Living With a Workaholic

Living With a Workaholic

I often find myself thinking how unfair it is that I live with someone who works so much. …by so much I mean 6 days a week 4 AM – 6/7 PM. He runs his family business – in the produce industry.

What’s normal for them is outrageous to most people. It also means phone calls at all hours, late nights in the home office, having several home phone lines,  midday naps, and watching virtually anything past 9 PM on my own.

There are some things I must admit: I have a nice house, I drive a nice car, and I’m overall very blessed. So, is it really that unfair? (I also work full time…or a little more than what the average “full time” employee works.) Is it unfair or am I selfish? Am I being selfish of his time and energy? …am I jealous of all the phone calls that he fields when I can hardly get a text back from him?

Sometimes I can’t pinpoint it. Sometimes we argue about it.

…but when I sit and reflect on it I begin to understand how happy I truly am to have someone willing to work so hard for me. A lot of couples have tension over money or debt. We have a hard time deciding where to go on vacation – or better yet, when we can both get away to take a vacation. …the latest debacle was over whether to buy a hot tub or wave runner.

In the grand scheme of things I am thankful, grateful, and in awe of his hard work and dedication to our family. He brings home the bacon so I can make it.


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