Dying With Dignity

…if there was ever such a thing.

This topic has been at the forefront of my mind over the past few weeks. My boyfriend and I have each learned of the declining health in our respective grandparents. Long gone are the nights with bed time stories, midnight snacks, and movie marathons. Dark are the days that lie ahead with devastating phone calls, worrying parents, and sleepless nights. I know that we are just a few of the millions who are experiencing a situation each and every day.[...]

Shop Small to Avoid Recalls

Most pet owners have heard of or have probably even used products made by the pet food company Blue Buffalo. It has catchy advertisements and commercials on a variety of TV stations to capture the wandering eye. They also provide lots of coupons and incentives for the average consumer who is looking to save a buck. I work in the pet industry and am around many wonderful products each day. I’ll be very honest, this is not among my top recommended brands for owners to feed their pets. A huge red flag is the recall that was “voluntarily” issued on the 13th of February by Blue Buffalo.[...]

Eat in or Eat Out?

Since we’ve managed to make it past Valentine’s Day I wanted to take a second to see who did what. I’ve asked plenty of my co-workers, friends, my family, and some of my customers what their plans were for the day. I obviously got a wide range of answers from “we don’t celebrate” to “I got flowers, jewelry, ¬†and we’re going out for a fancy dinner”. My true question is this: whether you celebrated yesterday, you are today, or you plan to on any other day: eat in or eat out?[...]