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Duck Song

I’m pretty much drawing a blank today. All I’m trying to not think about is how the world is turning into one big ball of hate and depression from events in America to Sierra Leone. So, instead of talking about those things, and making it worse (cause my opinions aren’t nice), I’m going to share this video that makes me laugh like a maniac because laughter is the best medicine.

P.S. I apologize in advanced if this song gets stuck in your head 🙂 (Sorry, not sorry).


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31 thoughts on “Duck Song

  1. Noriko

    My goodness, Nel, you made me laugh out loud… it’s kind of unnerving/funny to see the man who’s running the lemonade stand gets angrier and angrier each day… lol

    1. Nel Post author

      Hahahahah! I know right! And then gets happy when he gets the duck grapes only to be thwarted again!

    1. Nel Post author

      LOL so I pretty figured you would say something along those lines. Literally have your voice in my head when I write a post thinking of how you’ll react :P. Am I Linda obsessed a little?

      1. updownflight

        I guess. But I could really feel the anger and pain of that poor guy manning the lemonade stand. The guy should be commended for finally doing such a nice gesture. And yet then the duck seemed to give no real thanks for the grapes.

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