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Pay Back

Over the past few days I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with my grandma. For those of you who follow our blog, you may have seen a post about her declining health a month or so ago. Just to give you an update on that – she’s still hanging in there. 🙂

For Mother’s Day, I offered to have my grandma stay with us. Generally, my grandma lives with my parents and brothers, about 2.5 hours from where I live. My mom was gracious enough to drive my 80 year old granny up here Sunday afternoon. I ended up taking her home yesterday (Tuesday) because she was getting a little worried about her pets.

She talks a lot, can only hear half of what is said, takes about 30 pills a day, and has to use a cane, walker, or wheel chair to navigate anywhere. She called me several times at work, fell getting out of the shower, and asked me to paint her nails about 12 times before I gave her a full mani and pedi. We worked on a puzzle, with little to no progress, watched Walker Texas Ranger and grilled her wild Hawaiian marlin for dinner.

At the Precipice of her visit I took a step back to reflect on everything she’s done for me. (Or at the very least some of the things I can remember.) I’ve spent countless nights sleeping in her bed, having her take me to McDonald’s for ice cream, getting midnight snacks, and forcing her to watch cartoons. I’ve been a pain in her ass for about 26 years and so now it’s my turn. Anything I wanted I got. Anything I needed she had. Everything I want to be as a grandma is wrapped up in the little package that I call my own.

Pay back can come in a million forms…but mine comes with blue eyes and a sweet smile. She truly is one in a million and I’m thankful for her each and every day. Although her short term memory is fading I know she did have fun and she won’t forget the important parts of our visit together. I’d do every week if I had the time to drive and get her. My parents have given the last 11 years of their lives to care for her and now it’s my turn to give a little of my own.

I know a lot of people have similar experiences with their loved ones. Sometimes they aren’t always pretty but it’s always worth trying to find the good. (Or the great.)


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9 thoughts on “Pay Back

  1. Nashra Usmani

    What a lovely grandma you have. I think sometimes we do forget what our parents or other loved ones have done for us. It’s that thing where someone does a million good things for us but we forget, however we remember the one bad thing they do. Never too late to pay back the good things 🙂

    1. M Post author

      I definitely agree on that! It’s even tougher with family because it’s easy to not always give them our best! My granny is a pretty special lady! She’d love to know that someone thinks she’s lovely. Thank you for that! 💜

    1. M Post author

      It’s a team effort! Love your blog! I try to get out and be active everyday! About to hit an outdoor workout momentarily! Gotta soak up the 70 degree weather here in Cleveland! 😋

      1. Train Today to Reap Tomorrow

        Team effort is key and sharing responsibilities will keep all of the family members blessed as my Mom says…and we all will go through that phase. It’s like taking care of kids and old from people of age in between them.

  2. mumsthewordblog1

    What a beautiful tribute to your a grandma – the world needs more granddaughters like you! 😘🐻

    1. M Post author

      Aw! Thanks! I know I don’t show her enough appreciation so I figured taking a second to write it down may help. 😀

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