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Mama always Said

It’s Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to everyone that has human babies, fur babies, feathered babies and scaled babies!

In the spirit of today, I want to do another one of Jame’s A to Z challenges. But first, a little bit about my mother.

My mother was a single mother. I never really had a father figure in my life. There was a point when I thought I did but that’s a story for another day. She worked really hard to raise me and my sister. We weren’t rich but we weren’t poor either. She always made sure we had clothes on our back, even if they weren’t brand new, a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. As a child, it was a little sad because she worked 3 jobs so I was barely able to see her. Also, any extra curricular activities, band, volleyball, track — she was never able to come to any of the meets or concerts. But, let me tell you, every BIG achievement — awards ceremony, graduations, my mom was there and she made sure everybody she knew was there too. As an adult, I’ve learned to respect the hustle. You do what you have to do to make sure you and your children are taken care of. My mother is everything to me. <3

Now into the fun part. Whenever my mom would place food in front of me that I didn’t like, she would always say, “You better not waste that food! There are starving kids in Africa who would love to have this meal so shut up and eat it!” If we rebelled, we’d be forced to sit at the table until we ate the food. Let me tell you that’s a torturous form of punishment especially when you got plans to play tag with the neighborhood kids! But I was also a stubborn child. I would always think I could outlast my mother so I’d be like, “That’s fine. They can have it! Guess I’ll sit here all night!” I never actually said that out loud. Oh hell no. You did not talk back to mommy without consequences. So I would sit there for hours and be the last man standing! Victory! Except it wasn’t because my dumbass ended up starving. Mama always wins, yo.

Now that I’m an adult, I can eat (or not eat) whatever I want so here is my list of foods that I love and hate:

A – Apples (love)

B – Bananas (disgusting)

C – Cucumbers (unless it’s on sushi then I love) (hate)

D – Dumplings (love)

E – Egg foo young (love)

F – French fries (love)

G – Garlic bread (love)

H – Hamburgers with ALL the fixings! (love)

I – Iceberg lettuce (hate)

J – Jambalaya (love)

K – Kale (gross)

L – Lima beans (hate)

M – Milk (vomit)

N – Noodles (love)

O – Okra (love)

P – Peanut butter (love)

Q – Quesadilla (love)

R – Rice (love)

S – Sushi (love x infinity)

T – Tacos (love)

U – I don’t even know. James put unagi eel but I love that so… there’s not much else

V – Vanilla ice cream (love)

W – Waffles (love)

X – So I googled and someone listed Xmas cookies! I’m gonna go with that hahahaha (love/hate relationship)

Y – Yams (depends on who cooks them)

Z – I got nothing. All I can think of is Zebra cakes and I’m not a fan.

If you want to try this challenge out, click here for the rules.

And again, Happy Mother’s Day!!


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22 thoughts on “Mama always Said

  1. Colin - Scottish Legend

    Hahaha, My mum used to do that to me as well, if I wouldn’t eat what was there I had to sit until it was finished, we are both as stubborn as each other I remember sitting there until 10:30 pm one night, but I won woop.

    It isn’t mothers day here that was back in March, so I don’t have that fun to deal with.

    I like your list, but for O I misread it and thought it said Orca I thought “What the hell are you doing eating a whale” then I re-read it

    1. Nel Post author

      Hahahaha! If whales weren’t endangered, I’d maybe try whale… Your mom was nicer than mine. I always lost!

    1. Nel Post author

      Thanks! I felt like I was naming the new Android OS, haha. Your A to Z posts are so much fun!

  2. cwhiteweb

    “That’s fine. They can have it! Guess I’ll sit here all night!”
    LOL! Killed me!! And I am struggling to reconcile the quiet child you described in a previous post and this rebellious child who thought, fine, let the starving kids in Africa have it LOL

    1. Nel Post author

      Thanks! I still need to do the other award you tagged me in! Maybe weekends are my new answer the tags day.

  3. therobinsnest2017

    Why did our moms do this!!! I remember those good ole days – I mean the torturing form of parenting, making us eat nutritious foods they prepared and not some fast food garb….. Oh wait sorry….Love this post – fun!!

    1. Nel Post author

      Because they were evil and got enjoyment out of torturing us for our own good, hahaha.

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