Cherries Pt. 2

Remember my post weeks ago of the cherry blooms at my workplace?

We have fruit now!

And let’s not forget Mr. Hoot who is “supposed” to discourage the crows and blue jays from eating them all. (I think crows are smart enough not to fall for that but we’ll see..)


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17 thoughts on “Cherries Pt. 2

  1. 4 Trees?! Now, I wish I was a crow!!
    “Tis the season to be jolly (any season that brings fruit is a jolly season to me!), fa lalalalala lalalala”

  2. I LOVE cherries, those are AWESOME!! I have a stupid pigeon who made a nest in the eaves above my front door!! I’ve tried everything humane I can think of to get rid of them because they are dirty buggers!! I just bought an owl exactly like yours, hopefully it works!!😁😁

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