Reactionary Tales

In Danger

Weekly series dedicated to highlighting currently endangered or critical animals and the efforts that are being taken to save them from extinction.


Blue Whale

The largest living mammal on this planet is endangered. The blue whale, rarely seen, roams from the oceans of the north pole to the oceans ...
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Black Footed Ferret

These faces! How can something so cute be endangered?? And yet, sadly, they are. Meet the black-footed ferret; one of the most endangered animals in ...
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Meet the Orangutan. It's listed as critically endangered due to, you guessed it, humans. There are two species of Orangutan; The Bornean and Sumatran. The ...
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Today's endangered animal is actually listed as vulnerable but conservationists are pleading that the cheetah be put on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of ...
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Sea Turtle

Today's animal in our weekly In Danger segment is the sea turtle. This animal is near and dear to my heart as it is my ...
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Tasmanian Devil

Growing up watching Looney Tunes did not do the Tasmanian Devil the justice it deserves. Being the size of a small dog, they're actually sort of cute ...
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‘Alala aka The Hawaiian Crow

Crows of any sort aren't typically my thing, but because my co-author spent quite a bit of time in Hawaii, this post is pretty near ...
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It's super rare for me to sit and scroll through the channel guide on my TV, but when it happens, I often find myself watching ...
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Northern White Rhino

This is Sudan. Currently he is the last, surviving great northern rhino in the world. As far back as 1919, there were two to three ...
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