Under Your Wear

I don’t know about you all but where I am but it’s ugly outside. We got slammed with tons of snow overnight and I had to drive like a grandpa to get to work safely today because plowing suddenly doesn’t exist. I figured today’s post should be a funny one considering the gloomy outdoors and what better way to make all you lovely people laugh than by sharing an embarrassing story about me!

I’m what I like to call a lazy laundry doer. I normally wait til the last minute to do my laundry. That means Sunday night, the day before I need clean clothes to go to work, about 2-3 hours before I need to go to bed. It’s a terrible habit, I know. I wash just enough clothes for me to make it through the week and then it’s just a never ending cycle each week. However, the one piece of clothing I have in abundance, is underwear. Actually socks too. I probably have enough underwear and socks to last for every day of a whole month. I’m a compulsive, “oh those are pretty” type of buyer when it comes to those two things. So underclothes washing usually gets washed all at once when I realize I’m running out. Again, terrible habit, I know!

So this past Sunday, I washed a bunch of work shirts and pants and almost every pair of underwear I own. I also have a bad habit of folding laundry and leaving it in the basket. Let’s just say I’m a bad laundry doer on top of the laziness. I make it a point to fold all my shirts and pants right out of the dryer because they’re really warm and soft and if you fold them right then, you don’t have to worry about ironing later especially for a lazy person such as myself. I get all my clothes nice and neat and folded in the basket and then go about the rest of my night before bed.

In the morning, I go to get dressed and I have this plethora of shirts to pick from. I’ve taken to wearing the longer type of shirts. You know the shirts that cover your butt especially if you wear leggings (which I don’t, at least not outside of my house). So I have this nice grey striped flannel shirt on top of a tank top cause I’m a freeze child so I constantly dress in layers. Then I go to work.

All day long I wear my hoodie because I’m always cold even with a heater under my desk. It’s a miracle I have that 98.6 degree body temperature cause I never feel that warm. I go out to talk to my buddy grumps and I realize that I feel extra bulky on my left side. While I’m talking to him, I reach over and sort of do a pat down of myself and realize there is something extra under my shirt! If you could see the inside of a person’s head while they’re thinking, mine would have been hilarious.

I’m sitting here thinking, “huh… so I folded up something in this shirt and didn’t realize it was there before I put it on. I bet it’s underwear. It can only be underwear or maybe it’s a bra but it feels like underwear..” All while having a conversation with grumps outside of my head. Then I decide I should pull it out and see if I’m right. I start to reach under my shirt to pull it out. Remember, I’m wearing a tank top under the shirt. The first touch of the fabric and I knew it was underwear and it didn’t click in my mind until the last second that I probably shouldn’t display my underwear, especially since I didn’t know what color they were, to grumps even though I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever! I think he would have taken it in stride if I suddenly yanked out my undies but instead I tucked my elbow into my side, crossed my arms and continued the conversation til it ended. Then I went back to my office, pulled out the sneaky undies to stash in my purse and just laughed to myself.

So the moral of my story is, don’t be a lazy laundry doer like me. Shake out your clothes because static electricity can have you walking out of your house with underwear stuck to places they shouldn’t be. 🙂


I’ve been wracking my brain on what to write today and I’m just blank. I did spend the day talking to one of my closest friends just about life in general and I have to say, it made me feel good. Not that I’m having a bad day or anything but you ever just have a conversation with someone and it just makes your bright day even brighter? It can’t exactly be explained in simple words but I’m pretty grateful for moments like these especially when you didn’t plan on it; it just happened.

There you have it. My 100 words today because I can’t think of anything else. Hope you all are having a great Wednesday! 🙂


You ever think about the people in your life and the level of trust they have in you? This is a bit random but the 23rd of this month was my one year anniversary working at my job. I’ve shared this story in the past but I pretty much bred  myself to work with animals with what I thought would be the rest of my life. I went to school for biology and switched majors to wildlife conservation because I had huge dreams of being a zookeeper some day. I never made it to a zoo but I did get to experience a few wildlife rehabilitation internships, including the start up of one at my college and I also got to go to Maui for 7 months for a breeding and propagation internship on endemic birds.

One day however, I had a bit of wake up call so to speak and had to divert my animal attention to domestics instead of wildlife. So for a few years after working with all the wildlife I transitioned to working in pet retail, vet clinics and doggie day cares. I grew to love the work that I do, especially with the variety of pets on a daily basis but the jobs themselves started to take a toll. The vet clinics became hard to deal with especially when you dealt with pet parents losing their pets or trying to let them go. The pet retail became mentally exhausting because of the constant people interactions and doggie day care just became exhausting. My last stint in retail I got a taste of being a manager which was a first for me. I was always encouraged into management but I never wanted it because of the ridiculous hours a manager had to work. Work/life balance is pretty important to me.

The job I’m in now is a pretty chill job in comparison to all the other jobs I had combined. You’ve all seen the stories from the previous year of me picking cherries and dealing with honeybees. Not really in my job description but fun nonetheless. In the past 6 months or so, my boss has had me dabbling a little bit in the company’s finances such as depositing checks, paying bills and even checking payroll hours. My  job description is Office Manager guys. I’m a paper pusher/morale booster in this place. So for me to be involved in the money part of this business was a bit shocking to me at first. Obviously, I can be trusted. I’m a very honest person and I care about keeping my job cause you know, can’t eat if I don’t work and I really, really like eating.

It just sort of blows my mind these days the things shared with me. I don’t doubt that I can be trusted of course but I wonder when did the switch go off in my boss’s head that I can be trusted on an even greater level? I know the whole point of a job is to make money and grow to make more money because who likes living paycheck to paycheck but how is this gauged?

This can be related to my personal life as well. I’m generally a very open person and have no problem talking about anything, even the uncomfortable topics. It’s frowned upon sometimes I’m sure because, well, you need to have some type of filter but when you just have this feeling of comfortable with a person, it’s like the dam opens and it all just floods out. I often wonder how I gained this level of confidence in myself to just be able to share stuff with people I feel I can trust or who can generally relate to my experiences. Or they might not be able to relate at all. For example, I work with an 80 year old who is completely racist even if he won’t admit it to himself. Most times he doesn’t realize what he’s saying but I believe he knows exactly what he’s saying. Does it bother me? Not in the least. I can go toe to toe with the best of them but he’s 80. Do I aim to change his mind? No. There’s no point. But I do make my stance on things very clear and I think he has a respect towards me that he didn’t expect. Honestly, I didn’t expect it either. I never know sometimes what I’m going to say until I say it. But that’s how it should be right? But then I think about people like the president who I feel should think before he opens his mouth ever and I feel like I contradict myself.

Anyway, my thoughts are all over the place. I think ultimately I’m just wondering if people have like a trust meter that they use to gauge how much they tell a person or if it really doesn’t matter that much because with trust comes confidence and I guess you’d need a certain level of confidence in order to trust people? I don’t know.

If you were able to keep up with my jumble of thoughts, what do you think of it all? Let me know in the comments below!

Technology and Death


This is me warning you that this post might trigger some feelings that might affect you. I’m going to be discussing an episode of Black Mirror my husband and I watched that I found equally fascinating and creepy as hell. Since this is my blog, I insist on talking about it but it might make you upset especially if you’ve recently gone threw a crushing lost of a human in your life. If you read past this warning and get upset, well, I warned you and I’m not responsible for how I may respond to your anger for ignoring my warning.


Black Mirror is a Netflix Original television show that mixes very futuristic things with every day life. I think I’ve talked about an episode before in which people were rated on their every day interactions with other people. For example, if you bought coffee at Starbucks, you’d rate the barista who served you. These star ratings ended up being important for things like wanting to buy a house because instead of a credit score determining if you can get a house or not, it was your ratings. Anyway, I’d have to go searching for that post if you’re interested in reading it cause I forget what I called it.

Last night’s episode was completely surreal. The premise of the episode was a woman and her boyfriend were moving in together in a house in a city in Ireland (I think it was Ireland. Could have been Scotland too). On the drive there, the boyfriend was pretty glued to his phone. He had up what looked like a futuristic Twitter and just constantly talking to people on it. She got a bit annoyed cause she was driving and told him to put his phone in the glove box. Then they turned on some music and did some singing the rest of the way to their house.

After unloading the car and touring the house, he stands in the middle of the room looking desolate because he forgot where his phone was. She reminds him and he goes and gets it and is back glued to the screen. They go to bed later and have some very underwhelming sex. The next morning she gets a job (she’s some type of artist) and he decides he wants to go to town for stuff. Well, he never comes home. The cops show up to tell her that her boyfriend died and we assume it was because he was texting and driving.

At his funeral, while she’s grieving, a woman sits to talk to her and give condolences and then she randomly blurts out that there’s an app that the woman can use to talk to her boyfriend again. She says he’s a good candidate because he was a “heavy user” and that it would help ease her mind to get to talk to him again. Understandably, our main woman gets pissed off and tells her to shut up because he’s gone and that would be cruel. Over the next few days though it weighs heavily on her mind especially when she finds out she’s pregnant. The woman ignored her anger at the funeral and signed her up anyway and one day she gets an email from her dead boyfriend saying hi and that it was really him.

Basically what this application did was aggregate everything on public record that he ever posted on his social media feeds or forums or anything where he had an internet presence and sort of emulates him. The more you feed it, the smarter and more intuitive it gets. She ends up talking back and forth via email and then one day he tells her he can actually speak to her, like on the phone. So she feeds it personal video moments they shared and next thing you know they’re talking on the phone. She was really sad about it at first but then she began to realize this is something she needs.

It goes on for some time until she wishes she could see him; hug him in person. He tells her its expensive but possible. She doesn’t care about the cost and next thing you know this big box arrives to her house with this squished human in it. She has to put it in the bathtub and feed it electrolytes and then after like a day her deceased boyfriend comes walking down the stairs. At first she was freaked out, like super freaked out but I guess her internal self said she needed this and she grew to be super happy about this. Remember when I told you they had underwhelming sex? Well this boyfriend is very good at it because he was able to go learn things from watching internet porn. A lot of these little things come back full circle that we subtly noticed in the beginning.

After a time however, she begins to get sad again and upset about this form. She realizes it’s not the same as the actual person. You have to teach this one pretty much everything and he doesn’t understand that it’s okay to disobey things sometimes and argue. He agrees with everything she says, and like with the music singing in the car, he thinks the songs are cheesy even though his real self loved the songs. By the end she realizes this whole coping thing she thought would help her grieve just made her grieve 1000x more.

After the episode, my husband and I sort of looked at each other and wondered if either of us were to die suddenly and that crazy tech was available would we do it? Well, we both decided the whole scenario just freaked us out. On the one hand, I understand because it was a sudden lost and you weren’t ready but on the other hand to basically talk to a computer emulation in a human body would just be too much for people like us. The whole point of grieving is to have the ability of letting go one day. Watching this episode made me think of people who get their pets cloned because they never want to lose them. But with every clone, it’s slightly different than the original. But then I think about how it’s helping the person cope with continuing to live their life and I want to think that it’s not so bad but a part of me is screaming that I just can’t see it being helpful in the long run. I guess that’s why we’re all different though right?

If you made it to the end of this post, have you ever watched an episode of Black Mirror? What do you think of this concept of technology being able to make a person almost immortal? Let me know in the comments below!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How often have you heard that growing up? As a child, I remember getting breakfast in was easy because my mother made it readily available or there was always cereal to eat. As a teenager, it was always Pop-Tarts. Pop-Tarts were never bad for you back then. They were actually considered very healthy and then the times changed and things with high fructose corn syrup and white bread became very bad for you. Then you hit college and it became all about sleeping more than anything because you had that school grind to follow each day. My dorm room was located in the same building as the dining hall. In addition to that, I used to work in said dining hall so each morning, breakfast was easy because all I had to do was walk downstairs and fill my plate buffet style. That only lasted until I moved into my own apartment at the end of that first year. I still had the dining hall available but that required too much walking to get there so I started skipping breakfast. And that’s sort of trickled into my adult life ever since.

The main problem I have with breakfast is, everything I try to eat is just not filling enough or tasty enough. If it’s not eggs and bacon, it’s fruit and oatmeal. Don’t get me wrong, I do like certain fruits a lot and I don’t mind a good bowl of oatmeal every once in a while but they fill me for about an hour and then I’m hungry again. I also think the weather has something to do with it. I can eat hot stuff all year round. Cold stuff however, I hate eating it in winter which is basically upon us now. For example. this morning, I have vanilla greek yogurt with blueberries and granola in it. It’s tasty enough.. I guess.. but my body doesn’t want to eat it. We can just be honest here. I don’t have time to get up and make a real hot breakfast cause I value sleep more than eating half the time and will shower, get dressed and be out the door in 30 minutes or less just to get those few extra minutes of sleep.

I follow this Facebook page called Tasty which always has good recipe ideas like avocado toast and how to make a poached egg in the microwave but it still all comes down to laziness I think. There’s also the fact that I think each day I wake up, I don’t really know exactly what I want to eat for breakfast until it hits me. I am a huge leftovers fan but I can’t be eating a cheeseburger at 7 in the morning no matter how much I want to cause then I’ll be in food coma before the day has even started. It’s said that if you drink a full glass of water within the first hour of waking up, it’ll curb your appetite for a bit until you can get some adequate food inside of you. I’ve tried that too and all it makes me want to do is pee. The other part of it besides laziness is the fact that nowadays it’s such a big deal to think about what you’re actually consuming that it takes the fun out of consumption itself; at least that’s my opinion. If I have to think about all the carbs and calories and sugars and fats that’s in everything I eat, it’s highly likely the enjoyment I get out of eating will disappear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being healthy and I don’t slam people who do all of that stuff at all, it’s just not for me.

You know what needs to be invented? Breakfast soup. I don’t know how it work exactly. Maybe grits in a breakfast broth with some sausage and bacon and a poached egg on top? I’m not crazy cooking savvy or else I’d try that. If someone goes running with this idea, make sure to give me some credit when you’re rich and famous 😉 . That’s all I have for today. I don’t know how I thought up 700 words about breakfast but that’s what I felt like sharing today, haha. What are some things you eat that you find fill you up until lunchtime? Are you like me and skip breakfast more than you should? Let me know in the comments below!

Tales of an Insect

***Warning! This story contains cursing because I curse a lot in real life especially when unexpected things I’m not prepared for occur***

I’m traumatized.

No, seriously. I try to be a good girl and eat my serving of dark leafy greens but CLEARLY, there’s a reason I’m carnivorous and here’s the story detailing why:

For the past couple of days, I’ve been trying to make sure and incorporate my serving of fruit (apple for breakfast) and serving of dark, leafy greens. I’ve slowly taken a liking to sauteed kale which says a lot cause I hated kale before except for in Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana soup (it’s soooooo good!). I decided to learn how to cook it the edible way and now it’s not so bad. So I went to the Eagle (grocery store we frequent a.k.a. Giant Eagle) and purchased some kale. Kale is really cheap btw! I thought it was expensive so I think that’s why I avoided buying it, as well as hating it, but it’s only like $1.50 for a bunch. Anyway, I cooked the whole bunch in  my wok and we ate it for two days as a side to whatever protein we cooked that night. (tangents, sorry!)

Yesterday, I didn’t pack a lunch because we didn’t have any leftovers. I decided to go to Heinen’s (pronounced “High-nens”), a higher end grocery store near my work, for lunch. They have a salad bar that I would sometimes utilize when I felt the need to be healthy especially back in my pet retail days. So I go over there and build my salad. I use baby spinach leaves, spring mix which has like argula and stuff in it, bell pepper mix, raw broccoli, bacon bits, egg, sunflower seeds and croutons drizzled with a light Italian dressing. There’s a million and one options at a salad bar but they charge you by the weight of your salad and I would never spend $10 dollars on salad unless it had steak on it (sorry vegetarians). While I’m in the store, I also pick up my boss’ usual lunch as well.

I get back and of course work is a little slammed so I don’t get to eat the salad right away but since it’s in a closed container, I figured I’d mix it up so the dressing would coat all the salad-y bits and I’d have an even spread when it came time to eat it. I finally get a free moment to eat the salad and I was very much enjoying my food okay. Usually, I browse social media or check my personal email while I’m eating but, I’m also the type that looks at every bite of food before I put it in my mouth. You will never catch me eating anything in the dark except for like a granola bar or a Rice Krispy treat.

I happened to look down after taking a bite and I see something very odd looking in my salad. At first I thought it was just a large piece of bacon because they don’t always finely chop the bacon.

Then I looked closer….

And the bacon looked like it had tiny legs….

So I looked even closer…

And I saw eyes! INSECT EYES!

I almost vomited all over my desk. I looked again and moved it with my fork and couldn’t believe what I was looking at.

I roll back in my chair and simply state, “I’m done with Heinen’s.” My boss’ office is right next to me so she heard me say that and goes, “Why, what’s wrong?” I get up and take my  half eaten salad to her and say, “What the hell is that? IS THAT A BUG IN MY FUCKING SALAD?!” (She curses worse than me, just f.y.i., haha) She looks, makes the vomit noise and then tells me, “You better take that salad back to them right now! GO!” Ma’am, yes, ma’am!

To give you an idea of what I saw, imagine a cricket, no a moth, or a cricket with wings, maybe a grasshopper still wrapped in it’s crysallis in my mother effing salad! That’s truly a first for me okay. I texted my husband with lots of crying face emojis telling him I almost ate a bug! I took the salad back to Heinen’s and showed the customer service people and they refunded me my monies. That was nice of them but I’m never eating there again.

Moral of this story is, there’s a reason I’m a carnivore but also, look before you eat ESPECIALLY if you didn’t prepare it yourself. (It’s not lost on me that insects are a source of protein for some but I prefer to eat my salad without eyes, thank you!)

P.S. if you laughed at this story, laughter is welcome because my boss laughed about it all after the fact.

Have you ever had a bad food experience? Let me know in the comments below.

Lazy Day

Yesterday I had a lazy blog day. Well the day before was sort of lazy blog day too. Anyway, I’ve been quite exhausted lately because late last week and early this week has been all about carpet cleaning at my workplace. This meant that everything that could come off the floor without breaking backs, came off the floor. The primary ingredient for the products that are made here is graphite. This place has been in business since 1971 so you can imagine how much graphite was on absolutely everything; layers upon layers upon layers.

My boss’ husband is a hoarder. He’s a genius, but he’s also a hoarder. He has so many things around here that he doesn’t even remember when he bought them so of course moving things around is also a perfect opportunity to get rid of a lot of things. Suffice to say, it was all an exhausting affair and I’m glad it’s mostly over for the time being. Today is all about blasting some Pandora while furniture is put back into order over the nice, clean and dry floors.

Last night I participated in a podcast that one of my favorite authors streams every week. I’m usually a silent observer but her special guest this round was one of my other favorite authors! Basically an indie author featuring a traditional, New York Times Bestseller, on her show. The author later tweeted me and thanked me for attending. It was absolutely fantastic and very informational but it also got me thinking.

Reactionary Tales was originally supposed to be a retail therapy blog, and then a book blog but now it’s something of a storytelling blog featuring my crazy life stories and stories from those voices that can’t speak for themselves (totally quoted that from a couple of you who’ve said this before). I enjoy this very much and will continue to go with this route but I was heavily thinking about starting an actual book blog where I review books, the occasional film or TV series, and recaps of book related podcasts that I listened to. I talked it over with two friends and they really think it’s a good idea, with one telling me she’d follow me in a heartbeat.  One of those friends even helped me come up with a clever name assuming it’s not already taken.

Juggling two blogs sounds like a chore but then I think about how I juggle multiple social media pages and when I do a review it’s usually in the night time versus when I write posts on here, it’s in the day time. My review voice isn’t the greatest but I guess that’s the beauty of a blogger because you can have your own voice and people will either be attracted to it or they won’t. Ultimately, I feel like this is something I should go for because I truly think I could do a decent job at it especially watching all my fellow peers with their blogs and the encouraging words from authors themselves about how much book bloggers mean to them.

That’s about all I have for today. It’s really interesting how the mind works when you’re putting thoughts to paper. I’m really good at steering down a random path sometimes. What do you think of anything I said today? Do you sometimes get epiphanies when your mind should be tired but it’s still going 100 miles an hour? Let me know in the comments below!

Odds in My Favor

I may have mentioned this before in one of the many tags that I’ve done but for those who are fairly new to the blog, I’m a major tech nerd. My favorite operating systems to play with are Microsoft based software and Android operating systems. I make it a point to keep up with any and all tech news surrounding these two players.

Every year  Android releases a new operating system and each operating system is named after the next letter in the alphabet as well as a sweet dessert. I’ve been following Android since it was on operating system Gingerbread back when I had a Nook Color and rooted it regularly. Rooting a device means you’re putting a new, most of the time better, operating system over the stock (default) one. Android operating systems are now up to Android Oreo and just for fun I’ll list the OS’ of the past since I’ve dabbled with them:

Ice Cream Sandwich
Kit Kat
(I think P should be Popsicle, just saying)

Most smartphones and even tablets these days are made by manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc. These manufacturers make the hardware, which is the hard pieces of your phone, and versions of their own software (called the UI: user interface) on top of the Android source code. Android is open source. That means it is freely shared to anyone interested in developing new apps or UIs or whatever you want. In the past couple of years, Google has decided to make their own smart phones so that we can have the “stock Android” experience. That means there’s no skin on top of the source code. You’re getting the bare, no bloatware bones. Which is what I love.

The Google line started with the Nexus brand. My first Nexus was the tablet, the Nexus 7. It’s actually still around years later because I passed it on to my mother. Currently I have the Nexus 6P which was released back in 2015. I adore my phone, I really do. So imagine my surprise to find out that my phone has a defective battery due to a software update, specifically Nougat. I didn’t really notice it at first but it became very clear to me this past Saturday when my phone prematurely died at 48% when it wasn’t really dead.

I don’t want to say that I live for my phone but I definitely rely on it a lot especially when I’m out and about in Downtown Cleveland at 11 o’ clock at night. So I get in the car, plug the phone in, boot it up and it starts charging at 47%…. Something’s clearly wrong. My husband has the same phone and is experiencing the same issue so I asked him to do some research online to see if there’s a fix.

Turns out we aren’t the only ones with this issue and people have been contacting Google to resolve their issues and Google’s response is to give people brand new Pixel phones! I’ve had my eye on the Pixel for a while, since it’s the new “Nexus”, but it’s way out of my price range but if Google is replacing defective phones, I need to be on this train! It’s 1 o clock in the morning at this point and I have n idea if they’re even open but I try anyway because there’s a small chance!

Apparently they have 24 hour customer service because as soon as I submit the request, I get a phone call not even 5 minutes later. I explain the my situation pretending I did not read that Reddit thread. I told him all the troubleshooting I’ve done like draining the battery completely, soft reset, etc etc. Only thing I didn’t do was a factory reset because that requires backing up everything and wiping my phone which I was not ready to do unless absolutely necessary. The customer service rep asked me when I bought the phone and if I was still under warranty. I told him 2015 and no it’s way out of warranty. At this point I’m thinking, welp, that’s the end of that, at least I tried.

BUT WAIT! He says, “Let me talk to my mentor and see what I can do” Then I’m put on hold for like 10 minutes. I’m sitting here literally about to be sad that I got my hopes up when he comes back and says, “GOOD NEWS!” To use one of my favorite quotes from a book, “the universe exploded!” I am getting a brand new, 128 GB Pixel XL in exchange for my 2 year old 64 GB Nexus 6P and I’m still in shock even though I have a confirmed tracking number. I am NEVER this lucky! But I am 100% grateful to the Google gods for this one. I literally just saved $900 even though I never planned on buying the phone until it came waaay down in price. Seriously, what are the odds?

I hope you all enjoyed the geek/happy dance that I shared with you today. I know it’s kind of long so if you made it all the way through this story you’re amazing. Has anything like this ever happened to you before? Do you have super nerdy tendencies to specific products? Let me know in the comments below!

Skills Set

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today and I keep thinking about my skills sets. My husband and I watched this episode of Black Mirror last night. The premise of the episode was that all humans are rated on a five star scale; kind of like when you leave a restaurant or book review. Each person you encountered was rated based on the experience you had with them. The higher your rating the more you could get in life. For example, the main character was looking to move into this prestigious housing complex but in order to pay a discounted price, her star rating had to be 4.5 and above. At the time, her rating was only a 4.2 so she would go around the neighborhood interacting in a friendly way with people in order to get a boost in her ratings. She would also post happy go lucky pictures on her feed to get people to give her more 5 star ratings.

So I started thinking about my skills set and in this theoretical world, what my ratings would be. I would for sure get 5 stars for reading. I’m very good at that. I would also get 5 stars for driving standard. Not many people, in America anyway, know how to drive a standard and I always get the “wow! you drive stick?? that’s so cool!” when people see it. I actually have a funny tollbooth story I’ll have to share another day. I think I would get a 4 stars for cleaning. I’m good at cleaning but I suck at doing it regularly. I confess dishes may sit in the sink for a day but only because there’s just not enough time in the day most days. I would also say 4 stars in animal care. It would be a 5 but I have to confess again, that I don’t clean my turtle’s tank as regularly as I should. Partially it’s the time issue but also because that turtle hates me when I clean it. Will literally try to bite my fingers when I’m trying to clean his tank. Jerk! 5 stars would also go to making friends, social media, binge watching things, internet research and handling companies who do not give me great customer service (yes I have an inner bitch that won’t hesitate to come out when the occasion calls for it).

I’d also like to think I’d get 5 stars for being honest and a good listener (when I’m not distracted by a book). Where my star ratings go down however, would be in areas such as sleeping, wearing dresses and heels and baking. I’d give my sleep rating a 2.5. I simply don’t get enough sleep and I’m grumpy if I’m woken up before my alarm clock. My girly tendencies get a 2 star. I refuse unless I’m forced. And my baking skills??? That’s a solid 1 star. I tried to make Roda’s blueberry lemon loaf last night and let’s just say it’s edible… I definitely need a re-do Roda. I’m embarrassed at my attempt so I won’t be sharing pictures. I can cook, very well actually, but baking is a whole different beast.

The takeaway from this episode got us thinking. Hopefully, that isn’t what the future is going to turn into but when you think about the things that you do and the skills that you have, we all wish to have some kind of acknowledgement that we’re doing well in life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be social media specific but any kind of response in general. I guess you could even tie it into people who justify the hatred they spread nowadays. Either they truly believe what they’re saying, or their life revolves around the response they get.

What are your thoughts? Do you think your “star rating” is higher in certain areas than others? Let me know in the comments below!