Have you ever been asked to keep a secret?

Or maybe someone told you a secret and told asked you not to tell anyone?

This is going to be a pretty brief post but the reason I bring this is up is because I have this secret. It’s not a damaging secret it’s just something I’ve let my inner circle in on and just haven’t told the world yet. Yesterday, my best friend’s mom kind of blurted the secret on Facebook without really meaning to and luckily I caught it before anyone saw it and deleted her comment. I never told my best friend she couldn’t tell her mother but it was just so unexpected and I freaked, haha. She took it well cause she wasn’t aware (plus there’s a bit of an age gap as well as cultural gap; she’s Chinese) and we proceeded to have a conversation where I ended up asking my friend if I could steal her mom, lol.

Anyway, it got me thinking about secrets. I mean when someone tells you a secret, are you supposed to keep it forever or is it implied that it’s only temporary? Have you ever received a secret and promised not to tell anyone but it was such a big secret that you had to talk to someone about it so you chose someone that has no relation whatsoever to the person who told you the secret just because you needed to feel as if a weight was lifted off your chest? I have to say I’m guilty at that. I’ve never actually kept a secret to myself. I appreciate that the person trusts me and with me going in a round about way to talk about it with someone, I feel as if I’m not voiding the trust there. Secrets weigh heavy on the mind you know? I feel like I have to release it to someone just so I can get a different opinion from my own. I feel like if I only keep it to myself, it may drive me insane. Most of the time the person I end up talking to is my husband. Sometimes he’s excluded because how can you keep a secret from you partner even if it’s not your own you know? Sometimes it’s so exciting that you need someone to release that burst of joy with even for just a moment. I also feel that the choosing of who you tell another person’s secret to shows a measure of trust you have for that individual. They won’t have a need to go off and tell the whole world because they can always swing back around and talk with you about it if they get any additional ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc you know?

Then you have those secrets that you know would change someone’s life. For example, a spouse cheating on their significant other. I touched on this a bit before when I was talking about my husband’s brother and his shenanigans. We knew a secret but we didn’t tell the party it was affecting negatively. Why? Because we felt it wasn’t our business to get involved. Once you’re involved, its forever to get away again. Did I tell a few of my friends this secret however? Yes. I even posted about it to this very blog. Did I break his trust? I don’t think I did. He doesn’t know any of you. He doesn’t even know I have a blog, so in a way did I trust you all with a secret that doesn’t even matter to you or did I need that weight lifted off of me to find some relief from the situation? Tricky things secrets.

What are your thoughts on secrets? Are you able to keep a secret and not tell anyone at all period? Or are you more like me? Let me know in the comments below!