Meet Viktor.

Hello everyone.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post. According to WordPress, last time I wrote anything was June 8th. As you can probably guess, I haven’t gotten back into the swing of writing because I’m quite sleep deprived.

That’s right. I am no longer pregnant. My baby boy has made an appearance into this world. So yeah if you guessed boy, congratulations! You were right and I got what I wanted. 😊

Anyway, I decided to do a post update because despite the sleep deprivation, I know a few of you have been wondering what’s been going on in my world. Kudos to the ones that have reached out! We appreciate it. 💜

So basically my entire office except for me went on vacation in Austria starting June 13th and we’re to be gone until June 30th. This means I was running my job essentially on my own with explicit instructions not to have the baby early. Cause you know that’s something I could control. 😅

Viktor was originally due July 8th. He had other plans. He decided he wanted to be born early. I was 38 weeks and 1 day on June 25th when he decided that was close enough and my water broke. It’s not how it is in the movies btw but it’s pretty close.

I was actually working that morning and started getting pain. My pain tolerance is decently high so I thought it was just Braxton Hicks and not the real deal and kept working. Other things occurred however that caused me to call the doctor and get more insight which lead to them saying I should probably go to the hospital. I grabbed my husband, told him to call off his afternoon job cause we had to go to the hospital.

It was around noon when we got there and at that point I was in a good amount of pain. I walked all the way to check in though which involved walking through a parking garage, up an elevator, and across an enclosed bridge like a slow champion. Contractions are killer let me tell you. At triage they determined that I was 4.8 cm so baby was coming that day.

I wanted to be superwoman and go natural with no epidural but by 4pm and 5.5cm I practically begged for drugs. When they’re so close together that you can’t even take a small breather, it’s too much. I had a mild reaction to the epidural though. It wouldn’t 100% work on the right side so I could still feel contractions occasionally and I ended up getting a 101 fever though if you asked me I was freezing.

By 7pm, I was 10 cm and by 8pm we were doing practice pushes. My husband was 100% engaged and so excited. He wished he had 7 hands so he could record and participate at the same time but chose to participate the whole time instead of record (thank God). By 8:30pm-ish I was pushing for real and by 9:01pm, little Viktor was in the world.

Apparently this is unprecedented for a first time birthing a human. It was supposed to take at least 20 hours or more. I kept being told I was “made” to have babies. But hey hey! Slow down. Let’s get through one first ppl.

So yeah, June 25th my 7 lb, 3 oz son came into the world and he’s beautiful. He’s a month old today. I never thought I’d like babies and honestly, never wanted them but I love my baby even though I never sleep currently. He’s way too adorable for his own good.

I just wanted to share this story and some pictures of him. I hope you all are doing quite well in your own lives and I miss you. Hopefully by month two we’ll be on some kind of schedule that involves me sleeping more and I can get back into slowly blogging again.


Inside My Head Tag

I haven’t done a tag in a pretty long time. I couldn’t even tell you when, honestly. Cherylene over at Living vs. Existing was gracious enough to tag me in this new one that I’ve never done before. If you haven’t met Cherylene, go check her out. She posts a lot of inspirational and motivational passages that will boost your spirit each day. Thanks Cherylene! There are quite a few questions so if you make it to the end, kudos to you! If you don’t, that’s okay too. 😉


* Thank & tag the person that has tagged you.
* Attach the tag photo
* Answer the ‘This or THAT questions
* Tag a 10-20 friends.

  1. How do I feel at the moment? Hungry as usual.
  2. What do I need more of in my life? Time. There is just not enough of it.
  3. What would make me happy right now? If I could have this baby but it’s not quite done cooking yet.
  4. What is going on right now in my life? The usual, work, trying to ignore my itchy, paying bills.
  5. What am I most grateful for? List 10 things. My husband, the cats, my turtle, having a house, having a reliable car, money in my bank account (even if it’s not as much as I want it to be), the sun, having food in my fridge (even if I’m too lazy to cook it), a flexible job, awesome friends, my mother.
  6. When did I experience joy this week? I find joy in the littlest things every day but I have to say, the pasta salad at the BBQ brought me great joy. It was sooooo goood!
  7. List a small victory/success? Not having to buy a portable A/C unit cause my friend had one he gave us cause he’s awesome.
  8. What is bothering me & why? My job for reasons but I’ll be off for a few months soon so just counting down the days. Oh, and all the spiders that keep showing up in the house!
  9. What are my priorities at the moment? Staying healthy for the body snatcher in these last few weeks before he or she is born.
  10. What do I love about my self? Not to sound cocky but everything. I really like me and not afraid to admit that loud and proud. 🙂
  11. Who means the world to me & why? Definitely my husband. I don’t know what I’d do without him. My friends too. They keep me balanced.
  12. If I could share one message with the world, what would it be? Always keep an open mind. It’ll make life more bearable if you go into it with as open eyes as possible. Life can disappoint you, sure, but it can also surprise you.
  13. What advice would I give to my younger self? Honestly, nothing. The past is the past. If my younger self did anything differently, I wouldn’t be who I am today.
  14. What lesson did I learn this week? Getting a divorce sucks. I was a witness to one yesterday and it better not happen to me ever.
  15. If I had all the time in the world, what would I do first? Finish the book I’ve been reading. If I had all the time and money in the world, I’d travel and do some home renovations.
  16. What’s draining my energy? The -5.5 week old in my womb.
  17. What does my ideal morning look like? Hitting snooze twice then thinking about getting up to get dressed. Contemplate cooking breakfast, struggling to put my shoes on cause bending over is difficult; getting in the car, driving to work, checking email and making phone calls.
  18. What does my ideal day look like? Staying in bed and sleeping as much as I can cause I don’t get enough of it. When refreshed, probably do some reading, Netflixing, cleaning, playing with the cats, eating. I have simple needs.
  19. What makes me come alive? Good food. I love food!
  20. What/who inspires me the most? I can’t say it’s one specific person or thing. I find inspiration all over each day.
  21. Where does my pain originate? My hips? My back? I don’t have any emotional pain if that’s what the question was going for.
  22. What are my strengths? I’d say I’m a very accepting person. I also love to learn new things constantly. Can never have too much knowledge if you ask me.
  23. What is something I’ve always wanted but too scared to get? Can’t say I’ve been too scared to get anything. It just all depends on the means I have available to me to get whatever it is that I want.
  24. What is something I would love to learn? Another language fluently and maybe some software coding (I’m a tech  nerd).
  25. Where would I want to live my ideal life? Wherever my husband is in an self sustainable, energy efficient house.
  26. Where would I like to travel in the next 5 years? I probably won’t be doing a lot of travel because I’ll have a small kid but if I had to pick, we would like to go back to Florence, Italy and then maybe Japan or Ireland.
  27. What can I do to take better care of myself? I hate to reiterate this again but having this baby because then I’ll be able to get marginally better sleep cause I’ll be able to sleep on my stomach again.
  28. What hobbies would I like to try? I think it would be fun to have a YouTube channel. I don’t know what it would be about but something to do in my spare time. Also, gardening. I haven’t even attempted to try that yet.
  29. When have I done something that I thought I couldn’t do? Car related stuff. With direction, I was able to change the cabin filter once. That’s a big deal! And I can change a tire if I absolutely need to.
  30. At the end of my life, what do I want my legacy to be? I would hope my legacy would continue on through my child which is mostly continuing to having a thirst for knowledge, being an open-minded, adventurous yet compassionate person and spreading it to the world even on a tiny scale.

Whew! So many questions! The rules state that I should tag 10-20 people but I’m lazy so I’m only going to tag a couple. Feel free to do this tag if you’d like. You are not obligated to do so. If I didn’t tag you and you’d like to the tag anyway, go for it! The more the merrier! You can even answer some or all of the questions in the comments if you like.

I tag:


Happy Hump Day!

Facebook Friday 5/25/18

Hey, hey, it’s Facebook Friday!

Although I haven’t been too active on the blog, I have been a tiny bit active on Facebook this past week. Still a bit hectic in my world. Everyday after work is always something; from shopping to getting library cards and cooking or, for the past two days anyway, baby classes. Let me tell you, there is a lot. I’m definitely grateful for these classes cause I readily admit I know nothing about human babies. It’s baby CPR next Saturday. Yikes! I don’t even know how to do adult CPR. Hope I’m never in a situation where I have to and if I am, hope I don’t freeze panic.

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

Again, as usual, no memes were shared. I just haven’t seen any on Facebook or Twitter! Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

However, I did share two videos on Facebook. The first one is all about turtles which are my favorite animals. May 23rd was World Turtle Day and National Geographic made a video post not only celebrating turtles as a species with a few facts but also to bring awareness to the fact that almost all turtle species are endangered in some form or another mostly due to habitat desctruction such as all the plastic in the ocean they mistake for food. Anyway, check it out below:

The other video I shared was a clip from the Ellen show that was so fun! The game they’re playing is called MOVIE and it’s like HORSE but with media. So what the players do is name a movie and the other person has to name an actor or actress in the movie and then it goes back and that person has to name a different movie and so on and so forth until someone is stumped. Whoever spells out the world MOVIE first wins. There was also a surprised scare that I found absolutely hilarious so if you’re looking for a good laugh, check out this video as well:

Lastly, I didn’t share any pictures on Facebook. However, my husband’s second job is with a furniture company called Arhaus and he got a surprise when he went into work yesterday:


They made him a cake that says “Welcome Baby Hollywood” (Hollywood is his nickname) and it had cute little Care Bears sticking out all over. They also pitched in together and bought a bunch of baby stuff for us. This is everything unwrapped:


It’s one step closer to becoming real for us man. We are super grateful to them for this load considering we’re slackers and only had like 2 baby things so far (in our defense we’re waiting til after the shower to see what additional items we’ll need so we don’t buy duplicates!).

That’s it for me this week. Extended weekend this week because Memorial Day on Monday. It’s highly likely I won’t be posting because I’ve been told we’re going to a BBQ so yay grilled food!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and have an even more wonderful weekend. See you next week!


La Biblioteca

Hello everyone!

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of my post I just want to thank the couple of bloggers that sent me messages checking up on me. You know who you are and I appreciate you because that is so very thoughtful. 🙂

Now, I’ve come to a decision!

I’ve decided I’m going to get a library card! I know what you’re thinking, that’s not very monumental and really Nel, everyone has a library card! Guess what, I don’t. I used to have one and technically still do but it hasn’t been renewed for a long while and I’ve moved far away from the place so my laziness is like, don’t want to drive that far to pick up a book. However, a book was highly recommended to me over the weekend by a friend and it was an author I’ve never read before.

As you all are aware, my reading game is dismal. I’ve been managing one to two books a month just because of time and bodily (body snatcher) issues but this was a freebie on Kindle so I jumped at the chance and grabbed it. For once I didn’t read the description and just jumped right into reading the book. Needless to say, I was hooked and devoured that book in a day and a half. Always amazes me when I do that. So I was looking into getting the rest of the series but I stopped to think, what if I didn’t like the books? Cause you know, just because the pilot of a series is great, doesn’t mean the rest of it will be too and I’d hate to buy a digital book, hate it and then can’t return it you know?

Enter, the library. I went to look at my local library to see if they have the books. They didn’t. However, I still hit the jackpot. There is such a marvelous thing called The Ohio Digital Library. A friend of mine who is a librarian by trade actually informed me that it’s the 5th largest digital library in the country! LA county being the 1st largest if you were curious. Anyway, it basically goes through Overdrive which is a platform you can rent ebooks and audiobooks from and the collection is astounding. I found the rest of the series there but I have no access currently because of no library card. Once I get the library card, which is free btw (can’t beat free!), not only will I have access to ODL but I’ll also have access to a service called hoopla which allows you to rent movies, full music albums and more books and audiobooks with just your libary card!

My mind exploded.

So anyway, I wanted to show you a couple screenshots of what these wonderful websites look like. You may want to do some research cause you could have a similar situation at your local library. They rent out Kindle books, Kobo books and I-books so you can read them on any device and the bonus beauty is you don’t have to worry about late fees for forgetting to return them because they automatically go back when they’re due (assuming you don’t extend your borrowing time)!

Also, if you were wondering, even though you are renting for free, the authors and artists are still being paid! Libraries actually provide a good chunk of revenue along with all the other avenues. It’s a win-win-win all around I tell you! Plus, if you decide you must have your own copy, it’s as easy as going to Amazon and buying the hardcopy which is supporting the artist even more. And, one more note about libraries, you can get out of county or even out of state library cards for a yearly fee! The only downside to that though is you have to reapply in person every year.

What do you think of libraries? Does your library have something like this? Let me know in the comments below!

Facebook Friday 5/11/18

Hey, hey! It’s Facebook Friday!

I’ve had quite a busy week. My boss was in a car accident Saturday evening so let’s just say my duties have been double time. She’s fine but has a long road to recovery because of the way her right leg broke. So lots of therapy but a coworker and I went to visit her yesterday and she’s quite optimistic. I also wrote a huge chunk of detailed posts this week ranging from colors to copyright. Do check them out if you haven’t read them yet. I was on an educational roll!

Weather wise, it’s been nice and toasty all week despite a few rain showers here and there. But I have to say, today feels like winter again and that’s not cool! Go away 45 degree weather! We don’t miss you til at least October! Was quite enjoying going from winter to summer thank you very much. 😉

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

For once, it’s not my meme game that sucks! It’s the internet! Once again, I did not see a single cool meme the whole week and trust me I was looking! So sadly, no memes to share today. I did come across a pretty hilarious yet genius video on Twitter. Check it out:

Bahahahaha! I can’t stop rewatching it cause it’s just so funny!

I thought I wouldn’t have a picture to share this week but I went to a library book sale yesterday and reaped some great freaking rewards!


I’ve never been more excited to spend money. I snagged a copy of the complete Cantebury Tales because I realized I don’t have one and I love those! I just read A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet last year and planned to buy it anyway so this was awesome. And then there’s the Baba Yaga books. I’ve never heard of them but the whole trilogy was there so why not. The books were 25 cents each; so basically $1.25 for those.

The real steal were the Blu-Rays and DVDs. Every last one of these literally came out last year and I got them all for $1.00 each. I was floored. Blu-Rays are expensive! Somewhere upwards of like $20-$30 dollars each and I got them all for $8 bucks! If you’ve never been to a library sale, seriously, go to one. You won’t regret it. There’s always something to find! My friend and I are looking to go back again today cause it’s bag day which means you buy a brown bag for $3 and fill it with however much you can fit in there at no additional cost. It’s awesome.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and an even better weekend! See you Monday!


Blue is the Color of…

Last week I planned to write a sort of different type of post for Endangered Thursday. It sort of had to do with nature in a sense but I thought it was really cool and since I’m thinking of changing Endangered Thursdays to Endangered Mondays, we’ll see how this works out.

If you listen to NPR regularly, Saturdays they usually play podcasts; TED Talks and Radio Lab. They’re quite educational and cover a wide variety of topics. My husband is Next Day Air UPS driver on Saturdays and he happened to tune in to the RadioLab podcast that day and came home quite excited to tell me about it.

The premise of this show was a researcher who was obsessed with Homer and his works. He’d read these books back to back to back and one day had a bit of an epiphany. When describing things in nature such as dirt and trees and the like, naturally one would use adjectives of course but main descriptors such as color. What he realized is that the color blue was never named in any of the works. For example, the sea was described as “wine red”. He took his research even further to see if it was in other ancient texts. In the original Hebrew translation of the Bible, blue was never named. Then he looked in Hindu texts, Chinese texts even, and no blue. It wasn’t until he came across some Egpytian texts that the color blue was actually named.

You listen to this and you have to ask yourself, how did these ancients not know the color blue? All you had to do was look at the sky or the ocean and, boom blue right? Well scientists saw this as anamoly and assumed ancient peoples were color blind. But that wouldn’t make sense either because they were able to see reds, browns, yellows and even greens. Digging a littler deeper, scientists began to realize that blue very, super rarely occurs naturally in nature. What these ancient peoples’ were essentially doing was basing colors off tangible things. For example, the dirt was red or oxen were brown, tree leaves are green, etc. And if you were to grind these things up, that is the color it would be. Blue was not something that could be touched. Granted you can touch the water but when you scoop it up in your hands its not blue, its clear and you can’t touch the sky.

I was so intrigued by this that I went on a Googling spree because I feel like I’ve seen plenty of blue things in nature. Well there’s a video of a professor who talks about the blue morpho butterfly and even blue jays. To the human eye, these animals are naturally blue.. except they’re not a true blue pigment. If you flip a blue jay feather over, its brown underneathe. And even with the blue morpho butterfly wings, he did an experiment where he poured alcohol on the wings and the wings turned a greyish brown color. He even tested to see if he could get a blue pigment powder by crushing the wings but the powder came out brown. I even thought about how you crush blueberries which are clearly blue to me but they end up having a purplish black tinge when crushed, not blue.

It all came down to the molecular structure of these things. I don’t have an expert way of explaining this but basically the cellular structure of things that are blue are able to reflect the smaller wavelength of blue waves in comparison to other color wavelengths that get absorbed. Even people with blue eyes don’t have naturally blue eyes. It’s been about reflection this whole time!

How cool is that right? Just blows the mind.

I hope you all enjoyed this different type of educational segment. Please let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more posts like this included with the endangered posts.

Facebook Friday 5/4/18

Hey, hey! It’s Facebook Friday!

I apologize yet again for being lax with posts this week especially with skipping Endangered Thursdays yet again. Because my OB appointments seem to fall on Thursdays all the time, I’m thinking of changing the day for Endangered to Monday instead of Thursday. That way it’s first ont he list and out of the way. What do you all think?

This week was pretty great weather wise. It’s been consistenly in the 80s and all the leaves and flowers seem to have some kind of accerlerated blooming because we went from bare trees to huge leaf buds anf flowers everywhere in the span of like a day. Nature is so cool!

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

I didn’t share any memes on social media today but since today is May 4th, it’s only appropiate that I find an adequate meme to share anyway:

Image result for may 4th meme

May the 4th be with you all! Also, besides being revenge of the 5th, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. If you plan on indulging, drink one for me too since I can only vicariously live through others for another 2 months. 😉

Even though I was pretty busy, I was able to share a video on Facebook that absolutely blew my mind with it’s sorcery! Check it out:

Did you know cattails could do that?? Cause I sure didn’t. I’ve seen them a million times and I’ve even touched a couple but I never thought to try to break them apart!

Lastly, I didn’t share any photos on Facebook but Tuesday was my birthday and my coworker brought me some nice goods that I figured I’d take a picture of (check out the car fobs making a cameo too in the bottom right):


She bought me a money tree which I shouldn’t be able to kill (knock on wood), 2 bags of Cheetos and an apple pie that’s not pictured. I had a friend ask me what she should get me for my birthday that’s not baby related and I told her air purifying plants would be nice that are animal safe and my coworker overheard me tell her that and bought me one. Funny story with the Cheetos, she walked into the office one day and I had two bags of open Cheetos on my desk; one regular and one flamin hot and I was alternating eating from each bag cause the baby couldn’t decide which flavor it wanted so we ate both. Actually bonus picture, cause naturally she took one that day. Please excuse my messy work desk:


No shame! I love food, hahahaha.

I hope you all enjoyed this Facebook Friday. I hope to be regularly posting again next week. Thanks for bearing with me! You all are awesome. I hope you have a great weekend filled with lots of sunshine and I’ll see you Monday!


Baby Brain

Apparently during pregnancy, especially the last trimester, women experience what’s called baby brain. It basically means you become more forgetful than usual. I haven’t felt very forgetful I think. I know I take my rings off and forget where I sat them or I’ll almost forget to take my prenatal vitamins but nothing too wild.

Yesterday, I totally had baby brain. Just full on thought I was losing it and on top of that, my husband must have it too cause he didn’t catch what we both missed either.

I was driving home from work when I decided I wanted fruit. On Sunday, before seeing Avengers: Infinity War, we went to this brunch spot called First Watch to get brunch before the movie; curbs you wanting to spend $5 on a small popcorn. I got what’s called an elevated egg sandwich. It’s basically a BLT but it uses arugla, no tomato, no mayo, but with cheese, mashed avocado and an egg on a brioche bun. It normally comes with a side of potatoes but I wanted fruit so I got seasonal fruit bowl. After eating that, I decided I craved more fruit; lots of fruit my brain screamed!

Fast forward to Monday and I’m leaving work. I decide I’m going to go shop and get all this fruit cause I just want to eat fruit. And mall food yesterday but mostly fruit, lol. I go to Acme which is our local grocery store cause it’s on my way home. It’s after 5pm and it’s warm as hell outside so I forgo wearing my jacket. I leave the car and go to lock it but it doesn’t lock. I realized it was cause my car keys were in my jacket pocket that was still in the car. So I reach in, grab my keys and go into the store.

It should be noted here that I have key fobs not actual keys. This means, I don’t need to take a key out to unlock or lock the car or to even start the car cause it’s push to start. I just need the fob on my person. It looks like this:


Technically all fobs have a key inside of them too. But it’s used for valet purposes where you give the valet the fob and you keep your key:


As you can see, I have two fobs and they are identical. But one is for each car cause my husband and I swap between the sedan and the coupe depending on the month.

Anyway, I’m in Acme and I’m buying all this fruit okay. Watermelon, honeydew, strawberries, pears, grapes, etc. Husband actually convinced me to buy grapes that were touted to taste like cotton candy. They kind of do but they’re still gross just fyi. Those grapes are all his. I go through the self checkout and I pull my keys out to scan the little Acme card so I get all the discounts right. I carry a small purse. I mean it’s like tablet size purse so I just clip my keys to the strap, pay and walk away. I get in the car, drive home and that’s that. I greet the husband and then walk into the living room to greet the cats. I’m greeting Isabel and my keys drop off my purse. I scared the living Jesus out of her so I wented to apologize for that and picked up my keys.

I’m sitting here holding them and I notice that they feel awfully light. Two fobs are heavy for the record and that’s not including everything else on my keychain. I look down and half my set is missing. My husband goes “you’re missing a whole car!” and not only that, my house key, garage key and the key to my mom’s property. So of course I’m frantic. I go and retrace my steps from the garage to the house. I call Acme to see if anyone turned in keys and just generally flipping out. It wasn’t the thought of losing my house keys cause that’s minimal to replace but it was replacing the damn fob!

So we hop in the car and go back to Acme to retrace all our steps to make sure the keys weren’t in the parking lot or in the cart or in the store. Talk to customer service again about keys that may  have been turned in; everything we can think of. We go back home and I’m admitting defeat, on the verge of tears cause that’s more money I didn’t want to spend. PLUS! What are the odds the key I lost wasn’t the key that got me home?? It would have been easier if I’d lost that one then I wouldn’t be able to go home and would have found them quickly I think.

I decide to call Honda to see what the damage is going to be. Millardo comes walking over flopping over on his back looking cute and I’m so upset, I kept pushing him away. But he’s persistent and he’s also cute so while I’m on the phone waiting to get a quote, I look down at him and out of the corner of my eye I see a Honda logo…

I look at the cat.

I look at the keys.

My husband walks in the room and looks at the cute cat and notices what I notice. And we literally  just stared at the floor for a good 2 minutes because sitting next to the wheel of my laptop stand are my freaking keys! I’m still on the phone with Honda and I just start laughing hysterically. I still get the quote cause I was already on the phone anyway — $250 to replace if you were curious (kill me) — and my husband reaches down and picks up the keys and is like “what is this sorcery?”. Then he blames the cat, hahaha.

So that’s one of my baby brain stories. I still have 10 weeks to go so I have time for more wouldn’t you say? Moral of this story is, cats have magic. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

Facebook Friday 4/27/18

Hey, hey! It’s Facebook Friday!

Man what a week. Anyone feel like this was the slowest week ever cause that’s how I was feeling. I worked from home on Monday too and it still felt like forever. I haven’t been very social on social media this week. We’re still in the process of putting our house back together still! My poor turtle is having a fit cause he wants to swim and this 3 inches of water stuff is just not cutting it. I hope to have him back filled up tonight though and all the furniture back in its proper place by the end of the weekend. No more house projects for at least another year or two unless they take place outside in the yard.

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

I did not share any memes this week. I don’t even remember seeing any that stood out so I blame the internet for that this week. I did share a video however to honor Avengers: Infinity War!!! For most, it came out last night but the official release date is today and I can’t wait to go and see it on Sunday! Check out this fun video the stars made on an episode of Jimmy Fallon:

Who’s your favorite Avenger?? Let me know in the comments below!

As for pictures, I didn’t share any on social media so I’m cheating. We let the cats out of their room last night to let them explore the house and they pretty much freaked out. I think they think we moved because they’ve never been in a house that didn’t have carpet on every surface. Isabel (the tan one) was the little explorer cause shes’s pretty fearless. Milliardo however came all the way down, walked through the rooms and then ran back upstairs. I guess he’d rather stay confined for now. Hopefully they’ll warm up this weekend though. Here’s a picture I snapped this morning of them in their room enjoying their carpet square and getting along for now:


That’s all I have this week. Did you see anything interesting in your social medias this week? Are you going to see Avengers: Infinity War this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a good weekend everyone and I’ll see you Monday!


Facebook Friday 4/20/18

Hey, hey! It’s Facebook Friday and it actually looks like Spring today!

What a week I’ve had this week. Our flooring project started on Monday and man the things you find under carpet. We had no idea there was 2 layers of old 1960’s tile under there. The contractor was worried at first that it might have asbestos but thank goodness that was not the case cause that’s just one financial headache we didn’t need. However, now the project has been extended to tomorrow because that took extra time, as well as the fact that further calculations showed we did not have enough flooring so we had to scramble and get 6 more boxes expedited. Then we got a blizzard on Thursday which just puts anyone in a bad mood considering it’s April. Fun stuff right?

In happier news, I went to the OB yesterday and my midwife told me that so far this is a perfect pregnancy cause she sees 60-90 patients a week and someone always has something in their notes. I don’t have anything so far so crossing my fingers it stays that way even at the actual birth. And then in even happier news, today’s Facebook Friday stuff is sure to make you smile so let’s stop talking about me and get to the fun stuff shall we?

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

I shared a meme this week on Facebook that made me and quite a few other people chuckle:

Image may contain: text

Clever person who came up with this yeah? 🙂

I also shared an animal video that made my heart absolutely soar watching it:

I know he’s probably in captivity or some type of sanctuary but you can tell his keepers love him to death and treat him very well! ❤

Lastly, I didn’t share this picture on Facebook but it did show up as a Facebook memory from 3 years ago. I shared it to Mischenko and her reaction convinced me I should share it with you all too. Back in my animal care days, I worked at a doggy day care called Camp Bow Wow and encountered my first wolf hybrid! Imagine being called up front to take back a Siberian husky mix and encountering this guy:

wolf at DDC

His name is Yogacheetu or something like that and he was absolutely gorgeous but scary at first look! I was nervous but then he turned out to be a big ole sweetie pie. Loved playing with this lab puppy named Ella but let me tell you, when he opened up his mouth and howled — my goodness. Firstly, my whole head could fit in his mouth. Secondly, there is nothing like a wolf’s howl. Absolutely nothing. I mean it makes humans and animals freeze in their tracks with its beautiful eerieness.

That’s it for Facebook Friday. Hope you all had great weeks and even better weekends and I’ll see you Monday!