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Good morning! or evening depending on where you are in the world.

My Reader is full of all these wonderful July wrap up posts. Congratulations to everyone that made a goal and reached it! Also, can you believe it’s August already?? 2017, you are going too fast!

Today, is my 200th post here at RT and I bet you’re wondering why its cringeworthy. Well, I’m glad you asked voices of my friends! Yes, I have imagined what all of you sound like, my regulars, and when I read your comments, I hear your specific voice in my head. The post is cringeworthy cause I was having a conversation with a coworker the other day about sounds that make us cringe and I thought it would be fun to talk about them here and see if you all share the same sentiments or can add to my list.

So here we go:

  • nails on a chalkboard: iconic I know but the thought of that sound makes me cringe. I can barely even listen to chalk on a chalkboard!
  • chewing with your mouth open: I literally want to punch a wall when I hear people chew with their mouth open and subsequently:
  • teeth on your utensils: when a person puts food in their mouth and scrape their teeth when pulling the utensil out of their mouth I want to scream and adding to that:
  • when your fork scrapes your plate: that’s basically the same sound as your teeth on your fork as well as:
  • slurping your food: stop just stop. Funny thing is, I don’t have a problem with people who slurp the last drops of a drink through a straw but slurping soup causes me to rage. (Clearly I have issues with people eating, haha)
  • styrofoam scratching another piece of styrofoam: AAAAAAH! that’s all I can say
  • when my cats groom themselves near me: I’m terrible cause I yell at them go away. I can distinctly hear those rough tongues on their fur and I can’t take it
  • water dripping: when my turtle tank water starts getting low, you can hear the water flow from the filter. Supposedly running water or a bubbling brook sound is supposed to be calm and soothing but it just makes me angry!

Those are just a few that I can think of right at this moment. Keeping this post short and sweet today. Do you all have any sound triggers? Are some of them on my list? Let me know in the comments below!


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53 thoughts on “Cringeworthy 200

  1. Noriko

    Omg, Nel! I share the same sentiments on most of the items on the list, but in Japan, we SLURP noodles. Yes, we do SLURP and it’s considered good manners when it comes to eating noodles… there’s even a theory that slurping actually makes noodles taste even better.

    1. Nel Post author

      Noooo! Oh boy. You know I’m actually not surprised by that. They slurp ramen all day in animes. It doesn’t bother me on TV of course, haha. I’ll have to teach myself not to cringe at the sound.

      1. Noriko

        Oh, yeah, I should have known that already! Given that you’re a huge fan of anime! But the thing is, it sometimes bothers me when people slurp spaghetti… I wanna scream, like, ‘pasta is not udon or Soba! don’t slurp!’ lol

        1. Nel Post author

          Haha! So you can take slurping soup based but not sauce based?? That’s so interesting! I think I can take spaghetti slurps over ramen slurps cause spaghetti slurps are almost silent where ramen slurps are just loud.

          1. Noriko

            Ah, yes! I dunno… you see, we are taught since childhood that it’s bad manners to slurp western noodles and that most Westerners don’t slurp noodles. I think that’s part of the reason why I cannot stand watching people slurping pasta.

          2. Nel Post author

            That things you’re taught Noriko! I can understand that though. So how do you feel about people slurping non noodle soup? Basically they’re slurping off their spoons. Does that bother you in the same way?

          3. Noriko

            It bothers me, too! Again, we were taught not to slurp soup in particular, western style soup, say, potage or something because it’s considered rude and bad manners in western countries. But then again, there are lots of people slurping miso soup… it actually bothers me, makes me wanna gag…

          4. Nel Post author

            We’ll have a great meal then the day we meet. πŸ™‚ I think people slurp cause they’re too lazy to blow the soup to a non-slurpable temperature.

  2. cwhiteweb

    Styrofoam on Styrofoam is the best!! And chalk, on a chalkboard. I like the sound. πŸ˜€
    But chewing gum with your mouth open, ugh, enough to want to punch them, yes!

    1. Nel Post author

      You’re weird, haha.
      Chewing gum is a good one! People who pop the gum and blow bubbles back to back makes me want to punch babies. Ooooh good one Peela.

          1. cwhiteweb

            πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ okay. Yes, agreed.
            I know this is a stereotype but you shouldn’t ever find yourself around prostitutes, or hail will fall on spider babies

          2. Nel Post author

            What?! What does that even mean?? I feel like you should make a post of all these sayings you learn cause they’re too awesome!

          3. Nel Post author

            You did warn me it was stereotypical. Hahaha! Yes, stereotypically prostitutes are chewing gum on the corner.

  3. Keira

    The styrofoam and fork on plate ones are so real! The other sound that really bugs me is the sound of a regular butter knife cutting through a scone. It doesn’t even make an audible sound, but I imagine it and it’s horrible.

    1. Nel Post author

      Okay that one made me laugh. You’re readily admitting that it doesn’t even make a sound but in your head it does. Now I’m trying to imagine that and all I can think of is the sound a potato chip makes when you take the first bite.

      1. Keira

        I think of it more like a squeaky but like, for an extended period of time and really quiet? And yeah, my brain amuses itself πŸ˜›

  4. intenttowin

    I’ve told people all my life that if I have to go to hell when I die it will not be fire. I’ll be in a theater trying to watch my favorite movie and there will be a bubble gum popper behind me, an ice cruncher on one side, a popcorn cruncher on the other side and someone eating celery in front of me for all of eternity. Now that scares the hell out of me.

    1. Nel Post author

      Ooooh you make some good ones! I can handle the celery eaters and ice crunchers but popcorn crunchers are the worst and the bubble gum poppers! Why!
      Btw, I love your outlook on what could potentially happen when you die, hahahaha

  5. Roda

    Oh my goodness! I adore you even more after this post! Styrofoam is horrible! I have goosebumpies just thinking about it! 😬

    1. Nel Post author

      Right! Everytime I walk into the plant and my guy is putting boxes together, I have to walk away cause I can’t stand the sound of him padding boxes with stytrofoam!

          1. Roda

            I pick them up carefully. Who doesn’t love mail! The sound of cardboard makes me cringe. It’s right up there with Styrofoam. If you touch it and don’t make a sound I can handle it.

          2. Nel Post author

            You know, now that you said it, I can see that. When people put cardboard boxes together, that sound makes me cringe and I just wish they would tape all the ends together instead of contorting them to fit into each other.
            Yes! I love mail too!

          3. Roda

            I am like a little kid going to the mailbox every day. When I receive a real card or letter, it feels magical. There’s something about someone’s hand writing…I’m old-fashioned I guess!

          4. Nel Post author

            No way! I miss handwritten letters! I had a pen pal a few years ago and it was the best! I feel like you could make this into a post and possibly get a few pen pals out of it ;).

          5. Roda

            Actually, I received a card in the mail yesterday. When I’m done with barn chores I am doing exactly that! I wanted to write the post last night but I fell asleep!

  6. Mischenko

    Oh my! I think everything you have listed drives me nuts! Lol. For me, the worst is slurping and sipping sounds. I also can’t stand it when people are eating soup or something and they keep banging their spoon at the bottom of the bowl which totally isn’t necessary. It’s making me cringe. Ugh! Lol. This is too funny. Great post, Nel.

  7. theorangutanlibrarian

    hehe I love the fact that you’ve given us all voices and I wonder what I sound like πŸ˜‰ Nails on a chalkboard definitely make me cringe!! and teeth on utensils made me cringe at the thought of it!! This is gonna sound bad… but heavy breathing really gets my back up! (like I said, it sounds bad cos, but the worst thing about it is you can’t exactly complain about it, which then makes me more tense- it’s a no-win situation for me πŸ˜‰ ) Anyway this was such a fun topic! and congrats on 200 posts!

    1. Nel Post author

      Heavy breathing creeps me out but I can’t say it causes me to cringe. Snoring however is a different story.
      Thank you! And this is may or may not offend you but your voice sounds like the main girl off that show called Chewing Gum cause she’s so fun and happy go lucky and that’s just how I imagine you to to be πŸ™‚

      1. theorangutanlibrarian

        hehehe I never even thought about that side of it- but you’re right, it’s that too! I meant more like “snoring while awake”- it’s just… ugh! hahahaha I haven’t seen that- but that’s a huge compliment!! πŸ˜€ Thank you!! (also better than saying “I think you’d sound like a dour Scot… not that I sound like that though πŸ˜‰ )

        1. Nel Post author

          Loool I feel like I should Google dour Scot cause all that comes to mind is Jamie from outlander assuming dour is a nice term hahaha

    1. Nel Post author

      LOL! Nice way to scare your guests or someone likes me who’s curious to the this guy. Hahaha

  8. James J. Cudney IV

    Wow! Congratulations on 200 posts. And I love your tie-in here with cringe-worthy. I’m late to the game, as you already have 40+ comments. Nice topic. Big conversation generator.

    Let’s see… when cell phones ring in a quiet room. Always gets me!

    1. Nel Post author

      Especially those chirpy ring tones. I realize I forgot to add the sound the scraper makes on your teeth when a dentist cleans it. I have serious anxiety when I hear it!

  9. Cherylene

    Congrats on hitting 200 posts. All of the above make me cringe. I’ll add dirty cutlery, dirty bathrooms and unclean hotel rooms ( I don’t want to see any stained bedding or towels in my room) I’m so out of there.

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