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I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today and I keep thinking about my skills sets. My husband and I watched this episode of Black Mirror last night. The premise of the episode was that all humans are rated on a five star scale; kind of like when you leave a restaurant or book review. Each person you encountered was rated based on the experience you had with them. The higher your rating the more you could get in life. For example, the main character was looking to move into this prestigious housing complex but in order to pay a discounted price, her star rating had to be 4.5 and above. At the time, her rating was only a 4.2 so she would go around the neighborhood interacting in a friendly way with people in order to get a boost in her ratings. She would also post happy go lucky pictures on her feed to get people to give her more 5 star ratings.

So I started thinking about my skills set and in this theoretical world, what my ratings would be. I would for sure get 5 stars for reading. I’m very good at that. I would also get 5 stars for driving standard. Not many people, in America anyway, know how to drive a standard and I always get the “wow! you drive stick?? that’s so cool!” when people see it. I actually have a funny tollbooth story I’ll have to share another day. I think I would get a 4 stars for cleaning. I’m good at cleaning but I suck at doing it regularly. I confess dishes may sit in the sink for a day but only because there’s just not enough time in the day most days. I would also say 4 stars in animal care. It would be a 5 but I have to confess again, that I don’t clean my turtle’s tank as regularly as I should. Partially it’s the time issue but also because that turtle hates me when I clean it. Will literally try to bite my fingers when I’m trying to clean his tank. Jerk! 5 stars would also go to making friends, social media, binge watching things, internet research and handling companies who do not give me great customer service (yes I have an inner bitch that won’t hesitate to come out when the occasion calls for it).

I’d also like to think I’d get 5 stars for being honest and a good listener (when I’m not distracted by a book). Where my star ratings go down however, would be in areas such as sleeping, wearing dresses and heels and baking. I’d give my sleep rating a 2.5. I simply don’t get enough sleep and I’m grumpy if I’m woken up before my alarm clock. My girly tendencies get a 2 star. I refuse unless I’m forced. And my baking skills??? That’s a solid 1 star. I tried to make Roda’s blueberry lemon loaf last night and let’s just say it’s edible… I definitely need a re-do Roda. I’m embarrassed at my attempt so I won’t be sharing pictures. I can cook, very well actually, but baking is a whole different beast.

The takeaway from this episode got us thinking. Hopefully, that isn’t what the future is going to turn into but when you think about the things that you do and the skills that you have, we all wish to have some kind of acknowledgement that we’re doing well in life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be social media specific but any kind of response in general. I guess you could even tie it into people who justify the hatred they spread nowadays. Either they truly believe what they’re saying, or their life revolves around the response they get.

What are your thoughts? Do you think your “star rating” is higher in certain areas than others? Let me know in the comments below!


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36 thoughts on “Skills Set

  1. Funny we both wrote about ratings of a kind today. Anyway, I think you’re a 5 star lass.

    I’ve been driving a standard stick shift car for over 20 years now. My car (a standard) is over 20 and I drove my parent’s standard off and on for a couple of years soon after I learned to drive. It’s a good thing to know. Most people in Europe only drive standard. If I ever do move there, it’ll be good that I’m ready.

    • Hooray!!!! And yes, over in Europe that’s all they drive so we both would be prepared! Automatic cars are so weird for me!

      • My husband drives an automatic, though of course he can drive standard, as a European. When I drive his car my right hand and left foot are moving around because they think they should be doing something.

        • Hahaha same here! Our minds are so trained! And when on a hill, I’m braced for the car to roll back some when I take my foot off the brake but instead it rolls forward. Too weird!

          • I’ve gotta say that when the time comes that I get a new car, I’m sticking with the standard. I just like having that extra control of the car that standards give. Plus, aren’t they usually a little cheaper than the automatics?

            • Yes they are. The problem in this country though is so many car companies are steering away from even selling standard anymore because the resale value is low. πŸ™ We have to jump through so many hoops to get a nice, average cost car that’s stick shift and has a sun roof!

            • I guess they must usually be special order. When I bought mine it was the last of the kind for the year on the lot. I guess no one wanted to buy it, so I got an outstanding deal on it.

              LOL! I’m embarrassed to say that my car is bare bones. Roll up windows. No automatic locks (with clicker). I only have a radio and not even a CD player, let alone satellite radio and other features that are now becoming standard. But, it’s got EXCELLENT air con! Better than my hubby’s newer car.

  2. Wow. Thought-provoking. πŸ™‚ Honestly, I would have some low stars for sure when it comes to socialization and patience. I could go on and on with this.

    I’d give you five stars, Nel! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    • I know right! That was just a small amount of things I’d rate myself for but you’re totally right; the list can go on and on. Thanks for sharing a couple of yours but I would give you five stars right back! πŸ˜€ <3

  3. Hmm… I think I’m a 5 start at choosing what my star ratings. But that’s about all. I’m a 2.5 star everywhere else. Middle of the road.

    Sad news about the lemon blueberry bake off. It had promise… I wonder if it was that sugar we talked about!!! πŸ™ sorry.

    good post!

    • Thanks James. And that’s definitely a James-y answer. I think your star rating is much higher than that haha.
      It’s okay about the bake! I’ll get a round two and tackle it! Maybe put it in a bundt pan instead of a loaf pan so it’s spread out more.

  4. Wow that sounds like a crazy messed up world… or maybe that’s just cos I’d get 0 for driving and probably about 1 for baking (every time I try to bake it goes wrong in some new way πŸ˜‰ ) I can cook too- so hopefully that would make up for my lack of baking!! And even though I have some half decent people skills (I hope) I’m awful at social media (I recently posted pictures from about 9 months ago on my fb, and people were talking to me as if they were current pictures, even though the pics were obviously in a different season… but I really should just blame myself for only posting pics when I have nowhere else to store them πŸ˜‰ I suck at fb πŸ˜‰ )

    • Lool! See there is a reason people like us don’t bake! I suck at social media too. I’m good pretty good at Facebook when it comes to posting or sharing other ppls posts but we’re I drop the ball is the language. I can’t keep up with all the abbreviations! It makes me feel old and I’m only 28 for crying out loud haha.

  5. Thought I would stop by as we have mutual bloggy friends!
    Love this but what a scary idea having people rating you?! I would totally fall down on the baking aswell. Like you I can cook up a storm but switch to baking and it’s a complete disaster! Add to that I’m gluten free and need different flour and it all goes so wrong! You would love driving over here, we drive “stick” as standard, although we do drive on the wrong side of the road! 🀣 I think I would score highly on the driving aswell as I’m really good at switching up the types of car I drive and the sides of the car I drive having lived and driven in different countries.

    • Hi! Welcome to RT! I talk about some pretty random things (between bookish posts) so I hope you’re prepared ;). Yes, I definitely think I live in the wrong country. America is pretty backwards from the rest of the world in my opinion! I didn’t plan to learn how to drive stick but now that I know it, I can’t imagine driving anything else. Hooray for another baking nonbaker, haha!

      • The UK isn’t much different to America. Lots of weird stuff going on here these days aswell. Luckily lots of nice together people aswell. A couple of my closest friends are American so America always feels pretty special to me because of them. I have a Sister who is a fabulous baker and regularly makes me feel inadequate on the baking front! She was trained by a master baker, so not fair!

  6. This post is a lot of fun. I’m afraid that I would rate pretty low in a lot of categories. However, like you I drive stick, at least I did when I was still driving. I suck at cleaning, but I’m pretty good at paying someone to do it for me. Do I get points for that? I rarely cook and baking was a real challenge until I finally had an epiphany. Baking is chemistry. Once that sunk in, I could make bread. I could come up with my own bread recipes. Maple Oatmeal Bread, anyone? If you’re a science geek, that’s a great way of looking at it.

    Like Mischenko, I would really fall down in points when it comes to socializing and patience. Is it possible to have a negative rating? I think I might be a -7.

    • Hahahahaha. I laughed out loud at the paying someone else to do it. I think thats 5 stars for cleverness. The job is still getting done efficiently and you can give your cleaning lady a 5 star rating so she can give you a 5 star rating back for being an awesome boss!
      Maple Oatmeal Bread sounds fantastic!! I think I would still fail though since I also such at chemistry, lol.

    • Linda you failed to mention your ability to make people laugh. This ability will make up for any negatives you think you may have. This one you are rate 100. πŸ‰πŸŒΉβ€οΈπŸ‰πŸ’β€οΈ

      • I love the fact that you are so delusional! Hahaha! Seriously, thanks so much. I really love handful of people I’ve met here and you are certainly one of them! 1000 stars for making me love you!!! β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈ ❀️ ❀️ β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈ and 🚌 ;P

  7. Hey, Nel. What does “drive a standard” mean? I get a 0 for not knowing how to drive at all and a 4 for pet care because I hate my cat’s litterbox, especially now I’ve adopted a third baby. I’m very good at listening too, when I’m not distracted by my own issues. Haha

    • Haha, No problem! I have a friend who doesn’t know how to drive either cause there’s no point when public transportation is so good. Driving standard is driving stick shift or manual transmission vs. automatic. πŸ™‚

  8. Nel great post. I think that you, and many others, are way to modest when you begin to rate yourself. One important category that seems to be missing is the ability to make others smile, laugh and think. You succeed at these, so now rate yourself Nel. πŸŒΉπŸ’β€οΈ

    • 😁 Thanks! I’d rate you 5 stars for being super nice, and being creative and writing skills! Your blog posts are always so thought provoking!

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