Healer Class

Healer Class

Have you ever played an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game)?

These group event strategy games always consist of a group of key players when fighting a battle. First you need a tank. A tank has the most HP (hit points) in your party. This means they can take the brunt of the damage being thrown your party’s way. A tank is usually a paladin or a ninja or some other defensive class depending on the game. They have shields or, in the case of the ninja, ninjitsu, that make them hardier to taking damage.  Next, you need DDs. DDs are damage dealers. These are your samurais, archers, monks and warriors. All they do is deal damage (punch, kick, slice, etc) and create combos with one another to deal as much damage as possible.

Now you need your DOTs. These are your damage over time dealers. They usually consist of sorcerers, summoners and puppeteers. Sorcerers deal magic damage using the elements such as fire, ice, wind, earth and lightning damage. They can also cast spells like Poison or Slow that slowly deal damage over time as long as it continues to be cast when it wears off. Summoners and puppeteers can bring out avatars to deal damage with the DDs while they can stand back and stay safe.

Finally you have your healer. This is the most important job. The party cannot function without a healer. The healer is usually your white mage or conjurer and their job is to keep everyone alive. The healer casts protection buffs on the party such as Protect, Shell, and Stoneskin. The healer is responsible for keeping their MP (mana points) up at all times. The healer is responsible for keeping ReRaise on themselves because if they die they have to be able to get back up as quickly as possible and keep healing. They are even responsible for raising party members at the right moments while keeping the rest alive. The healer is the ultimate multitasker and vital to the success of an event. If your healer dies (without proper backup spells in place), you lose.

I hope you enjoyed my random nerd moment. Compliments of my many Final Fantasy XI years. I’d make a terrible healer in real life but I always look back fondly on those years and think to myself that maybe one day I can get back into that wonderful fantasy world again. 🙂


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13 thoughts on “Healer Class

  1. Healer is the toughest one to play indeed xD I think the second toughest is tank – especially when dumb-ass DDs run off and decide to show off their ‘skills’ and pull the mobs -.-

    • You are so right! Healer and tank are the most important jobs. Without them, everyone gets slaughtered. And yeah those DD’s that feel the need to show off their skills, steal away from the tank and then get one shotted away and the tank has to run back and get the mob before he unleashes on the healers, haha. Did you play Final Fantasy as well??

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