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These types of videos always pluck at my tender emotions. I watched this video the other day and then made my friend watch the video and she made a great point. In comparison to what this girl has gone through and what she’s accomplished since, makes all my perceived problems pale in comparison. It also gives you this huge sense of strength. With enough determination and passion, anything can be achieved.

FEEL FREE TO CRY UGLY TEARS! I sure did! But it was worth it for my smile at the end.


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19 thoughts on “My Feels

  1. cwhiteweb

    “We are the only stumbling block in our path! ”
    Listened to it again and shed tears again. Okay. Maybe I am somewhat as bad as you haha

    1. Nel Post author

      It’s okay! We can be bad together!
      She makes such a good point though that I never really thought about. It’s amazing how a person’s views on their world makes you take a double look at your own world and come to realizations.

    1. Nel Post author

      I really do! It’s torture cause I’m a big crybaby but it’s so worth it every time!

        1. Nel Post author

          Oh boy! I’m not ready! (except I am!) I live for the emotional that’s why I still watch Grey’s Anatomy, hahaha

  2. updownflight

    How utterly inspiring! I have to say I cried, too. It is a lesson to me (who also has a disability), that the extra effort does make a difference.

    1. Nel Post author

      I watched the little ventriloquist girl right before this one and it was definitely an ugly, happy tears fest.

        1. Nel Post author

          I don’t either but they like to pop up in my Facebook feed and then I end up getting stuck on YouTube for an hour πŸ˜‚

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