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I’m not a writer, I’m a reader: Day 5

Today’s blog post is brought to you by a quote meme and written (typed? texted?) from my cellphone.

I browse social media regularly and I follow a lot of book loving sites. There’s one that posts memes on an daily (hourly) basis. So I came across this meme that says:


Read the books that make you happy even if they’re not classics or academic novels that won awards.


This got me thinking about my personal book reading preferences now in comparison to what I would read before. Romance novels used to be this taboo. It was that white elephant in the room that no one wanted to talk about. Whenever someone asked your book genre preferences it was always safe to say scif-fi or thrillers or fantasy. If you said romance people would instantly think of the Fabio covers and say you read those “trashy novels”.

Now it seems that you’re the weird one if you don’t read romance. It’s like the book reading world has suddenly embraced all things romance. Here I am thinking everybody is late to the party. I personally think that Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey can’t hold a candle to a whole host of romance novels by amazing authors. I hate how these are now the basis for a good romance story. Read a good Judith McNaught historical romance or a Sandra Brown thriller or hell a good Anne Rice paranormal to see how it should really be done.

I have my opinions, obviously, and I certainly never want to cause drama. I love that people are embracing little things like romance novels more and more and, like the quote says, aren’t ashamed to say hell yeah I love these books and you should too!


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17 thoughts on “I’m not a writer, I’m a reader: Day 5

  1. MsBad

    There’s a different stigma now, an assumption that if you read/write romance it must be like 50 Shades or Twilight. I can’t name any good BDSM books because it’s not my reading preference, but if people want to read about vampires they should try JR Ward or Lara Adrian or, like you said, Anne Rice. There are so many amazing authors out there, I’m counting down to the next Nalini Singh, only three months to go!!

    1. Nel Post author

      Omg I looove Nalini Singh! Please tell me you’ve read Psy Changeling and Guild Hunter?! I tried JR Ward and it was just a little too repetitive. I like a really good under story. Darynda Jones is amazing if you’ve never read her before.

      1. MsBad

        Of course! Just don’t ask me to pick a favourite, not possible! Ward started well but I agree, got repetitive. I’ve read the first five Charley Davidson books but got annoyed by her doing dumb things all the time.

      2. Sherron0

        Double omg! I am also always counting the days to the next book! Nalini Singh writes about extraordinary beings in a way that allows us to somewhat identify, but still keeps them

        1. Nel Post author

          She’s the best! I’ve read Guild Hunter and the earlier psy changeling books at least twice. They’re definitely my go to books when I’m stuck in a boook rut. 🙂

  2. Nel Post author

    I wish there were more contemporary, long romance series. I feel like we’re almost oversaturated by paranormal

    1. MsBad

      Long as in book length or long as in lots of books? Liliana Hart’s MacKenzie books have suspense rather than paranormal and there’s a fair number of them. I love Lori Foster, her latest series featured MMA fighters. Skye Jordan (love love love Skye’s books), Carly Phillips and Katee Robert all write great romance serials too 🙂

      1. Nel Post author

        Long as in a lot of books, yes. But you’ve given me a nice list there and I’m going to go on a Goodreads binge. I just discovered Pamela Clare’s I-team series and she’s an amazing writer.

        1. MsBad

          Happy to help and I can add more anytime. But start with Skye Jordan’s Renegades, a group of (of course) sexy alpha stunt men, first book is ‘Reckless’.

  3. twogalsandabook

    I don’t mind a good romance, but I hate those cheesy ones with dialog like “she gasped in rapture and uttered breathlessly, ‘Take me now, you beast!’ ” Who really talks like that? X D

    1. Nel Post author

      Hahaha! I’m in agreement. My romance needs to be skillfully weaved in or at least described in a realistic manner. Although I think it’s funny to say that to my husband just so I can get the “what is wrong with you” look/smirk, 😉

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