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Poem #5

It's a gloomy and gray day today. Perfect weather for this next poem that's a little eerie if I do ...
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Poem #4

Lilibonelle today. Stanzaic: Consisting of at least 4 stanzas Syllabic:  Lines may be of unequal, unspecified length Refrain:  The nth ...
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Poem #3

In poetry writing class, you learn about the different forms of poetry. You hear terms such as haiku, sestina, and ...
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Poem #2

Following yesterday's post, here's the next poem in my series of poems I wrote 10 years ago. I mentioned in ...
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Poem #1

To follow up yesterday's post, here is the first poem I came across in that old email. Remember, this poem ...
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I follow a lot of poets on here and it got me thinking about a poetry writing class I took ...
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