The Future.. cont’d

Yesterday I spoke about cool technological advances that I thought would be cool if they came into existence. Since then, I’ve thought up a couple more but I thought of talking about things that would help our future if we went in the other, declining direction; i.e. towards extinction. Now this post is not to scare you all cause I like to think we as humans are able to figure it out at least before the sun blows up (cause it is a star you remember and that’s the fate of all stars).

My husband showed me a video last night of this YouTube channel he follows called Primitive Technology. Basically a guy bought some a plot of jungle land in the middle of Australia somewhere and he films himself doing very basic, or primitive things like building a hut and tools, etc from what you find in nature. It’s quite mesmerizing to watch. I’ll share a video below but every time I watch one of these videos I think of how useful it would be to have these types of skills in case we spiral backwards into an apocalyptic world because when you think about it, no matter what happens to us, nature will always reclaim it’s territory. This is evidenced in lots of photos and videos around the world of what used to be a city now looks like a jungle. There’s actually one of those close to home. There used to be an amusement park called Geauga Lake. It was very popular but then it fell on hard times and closed. Now when you drive past Geauga Lake, it looks like a straight jungle because nature literally seeped through the cracks and is thriving on top of our man-made structures.

Here’s a video of the man building a hut from scratch in his new area:

After watching this (and getting sucked in and watching his other videos) I started thinking about the constant circling around travelling to Mars. Scientists recognize that Mother Earth is dying and they are just a small group of a giant population trying to figure out alternatives. I remember seeing a video once of a group that saved genetic material of many animal species including some that are extinct. The group is called The Frozen Ark and they currently have over 700 cells, DNA and gametes from various animals sitting on -80ºC ice in the hopes of preserving natural history. There’s another “doomsday” vault in the frigid ice habitats of Norway called the Global Seed Vault. Here they do the opposite of the Frozen Ark and preserve seeds of plants from past and present. Currently, they have 930,000 seed varieties stored here and these seeds have come from all around the globe. 200,000 of them alone are just rice species. Boggles the mind right? These are considered stop gap measures if a plant species were to be wiped out completely or we were to colonize Mars and get a fresh start. Well, and also, they’re nerds so this is like the coolest collection a nerd could have. 😉

I just thought this would make a great followup post because we really don’t know where the future is headed and honestly most of us will probably be dead by then but I like seeing this evolution of thinking of what could be in either direction. It also goes to show that there could be a decent balance between technology and nature to the point that we are able to make these happen like preservation or even rehabilitation because we’ve become advanced enough to do so.

Did you watch the video? Do you have his skills and come come teach me?? What do you think about these vault collections of various species past and present? Do you think we could go backwards but in a good way with technology instead of full steam ahead of full on technology? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


The Future

How often do you think about the future? I don’t mean in terms of your short or long term goals but in terms of innovation! While driving to work, I have this habit of looking around at houses and land and all that jazz because I have dreams of my husband and I building our own house one day with solar shingles and geothermal and all the good stuff! Not exactly a smart house but a sustainable one. We don’t want to go completely off grid, in fact, we’re such technological information hogs that we want to very much stay on the grid but we do care about the environment and the direction our mother Earth is going and try to do much as we can in a small city.

So anyway, I was thinking about all this cool tech and possible inventions that could come out in the future. I have to admit, some of it comes from watching the Netflix series Altered Carbon but some of these ideas I’ve had on my own. For example, wouldn’t it be SUPER COOL if glasses wearing people like me had mini windshield wipers on their lenses?? It would be a huge help when you’re walking outside with no umbrella or even just to give your lenses a good clean every once in a while because glasses are microscopic, dirt attracting magnets and trying to clean them without leaving streaks is such a pain! I realize that’s probably why contacts were existed but again, for people like me who eyeball touching makes me squeamish, having wipers on my glasses would be a godsend!

Another thing I thought would be cool is if they made VR (virtual reality for those unfamiliar with the term) glasses that you could use for book but that could like connect to your brain and project your imagination while you read! Think about it, when you read a book, you imagine what the characters look like, what the setting looks like, all the action scenes, the love scenes, the tragic scenes. The VR would be able to grab this picture out of your head and project it while you read. Maybe the story words pop up inside the VR off to the side and things just start appearing as you read. I mean I already love the immersion in my head so I can only imagine my scenes being played out before me. It would be sort of like being your own movie director in your own home.

Lastly, so the post doesn’t get crazy long cause I have so many ideas, is of course a teleport machine but specifically for travelling not for everything cause that’s just a bit too lazy for me. I always think about how it would be cool if we could travel to our dream destinations in minutes instead of many hours, half of which are spent in an airport due to layover. Or even just visiting that online friend you’ve gotten to know over many months and finally want to meet but they’re marginally far away. Or, not even just for fun but for emergencies. I’m obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy and you know sometimes they have the tragic episodes where patients can’t get to the hospital in time to be saved from dying so I think it would be cool to be able to transport someone who’s life is in danger to any world renowned hospital in a couple minutes. I don’t know how it would work exactly since I don’t think we’ll ever be advanced enough to disintegrate our solid bodies into tiny particles to be transported and then reformed at our destination but it would still be cool! However, I think we’ll get slightly close with the Elon Musks of the world looking to make Hyper Loops reality.

I could go on but I wan’t to know what type of ideas do you all think would be cool if they were invented for the future? Let me know in the comments below!