitting in our driveway. They’ll be planted either today or Saturday, weather permitting. I trudged out in the rain, wearing my robe, to snap a pic. Pink or not, I think they’re pretty. Disagree if you’d like. I don’t have a green thumb, but Danny, my boy toy, thinks he does. 😉

Go through your phone and share some pictures with us that have pink!



Temporary High

You know what’s temporary for me right in this moment??

My feelings!

Why, you ask?

Because in 260 pages this book is going to end and I am not prepared! I have no idea where the author is taking this because the first 353 pages have been several degrees of internal dramatics. The book came out the gates with the character being conniving; slowly plotting her revenge against those whom treated her and her family wrong. And then it went thrilling with battle and escape plans! Happiness followed from reunions only to turn into heartbreaking depression because it appears no one is the same as they were before. Sprinkle in some anger, some elation, and sadness in there and I have no idea what’s going on, what’s going to happen, who’s gonna die but screaming that certain people better not die, cursing the enemy, what the hell is going on?!

I want to stop. I want to slow down. Prolong it. Because the minute this book ends I’m going to shut down. Well, I probably won’t completely shut down right away. I’ll probably go yell at the author on Twitter to be honest… but then the waiting begins. The withdrawal begins. A year; maybe two until the next installment. Go through the cycle of finding that book that will give me that high all over again!

Am I addicted?

Hell yes I am. Show me the dealers. I will buy from them all.

A to Z Fears

My friend James has tasked me with listing out my fears A to Z. Twenty six items that scare me from the top of my head to this post. It can be a thing or a place but not a person. For more information on the rules, see here. I don’t plan to tag anyone so if you would like to participate, I’m sure you would make James happy as I’m about to. 🙂

Okay, here we go:

A – Arachnids
B – Bees (I was stung in the neck once. Not cool)
C – Creatures, critters and crazies in the dark
D – Drowning
E – Extinction
F – Freezing
G – Godzilla
H – Haunted places
I – Invisible (as in people not really seeing me)
J – Jumping (as in bungee jumping)
K – Krakens
L – Liars in power
M – Murder (sorry I stole yours James)
N – No one (as in having no one and being alone)
O – Ocean
P – Pregnancy
Q – Quiet (I don’t like silence. I always want to fill it)
R – Running for my life from something
S – Swimming
T – Trying hard and failing
U – Uranus being cast out with Pluto
V – Venom of any variety
W – Worst (as in my worst nightmare)
X – X-factor (there’s always an x factor)
Y – Yellow jackets
Z – Zeus

I guess I cheated. Zeus is a person but he’s technically dead so that doesn’t count right?

Could you Handle Me?

One: Getting to know you.

You notice that you and this individual have a lot in common; the same interests or maybe they’re the complete opposite of you and somehow their personality compliments yours well. Okay. This could work. You only have one or two close friends at the moment and it would be nice to have another.

Two: Investing time.

You you start hanging out on a regular basis, talking everyday, gleaning more information as time goes on. You may even start to learn little things that you dislike about the person but it’s cool; doesn’t detract from the overall picture.

Three: Exposure.

Now it’s been a few weeks or months, you’re feeling comfortable and confident that this is a forever friendship. You start to feel you want to touch the dark parts. I have a secret. It’s a secret I want to share with you because you’re my friend. But, I know your beliefs, your morals, your comfort zone. Do I think you can handle my darkness? Should I even put that on you in the first place?

This is where friendships usually do or die. The beginning stages are easy. It’s fun. You change a little to cater to that person in order to fit in. They’re probably doing the same. But there comes that point where you want to be honest. You want to take that chance, expose everything about you, because it would ultimately be the best feeling in the world. It’s a trial hiding your true thoughts after a while. You don’t expect the person to agree with you 100% every single time but you hope they can at least understand where you’re coming from.

Ammunition. That’s what exposing yourself is. Is it good ammunition or bad? Everything shared can be used to empower you or used against you. To care is to risk. Is it worth the risk?

I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.
Here we go — here’s me spilling me.

There’s This Thing..

So there’s this thing about me that I wish I could change — just a little bit.

You ever think about things about yourself that you wish you could change? I don’t mean the usual culprits like eating better, exercising more, etc. I don’t even mean the physical changes either like longer hair, a smaller nose or different color eyes. I mean the quirky changes.

This thing I have. I don’t even know what to call it. What happens is when I see any type of emotion on television, it’s a very LARGE chance I’m going to cry over it. I also cry over characters in a book; specifically ones where the character struggles and then comes out better by the end. I also cry when I’m angry or frustrated. No, that’s not you hurting my feelings, that’s me murdering you in my mind and expressing it through my fat, angry tears because you’re not understanding anything I’m saying!

Quirky like that.

My latest and greatest, never fails to make me cry show I always watch, even though I know better… is Grey’s Anatomy. I did not want to like this show! But, when you have those moments where you need something to binge watch that will last for a ridiculous amount of seasons (it just got renewed for season 14), this is the show you watch. I watched ER waaay back in the day and I figured Grey’s would be my medical drama replacement.

**SPOILER ALERT** but not really because they’re all medical stories and I’m saying nothing about the main players so don’t yell at me.

The most recent episode I watched… I should have known! Every week I literally brace myself because I know! I know what my traitorous eyes are going to do but I always say, “This week, I’ll hold them back.” Wrong. This episode started out so good! We go into it knowing this lady is at death’s door okay. She comes into the hospital pregnant, tells the doctors she has cancer and it’s like stage 4 cancer and has been told she has like a year left but she’s carried this baby for 34 weeks now and everything is looking good. So the doctor’s go and do all the necessary tests and come back and tell her that they have to deliver the baby right now because the cancer has turned into an angry monster and they’re afraid for the baby because that woman’s year life span just turned into two months. And this whole time she has her best friend with her, who loves the hell out of her even though she’s kept him in the friend zone but he’s still ready to help her raise this child.

Two months. Okay. We can work with that. The best friend still has hope for her and is happy and excited in the face of this depressing development. So he goes off to the waiting room so they can take her in and do the c-section and she levels with the doctor and asks how likely it is that there wont be complications in the procedure. They’re confident that everything will go fine but they tell her what could possibly go wrong and then she breaks my heart! She tells them that if any complication arrives she wants to sign a DNR (do not resuscitate) form and to tell the best friend she loves him.

Queue that happy music they play during a scene that gets you thinking this whole situation sucks but that music is hope it’ll all be fine. She’ll come out and have two months with her baby.

DO NOT TRUST THE MUSIC! I pretty much lost it at this point because of course the complication happened and the doctors are begging her to let them save her and she’s adamant that she doesn’t want to be saved. I have rivers running down my face wishing I could jump into my screen and yell at that woman even though it’s all fiction. I should have known better but I still subject myself to this emotional torture!

This is getting long so I want to end it by saying that yes, I still cry at Mufasa’s death on the Lion King. I literally can’t help it and if you don’t think that Simba calling for his daddy after watching him fall hundreds of feet to a stampede of animals courtesy of his brother isn’t the saddest thing you’ve ever seen then SHAME!

Do you have any quirky things about yourself that are uncontrollable? Hit me with them in the comments below.

The Not So Secret Life of this Guy

You have a pet or two, or in my case three, right?

Do you ever wonder if they think they have a good life?

Let me give you some background about my special jerk. I absolutely hated cats. I swore I would never have a cat. Dogs and reptiles only. Forever. All cats were the devil’s spawn.

Hear me out.

Back in my college days, when I decided dorm life was not for me, I moved off campus and into a townhouse with this random girl I met in class. She was nice enough. She was also a senior which meant by the end of the year she was leaving and that meant the townhouse was mine. We talked about the living arrangement and she let me know that I she had cats. All I had was my turtle at the time so I let her know as long as her cats didn’t try to jump into Turtle’s tank and eat him, her cats and I would have no problems. Alright, cool! It’s a deal. I moved in.

Little did I know, her cats were the cats from Hell. What I thought were cute, sweet feline faces were imps in disguise. Her cats are what did it for me. I barely slept each night because they would scratch and yowl at the carpet in front of my door because they couldn’t come in. I don’t know you crazy cats so no, you aren’t sleeping in my room. She would sometimes leave on the weekends and I had to deal with their crazy asses! The final straw was when I came home from staying with the hubban (then boyfriend) at his place over the weekend and all the cabinets in the kitchen were open, food was shredded all over the place and the cats were running around like they were possessed. I literally thought we were robbed that day. It was unbelievable. NEVER WILL I EVER have cats. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait until she moved out.

Fast forward to my senior year. A friend of mine informed me that a box of kittens were left on her doorstep. I told my best friend because she expressed interest in wanting a cat. She asked me to go pick one out for her and bring it when I came to visit.

I should have known better… I’m such a sucker!

I looked in the box at this array of kittens, marveling at how they all came from the same mother because they were all different colors. I picked out a little black and white one for my friend and that was that. Cool, done. Right? I can’t remember exactly what made me linger but this jerk was asleep the whole time so I didn’t show any interest but soon as I was going to leave he opened his eyes and I was lost. He stared at me, I stared at him and then I called my boyfriend and was like “you like cats right? because I’m coming home with one…”

From there the rest is history. Milliardo (Gundam character if you were curious; I let the man name the cat..) is family. I think he started out as a nice kitten but the man threw him in a snowpile once because Milliardo scratched him real good and I’m pretty positive he never forgot that. I had to essentially ignore my cat for a year to get him to like the man again! There was also a recent incident of him being a jerk to Isabel (the second cat I’ve obtained since) and Milliardo bit the shit (no better way to convey this) out of my hand and I ended up in the ER contemplating snapping my own cat’s neck. I’ve forgiven him since then because I can’t look at his face and be mad for long. He’s very affectionate and will speak to you if you speak to him back. He likes getting his belly rubbed so we have this whole ritual in the morning of him walking in front of me and plopping on his back for his morning rub.

He has many nicknames. I call him sentry cat because he always sleep at the foot of the bed. He’s also motorboat cat cause he has the deepest purr I’ve ever heard and he’s also drooly cat because you cuddle him enough and he starts drooling. I can go on forever…

I think he has a good life. I can only imagine where he would have ended up since his life started in a box. It’s going on 7 or 8 years now, I believe, and I wish he could live forever. I can’t imagine my everyday life without this jerk. He definitely changed my mind about cats.