New Year; New Adventures

Happy New Year Friends!

I know I’ve been a slacker in my blogging duties lately. Turned out one of our broadband wires was cut which was why our internet was acting up. We pay for 50 Mbps up and 10 Mbps down and we were only getting 15 up which is a problem since we’re gamers and serious Netflix bingers in this house. The tech repaired the line and the internet has been working fine for the most part with a few hiccups here and there. I haven’t been in the mood to actually blog though. Not much inspiration when you’re off for 10 days straight at home I realized, lol.

Anyway, it’s 2018! We rung in the new year with Thai food, sushi rolls and 2 episodes of Ozark. A few days ago though we bought a new TV. My husband is in 4K HDR heaven so of course we also upgraded our Netflix plan as well. Nothing like bringing in the New Year by spending a lot of money eh?

I’m not really in the habit of making new years resolutions; more like new years goals. So far, this is what’s on my 2018 docket:

  • Set a lower Goodreads challenge. Mine was set to 100 for 2017 and only made it to 71. I’m going to set it to 70 this year and see what happens. I’m already, sort of in the middle of 3 books so that’s a good sign right?
  • Get all the flooring in our house replaced. I’ve pretty much demanded that I want new carpet and hardwood throughout the house and my husband has agreed since he got an expensive TV.
  • Move this blog to a new server. I’ve used Bluehost this whole year and they have not impressed me. I’m looking to change servers. Possibly to itself to make it easier for you all to see my full posts in the Reader. I’m still thinking about it. I have another month before my plan expires so we’ll see.
  • Exercise 3 times a week. I found a neat yoga video on YouTube that I believe I can get behind especially coming from not really exercising at all. I also want to start walking at least once a week once the weather is double my age.
  • Lastly, I want to have another awesome movie going year. Already have plans to see Fifty Shades Freed and Black Panther in February and Infinity War in May.
  • Oh and one more thing, I want to listen to an audiobook all the way through for the first time by the end of 2018. I’m very anti audiobook but I believe I can make this happen at least once. I already have my sights set on one.

These are my 2018 plans so far. I have a few other plans but I will share them with you in the months to come.

How did you ring in the new year? Were you able to stay awake til midnight? Eat some delicious food? Do you have a new years resolution or do you mainly goals like I do? Let me know in the comments below!


Newbie Success!

For anyone who has visited this blog in the past few weeks, I AM SO SORRY! I’ve changed the theme around a million times and every time I thought I settled on one, something tiny would stand out at me and I wouldn’t like the whole theme anymore. Then when I finally found a theme I liked, I couldn’t figure out how to manipulate it to my specifications. I finally confessed to myself that I was more of a beginner than I wanted to admit.

In lieu of this, I proceeded to search for the simplest themes possible. I found quite a few but still had trouble executing them. For whatever reason I just did not know how to make a drop down menu, or add widgets the right way or text alignment, shortcodes, none of it! You think it’s easy, it’s not! Then I started to download random widgets hoping a combination of all of them would give me what I wanted.

Finally, (thank you YouTube gods!), I stumbled upon a video that gave the most perfect step by step instructions on how to create a WordPress blog from scratch. So I went back into my dashboard and deleted all themes, except the one featured in the video, and deactivated almost all of the plugins so that I could start from the beginning. The video was two and a half, gloriously long, hours and now because I followed that video step by step, I have created something that I’m proud of AND got a HUGE lesson in WordPress. I’m sure there is more in the WordPress great beyond but I am very proud of what took me half the day to accomplish and I promise I am done changing anything for a very long time!

If you are swimming in my canoe, or have in the past, I HIGHLY recommend you visit WPSculptor or follow Josh Jackson on his YouTube channel. He explains everything in the easiest way possible and his video guides are truly a godsend.

Jump to Soar

Majority of us have a Facebook account and we all get our individual “news” feed. Whether it be actual news from pages we follow or friends posting about their lives, we all feel some kind of way about the news we receive. A few weeks ago I decided I was going to try a career change. I came to this decision because I felt my life was just getting monumentally stressful for silly reasons. After many talks with myself, my husband and my friends, especially Mac, I decided it would be for the best. The thing is, I didn’t realize how hard it is to convince myself that this was the right thing to do. You see, after I graduated college the only work I could see myself doing was animal welfare in any capacity. All my experience was with animals and I had become very passionate about the field over the years. Don’t get me wrong, customer service is the main part of any job and those skills are easy to gain. That part was easy to say to myself, “yeah I can take these with me”. The main question was would I be able to learn something new; something complete and utterly different?

So I was going through my Facebook feed and I came across a YouTube video of Steve Harvey. In this short video he essentially gave out a piece of advice for people looking for a change. The words that stuck out to me the most were:

….you can soar but you’ve got to jump. Now here’s the problem, my friends. When you jump…… I can assure you one thing. Your parachute will not open right away. No, that’s the fear part. …… You’re going to hit those sides and those rocks. You’re going to tear you back out on that cliff. You’re going to get cuts and wounded…. but eventually your parachute will open and you’ll be soaring. ……… If you do not jump —– your parachute will never open. So you’re safe, but you will never soar. You’ve got to jump.

After watching that, I felt like my confidence got one giant push. Besides telling myself that I can succeed in a different career, I also told myself to just jump. This was 3 weeks ago and so far, I can say without a doubt, I am much happier for it. I miss aspects of my old job of course but my new life is just so much more.

Ironically enough, in the past week, two of my close friends have talked to me about their lives. Both are looking for a change in scenery. One is looking to get out of the retail working world because she feels like her life revolves around work. The other is looking to get out of the animal rescue business because dealing with puppy mill dogs is really taking a toll on her emotional health. Both want to change careers but, just like me, they’re either afraid of change or do not believe they are capable of doing and succeeding at something different. Can you guess what I told them? Besides going over what I went through in the past 3 weeks and how it affected me personally, I told them to soar. I told them you will never know how great you really are if you don’t try. I told them I have faith that they will succeed in any change that they make. Now, it’s in their thoughts. I’ve planted a seed and I can only hope they will do what they feel is best for them because at the end of the day I will be their parachutes and if they need me to help them soar then that is what I am going to do.

I leave you with another quote, from Denzel Washington’s image award speech, that appeared to me earlier this week and is also great advice to live by:

….never give up. Without commitment, you’ll never start but more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish. It’s not easy…….. Keep working, keep striving, never give up. Fall down seven times, get up eight. Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship. …..Keep moving, keep growing, keep learning. See you at work.