Outliers; Outlander

You ever have that moment where you can’t decide if you want to write about one thing or something else? That’s me, right now. So instead of picking one, I’m going to write about both and I apologize in advance if it’s too messy for you to follow along,

The daily prompt word today is outlier. An outlier is a person or thing situated or detached from the main body or system.

Now I’m reading this and thinking to myself that aren’t we all outliers in some form or fashion? I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase “take a walk in someone else’s shoes” which is usually in regard to someone saying something completely ignorant about a topic in conversation. In the nicest way possible I say this, the phrase is dumb. I mean that in a sense that you never really can walk in someone else’s shoes. We try to understand a situation from someone else’s perspective and then compare it to our own and automatically find some fault in why that person is wrong. Like deep down there’s no way that there is not a simple answer or solution to this situation. Asking ourselves why can’t this person see that? Why don’t they understand me? Am I the outlier today or you? Then it just comes down to changing the subject to more neutral ground or silence and pretend neither body said any of what they just said. Agree to disagree right? What else can you do? I have my reasons why you’ll never know what my shoes feel like just like I will never know what your shoes feel like. And maybe that’s for the best? Who knows.

Let’s talk about Outlander (see what I did there?).

Seriously though. Have you SEEN this show??? I watched it when it first aired and then for one reason or another it got put on the back burner. Around that time I had read the first and second book as well. Then I gave up after that because that second book dragged forever. It was good, but it dragged. I think there’s 9 books in the series? I can’t remember. Here’s my general synopsis of this show. It’s the year 1945ish and you have a woman, Claire, who is newlywed to a man, Frank and they’re starting their new life together. I should mention here that this airs on Starz so if you are not a fan of nudity and some graphic content, this isn’t the show for you. Anyway, Claire and Frank are those really happy couple, living in their new house, having lots of sex and just generally being happily married. Frank decides to look into his history and comes across records of Red Coat ancestor. He’s quite intrigued and decides to dig a little deeper and all these nuggets of information he stumbles upon along the way he shares with Claire. One day they go to visit a site where an important battle took place. The name of the battle escapes at the moment but his ancestor was said to be at this battle. At the site there are these stones that really don’t represent anyway but Claire gets drawn to one of them and the minute she touches one she gets transported back in time 200 years! She’s super confused and starts walking in a certain direction and encounters the very ancestor that Frank was discussing in the future, Black Jack Randall. Naturally, they’re spitting images of each other and Claire mistakes Black Jack for Frank. Well Black Jack is NOTHING like Frank. He’s actually a very cruel man. Enter Jamie Fraser who saves her from basically being brutalized by Black Jack because she’s English and they’re in Scotland and England and Scotland didn’t get along well at that time. Jamie ends up taking a huge liking to Claire and decides he wants this “sassenach”. That’s basically the derogatory term for the English but he turns it sexy. (He’s so gorgeous with his accent and his red hair and his eyes and his kilt and his everything…..!) Claire having no idea how or when she’ll ever get back to 1945 ends up adapting to 1745 and falls in love with Jamie. The show basically progresses with her being conflicted about her feelings constantly because she’s in love with two men in two different times and dealing with Frank’s ancestor which sort of changes her view on the future Frank and then let’s throw in a suspected witch for good measure and you have a freaking phenomenal show!

I started it last Saturday. I’m obsessed. I try not to binge especially for shows with episodes that are 60 minutes long each but I can’t stop! I’m in season 2 now and the only reason I took a break is because I received an ARC and had to read and review it ASAP. I cannot wait to finish this season because I know the new one is coming up in a few months here. I’ve contemplated going back and continuing the books but we’ll see. It takes some serious stamina to read a 800+ page book you know?




Desire is synonymous with temptation. Would you agree? Take a walk in your mind and think about how often, in a day, you desire something.

Every morning I wake up to my alarm that  goes off at the same time. I know it’s coming and yet I dread it. My desire to stay beneath the warm sheets is strong. Not that I don’t like my job, but my bed never fails to tempt me to stay in it. At work, it’s lunch time. I bring a lunch, usually leftovers, to eat. However, as soon as I open my Tupperware, stare at my food, I lose the desire to eat it. It’s Taco Monday or Sushi Wednesday, I tell myself. Justifications for my desires along with the temptation of not so healthy food. I’m having a text conversation with a friend on my phone. I will them to respond while trying to be nonchalant about it in my mind. The pain in my body is strong. I’ve already taken x amount of mg of this or that. I desire to add more medicine into my system while trying to tell myself I am stronger than the pain. I’m stuck in traffic. I don’t know what’s going on or how long I’ll be at a standstill. I’m eager to be home, in my husband’s arms curled up in his love. I’m riveted to a great story or television show. My desire to sleep is crumbling because I need to know how it all ends.

Desire. Temptation. Will. Eager. I can’t feel one without feeling another. They go hand in hand. I can’t desire without temptation. I can’t be eager without will. I crave it. I love it. I want it. I need it.