Fight Like a YA Girl Tag

I haven’t done a book related post in a while so of course when the wonderful Patty @ Moonshine’s Corner tagged me for this tag I decided why not! If you haven’t met Patty yet you need to head over there. She’s super awesome. She writes book reviews as well as occasional life adventures updates.

I’ll admit, this tag was hard to do. I had to consult the back pages of my Goodreads to find some of these because I haven’t read any YA in a really long time. Some of my answers are NA because I just didn’t know what else to pick and I read some of then as a teenager and liked them so they’re considered YA in my eyes.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the creator Krysti at YA and Wine
  • Match at least one YA girl with each of the themes below.
  • Tag as many people as you like!


Here we go:



Shanti is fleeing from people who want to harm her and ends up with a rag tag group of boys who are basically warriors in training and teaches them her badass warrior skills so they can help her save herself.



I took this one to mean literal mind fighting. Jelena is branching away from her mother to continue the family freight business. Just like her mother, it involves lots of space adventures that require her mind powers, with the help of her crew, to get out of some binds.



The whole premise of this series is a girl who falls in love with a human who’s cursed to be a tiger. Kelsey gets a summer job at a circus where she ends up meeting Ren the tiger and subsequently Ren the human. She goes through tests and trials throughout first to extend the time he can stay human and eventually to break the curse completely.



I mean, there’s swords, magic, love; perfect recipe for a fighter! In exchange for saving her mother’s life, Ember is promised to the Conatus group which are fighters of dark magic. Ember learns it all and comes to a point where she has decide whether to follow the light or the darkness.


Image result

This book isn’t specifically considered “YA” but it was the immediate one I thought of for a woman of color plus I read it as a teenager and survived. Maskelle was a Voice which is a woman with powerful woman who has seer like abilities. She was exiled for being a traitor and a murderess but they need her back to finish weaving the mandala for the 100 year ceremony before its completely destroyed.



Piper wants to be part of the Consul and strives to do that but then she’s made to take the fall for a powerful stone being stolen and ends up having to go on the run because all the daemons in the city want to kill her. She learns a lot of things along the way including powers she didn’t even know she had.



I interpreted this one as not just physical weapons master but cleverness of the mind as well. Meliara makes promise to her dying dad that her and her brother will take care of the court and their people. The war timetable gets pushed up significantly and she ends up learning quickly how to defend the physical battlefield and deal with political play in the Court.



Keladry is just amazing. A decree is lifted that allows women to train to be anointed into knighthood, which was only allowed to boys before, and she takes full advantage of that. She goes through the hazings and the rough schedules which only pisses off the Lord training master. He decides to make things even more difficult because he’s completely against this decree. Keladry as well as others prove throughout the series that girls are definitely not to be underestimated!


I got nothing. As you can probably tell, its very rare that I read a YA contemporary.



I’d have to go with Rose on this one. She’s pretty baller throughout the entire series. She can give it as well as she can take it. Even when it seems like all the chips are down, Rose never gives up. She always finds a way!



I can’t do a YA tag without mentioning Yelena. She has a choice between death or being a poison taster. This is literally a lose-lose situation but she wants to live and she learns exactly how to do that and more!

If you’re interested in any of the books I listed above, just click the heroine’s name which will link you to the much better Goodreads description.

I tag (if you’ve already done this tag, link me to your answers please!):

Who are your favorite badass, bookish heroines? Let me know in the comments below!

Mystery Blogger Award #2


Shout out to my favorite teen Silas! I’ve already been nominated for this award before but I can’t say no to Silas plus he asks the coolest questions! If you haven’t checked out his blog out you definitely should. He’s a very versatile artist. He will blow your mind with his drawings, his beautiful photography and his amazing poems. Trust me, you will click that follow button so fast when  you see his blog!

Here are the rules to the award:

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  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog.
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  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question.
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The Mystery Blogger award has been created by Okoto Enigma of Okoto Enigma’s Blog.


This is an award for amazing bloggers with indigenous posts. Their blogs not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.

-Okoto Enigma.

(Good to know the above information cause I didn’t know who created it the first time around)

Three things about me –

What don’t you all already know??

Let’s see….

  • I’ve never seen Frozen and have no interest in ever watching it but I started watching Moana and I really enjoy that Dwayne Johnson can sing.
  • I would never, ever cheat on my husband but if Idris Elba walked up to me and confessed undying love for me, I would request one, never-to-be-spoken-of-again, night with the man. That’s reasonable don’t you think?? 😉
  • I love sushi and my husband introduced me to a restaurant that makes surritos! That’s a sushi burrito, no joke. Best food invention anyone could have ever come up with! Here’s a picture:

Questions from Silas –

  • What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home?

I would love to answer that but the answer is NSFW; or I guess NSFNB (Not Suited for Nel’s Blog)

  • What is the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

Best purchase would definitely be our honeymoon to Florence, Italy. It was our first time going across the pond and it was absolutely amazing. I don’t know if I have a worst purchase honestly. I’m the type that researches the hell out of something before I buy it; big purchases anyway. Only thing I can think of is buying a food item that looked good and then finding out it ONLY looked good.

  • What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

When I was younger, I rollerbladed regularly. A lot of people don’t think this is dumb but I do. My mom took me and a few other kids to the park and I got it into my head that I could conquer rollerblading down this really big hill successfully. Suffice to say, I didn’t make it down the hill. Soon as I picked up speed, I panicked. I started falling down and instead of putting my hands out to stop myself from falling, I felt my face was a better option; my chin to be exact. Funniest thing though was I go to stand up and I didn’t cry, probably cause I was in shock, but I’m dripping blood and my mom runs up and goes, “Suck it up! You’re fine! It’s a scratch” then used her water bottle to splash water on my face. Turns out she was wrong cause I needed 8 stitches, hahaha.

  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

Most interesting thing I watched this week was Okja on Netflix. That movie was rough on my emotions. If you haven’t seen it yet, but plan to watch it, have some tissues or a roll of toilet paper nearby.

  • What is the one thing you have tried million times, still can’t do.

Eat a quarter of a banana without it being masked in something else and swim. My husband told me he would pay me $10 dollars to eat a quarter of a banana. I took one small bite and burst out crying. (True story. I have issues.) As far as swimming is concerned, I like my feet touching land or able to see land. It’s all in my head, I know but I can’t.

  • Bonus fun question -What’s a body part that you wouldn’t mind losing?

My left third toe because its the same size as my left second toe so it’s probably not necessary to have them both. (But I may or may not have alien/starfish origins so it’s a possibility the toe would grow back :P)

Top Post –

Going based off WordPress stats, my best day was June 28. That day I wrote the post Those Phrases so we can just call that my best post.

I’m not going to nominate anyone this round because I did this one for fun and I suck at choosing people. If you haven’t done this award yet, consider yourself nominated and answer Silas’ questions. If you have done this award before, and like these questions, share your answers with me in the comments below!

The Unique Linda Award

Let me start by saying, I absolutely love this woman! like LOVE times 9000!

Now then, to get an idea of where this post is going it would probably be a good idea to read Linda’s post first. Click her name.

You see, I so graciously nominated her for this lovely award but I cheated. The rules state that you are supposed to ask your nominees three questions not regurgitate the questions asked of you. It’s actually forbidden to do so, am I right Linda? Since I broke the rules, I’ve been re-awarded. Not be confused with rewarded! Make sure you understand the difference! Rewards from Linda are not given lightly. So not only am I charged with answering the three questions every blogger receives with this reward but I have bonus questions for being lazy which will definitely make me think twice about taking the lazy way out the next go around.

1. If you could live in a Dr. Seuss book, which would you pick?

I would choose One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. That was always an awesome story because it talked about all the different fishes and other animals you encounter. I look back on it now as an adult and see it as a great learning resource for children to recognize that people and places are not the same and how unique that makes the world in general.

2. If you could have perfect weather, what would it be?

Perfect weather is a dream, okay? I live in Ohio. That means the weatherman is always wrong! For example, today is supposed to be sunny with a chance of rain. A CHANCE sounds like a small percentage say 5-10%. I’m not even paid to predict anything (though how cool would that be??) and I know it’s more of a 90% chance it’s going to rain. You can smell it in the air and dark clouds are a giant indicator. Think the weatherman needs to take a walk outside and absorb the air before telling us lies.

I digress. My perfect weather would consist of all 4 seasons perfectly in the parameters of the months that they are supposed to be in. That means no snow in May dammit.

3.  What question would you like to ask yourself?

Right now I’m asking myself why don’t I have time to read? You’d think after leaving a demanding job to a less demanding job I’d have more time to read but I’ve been on the same book for almost a week and that is very uncharacteristic of me! I’m also asking myself why did Prince go and die because Kiss is playing on my Pandora right now and I’m jamming!

Now on to my bonus questions. I mean they were literally demandingly specific to me. If you don’t believe me, that means you didn’t click on Linda’s post. SHAME! Click it now.
It should be noted here that Linda is totally psychic because she asked the first part of the question and then guessed that I do not indulge in caffeine delivery systems in the morning but I still have to answer the questions as if I did indulge because I’m a writer and I can do this! YEAH! (Were you possibly a cheerleader in a past life? I wasn’t because that defines girly which I’m not but curiosity and all that)

You’ve just awoken.  You haven’t had your coffee/tea/preferred caffeine delivery system yet, and the following people are making demands of you as you endeavor to start your day.   What do you say to each of them?

1. Husband/wife/domestic partner:

This is easy. My husband is always gone when I wake up. He works the dead people shift; i.e. the hours between 3am and 9am everyday except Sunday. Nel is usually knocked out in dreamland somewhere. On Sundays, he doesn’t wake me up either cause his body is so used to waking up that early that he’s up and I’m still sleep. Did I mention how much I love sleeping?

2. Child

Yeah….. I’m not there……. yet. Ask me again in a year.

3. Pet

If it’s Isabel: “SHUT UP! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!” Lots of grumbling. She has a habit of howling like a hyena (she’s a cat for crying out loud!) at the crack of dawn and I want to kill her cause my alarm hasn’t gone off yet.

If it’s Milliardo: “Go away drooly. I don’t want your drool on me.” He’s also a cat, btw. Or if I’m walking around he likes to walk in front of me and plop his body in my walking path because it’s a game of the human might possibly step on me but if she steps over me I’m going to to try and grab her feet with my sharp clawed front paws or bite them.

4. Boss

I’m going to go off of today and say “I keep forgetting to bring your pie pan back! I’m so terrible! I promise I’ll bring it back tomorrow!” I’ve been saying this since Monday because somehow I keep walking out of the house without it. I blame the cats!

5. X with X being a person/being of your choice

I’m going to say X is M. Not as in XM radio if that thought possibly crossed your mind. M as in my MIA co-author. She may not post on the blog but she texts me every morning about work related things or about the book she’s reading that I forced her to read. Remember, I like to read vivaciously through others. If you haven’t read that post, click here.

6. Mailman

You know, mail is not my thing unless I know something is coming for me. That’s my husband’s territory. In my defense, I got this way because when we lived in an apartment there was only one key to the mailbox and since he always gets home before me, he held the key and would always get the mail. So now I just don’t think about it and if there’s mail for me, he puts it on my laptop or opens it if it looks important and tells me about it later.

7. A fellow blogger  (not me because I know what you’d say to me!)

I feel like the sentence would start with “HAHAHA….” or “Listen….” because we would probably be continuing a long standing conversation about something or other. You all make me laugh or smile in some form or another so thank you for that 🙂

8.  Barista

I DON’T DRINK COFFEE OKAY! I know! It’s a crime! I barely drink tea and pop is out of the question. Unless we’re talking ginger brew. Does that count??? If I were to see a Barista, and I’m going based of Starbucks here, I would probably tell her she spelled my name wrong.. I get that a lot. I guess Chanel is a really hard name to spell and often comes with a phantom “T”.

9. Neighbor

I don’t talk to my neighbors…. Listen, in my defense, they’re all old people. And I mean like 80-90 years old. Before you judge me, the one across the street likes to sit in his garage off to the side where he thinks people can’t see him and stare at us when we’re out in about. The one across the other street (we live on the corner), came over to talk and was literally stuck on the fact that we’re a young black couple in a predominantly white neighborhood and pointed out all the black people he knew that lived on the street. (Thanks guy.)The third neighbor is a hermit. Well except the time he walked over and into the house when we were being shown to it by the realtor. Other than that, haven’t seen him. So tell me, would you talk to my neighbors? Be honest.

10. Random guy in elevator

Is it Idris Elba? Or is he on Idris Elba’s level of hotness? Is this too shallow?? Oh wait, I’m only half awake here so I would probably say “Hey, floor 3, thanks” and go back to being a zombie until I got my caffeinated delivery system in my system.

Did I mention how much I love Linda? Because I most assuredly do. This was so ridiculously fun that I can’t wait until the next one. Linda, please keep being your lovely, snarky, awesome, folk-hating, stellar storytelling self! ❤ If you haven’t followed her yet, there’s something wrong and you need to remedy that situation right now!

Desert Island Discs Blog Tag

desert-island def

This is a fun looking tag! Thank you to Patty@Moohnshine’s Corner for tagging me in this. Patty is my girl! She writes book reviews, participates in all the coolest tags and shares her nature adventures! Check her out and hit that follow button! She’s super awesome.


The Rules:

  • Link back to BookBum’s original post, so she can see all your answers! (Remember to do this via pingback, she won’t get a notification if not!)
  • Thank the person who tagged you… show some love!
  • Come up with your answers
  • Then tag others to keep the tag going!


The Premise:

You are cast away onto a remote desert island:

  • You can bring 5 albums- what are they?

1000 Forms of Fear – Sia
Fallen – Evanescence
Greatest Hits History Volume I – Michael Jackson
Disney’s Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2 – Various Artists (It’s one CD I swear! Limited edition)
X – Ed Sheeran

Image result for 1000 forms of fearImage result for fallen evanescenceImage result for michael jackson greatest hits history volume 1Image result for x ed sheeran

  • You can bring one book- which is it? You are provided with a Bible/ other religious text if you want it, as well as the Complete Works of Shakespeare. No series!

Yay for Shakespeare! This book is technically part of a series but it can 100% be read as a standalone. Since I’m on an island, it’s only fitting that I bring Paradise by Judith McNaught.

Image result for paradise judith mcnaught

  • You can have one luxury item (it had to be inanimate and can’t help you escape the island)- what is it?

If we’re not including food, because I love food and need to eat, I would bring a hammock. Would make for a peaceful sleep each night with my book and my music I would somehow figure out how to listen to since there seems to be no electrical outlets 😛


Image result for desert isles

I tag:

Candy Books Tag

I’ve graciously been demanded asked to do this Candy Books Tag by the most awesome blogger James. It’s a lot of fun and I welcome anyone else who would like to do this, participate as well! James found the tag at Eva’s blog @ BrilliantlyBookishSite but it seems the creator of the tag’s blog no longer exists at this time.

There weren’t any rules but it seems pretty straight forward so here we go!



The interpretation here, I think, is that you are to choose a book that is deep, meaningful, and was highly praised in the book world but you read it and it just wasn’t as enjoyable as it was for everyone else. My choice here would have to be Lord of the Flies by William Golding. It seemed like a really good book. Plane crashes, boys are supposed to learn to survive and grow this sense of community while they come of age etc etc. Basically a darker version of Peter Pan and has fueled a lot of dystopian stories such as Hunger Games. It won a Nobel Prize and yet it just wasn’t it for me. Maybe because I’m not a huge dystopia fan? I don’t know.

milk chocolate


I’ve mentioned this in my last post and I’m mentioning it again. I think eveyone should read The Three Musketeers at least once in their life. You will never read another story that features a group of heroes who portray youth, truth, justice and general camaraderie like this book!black jelly beans


You already know. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Just don’t even bother. I get the concept especially because its fan fiction based off Twilight but it’s terrible misconception about BDSM. There are plenty of other authors out there who write it much better!chocolate kisses


Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews!!!!!!! Okay, so what a lot of people don’t know is Ilona Andrews is actually a pseudonym for a husband and wife team who write these books together. The reason I picked Magic Bleeds is because… I can’t even describe it! Just read this snippet:

“I worry about you.” He dipped his head and looked into my eyes. “I worry something stupid will happen and I won’t be there and you’ll be gone. I worry we won’t ever get a chance and it’s driving me out of my skull.” ……. “Do you miss me, Kate?”

Guys, I’m screaming inside just writing this post!

Gummy Spiders


The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. So I don’t check under my bed but after the recent Ebola virus outbreak, it worries me. This is the fictionalized version where essentially a virus appears in Washington D.C. presumably from an African rainforest and it kills 90% of its victims in days. None of the conventional medicines work so there’s no cure and it becomes a race against time to try to find the source of the virus in order to develop a cure. The scariest thing is this is based off a true story and scientists still have no idea where Ebola virus legitimately comes from and how it’s spread.jumbo lollipop


I hate to say this because I know there are some serious Outlander fans out there but Dragonfly in Amber dragged so hard. I’m not sure if it was because a lot of it was Claire in the future and I missed Jamie or the fact that there just wasn’t as much action in this installment as there was in the first book. The book is 735 pages long which is not the longest I’ve read but I did finish it eventually; it just took a while.Cotton Candy

3011930120Besides Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume stories, Falling Up and Where the Sidewalk Ends were my absolute favorites! Shel Silverstein always had the coolest, cutest poems and I enjoyed them immensely as a child.



Have you read any of my choices? If so, do you agree or disagree with them? Let me know in the comments below!

The Unique Blogger Award

Reactionary Tales is unique!! I feel special considering that was a bit of my goal.

Thanks to Patty over at Moonshine’s Corner for nominating me for this award. I love her. She writes book reviews and hiking adventures! We’re fellow Grimlets and she’s truly a super cool human. Check out her blog and hit that follow button!

The Rules:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

Patty’s Questions:

If you could have your pick of book to make into movie, what would it be?

HANDS DOWN, Envy by Sandra Brown. 19437947

Here’s the Barnes & Noble blurb:

When a New York editor receives a manuscript that catches her eye, she travels to the author’s residence to learn more. The more she learns about the manuscript, however, the more she suspects that the author’s story may be connected to a crime in her past.


What inspires you most about your blog?

I’ve never really thought about this to be honest. I like that people can relate to a lot of my every day stories and book tastes. I also like that people are enjoying my endangered posts every week. Because of my background in wildlife conservation, I find that informing my readers about these things is a great. The more awareness, the better.

What author inspires you?

Currently the author that is inspiring me the most is Lindsay Buroker. I doubt a lot of people know who she is because she runs in science fiction circles and, as I stated in my rapid fire books tag, women science fiction authors are underrated. She is very huge into advocating and encouraging writers in the ways of independent publishing. She has podcasts every week with tips and tricks in the author world as well as having guest authors who talk about how they got to where they are. I don’t want to be an author but I find everything she shares quite educational. It’s a level of awareness that’s new to me and she inspires me to share it with others struggling to make a name for themselves in the book world.

Now I’m supposed ask questions to people I nominated but my questions will pale in comparison to Patty’s (how do you all always ask such good questions???) So, I ask my nominees to answer the same questions put to me:

  • If you could pick a book to turn into a movie adaptation, what would it be?
  • What inspires you most about your blog?
  • What author inspires you (doesn’t have to be a book; can be a film director or music composer)?
  • Bonus question because I’m listening to The Circle of Life: What’s your favorite Disney song???


Rapid Fire Book Tag


This the Rapid Fire Book Tag introduced to me by Mischenko over at ReadRantRock&Roll. I’ve just started following Mischenko who has a blog full of fun book reviews and author spotlights! So if you’re looking for something new to dive in, definitely check her blog. It was originally made by GirlReading over Youtube, so be sure to stop by and check her out HERE.


Question 1: E-Book or Physical Book? 

I was always physical books but when I was living paycheck to paycheck, physical books weren’t feasible so I got into ebooks and now I’m primarily ebooks and I’m not as poor as before so when it’s an author I really like I support them by buying both formats.

Question 2 : Paperback or Hardback?

Hardcover primarily but I have a ton of paperbacks and indie authors primarily publish in trade paperback so I guess I’m a mix.

Question 3 : Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

Primarily online shopping because the books that I like aren’t usually found in stores or sold out. However, if we’re talking independent book shops, I’m all over in store book shopping. Buy 2 get 1 free you say??

Question 4 : Trilogies or Series?

Both. A lot of authors start out planning to only write a trilogy and then it turns out that their fans love them and wish they would continue into a series. Either way its a win win cause you have more than one book to enjoy your favs.

Question 5 : Heroes or Villains?

Do anti-heroes count? It’s kind of a mix of the two. I like the guy/girl who seems to be the bad guy but actually has some semblance of a heart in there even if their personality is naturally aloof

Question 6 : A book you want everyone to read?

7126 The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. 

Question 7 : Recommend an underrated book?

Instead of just one book I’m going to say science fiction books written by women are completely underrated. A lot of people aren’t aware that women who write science fiction is like taboo in the book world. The genre is dominated by men and, sadly, a lot of these authors, in order to get their books out there, end up adding romance into their stories to get them out to the masses.

Question 8 : The last book you finished?

17563080 Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

Question 9 :The Last Book(s) You Bought?

17159944Oh jeez, I scored a handful of books from the thrift store last Thursday. One of them was Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh. It was perfect condition hardcover for 90 cents!



Question 10 : Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

I do a lot of tablet reading so bookmarks are not necessary but I’ve been known to use whatever is closest to me. Plates, hair ties, straws, kitty toys…

Question 11 : Used Books: Yes or No?

Definite yes. I make it my business to go to as many library sales as possible.

Question 12 : Top Three Favorite Genres?

Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction and the sub genres in between

Question 13 : Borrow or Buy?

Buy. I’m all about supporting authors and the only way to do that is by buying their books

Question 14 : Characters or Plot?

Plot. Can have the greatest characters in the world but if they don’t have a good plot I’m not interested. It’s all about that world building!

Question 15 : Long or Short Books?

Depends on what you consider short. Most books I read are 300 pages or more. But I do read novellas that are tied to a series and those are usually 70 pages or less.

Question 16 : Long or Short Chapters?

When I like being tortured everyday (coughcimmeriancough), I like short chapters. But it doesn’t matter to me if the story has substance. The chapters will blend because I’ll be so absorbed and won’t care about anything else besides finishing the book.

Question 17 : Name The First Three Books You Think Of…

12961921457243A4534897 Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught (was just talking about historical romances with a coworker

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas (that was almost my answer for books everyone should read)

Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop (currently reading)

Question 18 : Books That Makes You Laugh or Cry?

Both. I’m a bundle of emotions and I get really attached to my fictional characters! 

Question 19 : Our World or Fictional Worlds?

Fictional. The real world is in chaos right now and I’d rather be in fictional world with an HEA ending.

Question 20 : Audiobooks: Yes or No?

No. I’m weird about the way characters sound in my head versus how other people narrate them. I can’t do it. I tried and got upset, lol.

Question 21 : Do You Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?

Guilty. I blame Goodreads for that though! You get into a book spiral because of their recommendations reel and end up clicking all kinds of books that look interesting based off their cover to find out more!

Question 22 : Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

Book to TV. Movies are one and dones. TV adapations can go on for many seasons! I also say this because I’ve never read Game of Thrones, and don’t plan to, but the TV adaptation is solid gold! (WINTER IS COMING IN LESS THAN A MONTH!)

Question 23 : A Movie or TV-Show You Preferred to its Book?

Outlander. I read the first two books and lost interest but the TV show melts me into a puddle of warm fuzzies when I’m not crying my eyes out. They casted Claire and Jamie to perfection!

Question 24 : Series or Standalone?

I have to say both. I read a lot of series but a lot of the authors like Judith McNaught write series where each book could be a standalone so you don’t have to read the books in order to still enjoy them. But I love contemporary suspense stories (looking at you Sandra Brown) and those are crazy, fantastic standalones.

I wasn’t tagged but I would really love to see cwhiteweb, LizScanlon, Patty, theorangutanlibrarian, and Jo-Ann do this tag and any other bookworms out there like me who don’t post book related things all the time but have a serious addiction to reading 🙂

Entertainer Blogger Award

I’d like to send a shout-out to Silas for nominating me for this cool award. If you haven’t checked out his blog, you should. He’s quite a talented artist. Don’t let the name of his blog fool you. His weirdness is a gift!

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Add these rules to your post.
  • Answer all the questions below.
  • Display the award picture in your post.
  • Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!

Questions and Answers:


Started to blog as retail stress therapy and never actually talked about the retail stress. I ended up leaving the job and taking on a completely different role I’d never worked before and so far it’s been pretty successful and has allowed me time to interact with all you lovely people 🙂 I think because of the lack of stress, I decided to start fresh and happy with the blog since my life has been significantly better for it.


Image result for Written in red anne bishopThat is the most impossible question to ask a person who reads like they’ll die if they didn’t have their nose in some book at all times. My favorite book depends on the genre and the more I read, the more that dynamic changes. I guess my favorite fantasy book of this year is probably Written in Red by Anne Bishop but ask me again in a month and it will probably have changed. 😛


Bananas. They’re disgusting. I also dislike (hate) people who have puppy mills. Its a huge issue here and it’s astounding how cruel people can be to animals.


Little Japan. Noodles and two sides for 6 bucks! And they really pile on the food! I usually get bourbon chicken or honey chicken. Second place is Sbarro. They have great ziti and breadsticks!


Sleeping. I don’t get nearly enough of it but it’s my own fault cause I always say “one more chapter” and it never ends up being just one more chapter… more like 10 or the rest of the book. Or I binge watch a show and will say “one more episode…”


As for nominations, I choose you all. I read a lot of blogs everyday and I find something entertaining, inspiring, educational, fun in each and every post I read which is why I take the time to read them through and let you know. I’ve been getting a lot of awards lately here at RT and I really appreciate them. Hope I can continue to keep you all entertained for many more days to come 🙂

Sunshine Blogger Award


I’d like to thank Avid Observer and James for tagging me. Avid Observer has a fantastic blog with posts that blur education with real world experience in an awesome way. James’ blog has book reviews and word challenges that also connect to real world experiences. Check them both out and hit that follow button!


1.) Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
2.) Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
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4.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

I have 22 questions to answer since they both tagged me this morning. I hope you enjoy my answers 😀

Avid’s Questions:

  • A quote or any saying that you love and follow.

I’m not weird, I’m gifted. Not sure when I got this key chain but I’ve had it for years and carry it on my key ring always.

  • If you get chance : either to go in future and know what’s there for you or to go back in past and change something Which one would you choose & Why?

I would go to the future. The past is best left in the past. I would want to see if the world tackles climate change and becomes more sustainable.

  • A superpower that you think everyone should have.


  • Mountains or Beaches?


  • Is there anything that can/might make you stop blogging?

If I get bored or life gets in the way enough that it’s something I wouldn’t be able to keep up with

  • If you get a chance to watch any war that happened in the past live Which war would you choose n Why?

I don’t like wars so I choose not to watch any of them

  • Share any adventurous or risky thing that you ever did. 

Trusting my life on a harness clipped to a steel cable, aka ziplining. It was fun but I don’t know that I would do it again, lol

  • What gives you goosebumps every-time?

People with amazing singing voices

  • A gift that you would love to receive anytime.

Long-lasting friendship with good conversation

  • Your favorite topics to have a conversation on.

Books and food. 

  • One thing that you want to eliminate from your life completely.

Menstrual cramps. They suck.

James’ Questions:

  • Which of the 7 deadly sins could you absolutely live with if you had to?

Lust. I love my husband a lot, hahaha

  • Which of the 7 dwarfs are you most similar to?

Probably Happy. I’m known for the many smiles I share throughout the day. 

  • What state haven’t you lived in but would like to?

I’ve only ever lived in Ohio but I would love to live in Silicon Valley (CA) since that seems to be the land of technology and I’m a nerd.

  • Where do you see yourself in ten years that you believe you might actually achieve?

In ten years I see myself as a mom and hopefully have had crossed Japan off the bucket list. My husband and I really, really want to go there.

  • Where do you see yourself in ten years that you hope happens but don’t think it will?

I don’t look at the world like that. If I want something to happen, it will eventually.

  • Who do you not know in person but think you’d best friends with?

cwhiteweb at Poetic Bliss. Also, if this counts, my friend that lives in NY. We have never met in person but he is definitely a best friend.

  • What Greek or Roman goddess or god is your favorite?

I’m cheating and picking a Norse God. I’ve always been a fan of Odin. He was god of war and death but also love and wisdom.

  • When in time would you want to live that you have not been alive for?

I would say the 16th or 17th century. Times when you had to live off the land and take care of it in return.

  • If you could only travel by 1 mode of transportation in the future, what would it be?

My car has been reliable this long so if they make flying cars in the future, it would still be by car.

  • What website do you visit the most?

Haha, are we talking non social media and my email? The answer is probably Netflix.

  • How many cookies is too many cookies in one single sitting?

I rarely eat cookies so I’m the wrong person to ask this question, lol.

I tag:

Instead of making more questions, you all can decide from the 22 here that you would like to answer. They’re great questions 🙂

Soul Ripping Romance Tag

In lieu of the romance fails tag, I decided to create my own tag.

The Guide:

  • Thank the person who tagged you and create a pingback to the original author Nel@Reactionary Tales.
  • Share at least 5 (but more are welcome) romances that tugged your heart strings. They can be from books, movies, TV shows, manga; anything you can think of! They can be examples of sad tears, angry tears, happy tears or a combination of all three.
  • Nominate 5 (or more) people to share their emotional traumas
  • (Note: Try not to spoil the story for your readers in case they would like to check out these romances on their own)

Brace yourselves:

  • Mark and Lexi from Grey’s Anatomy. Every time I even marginally think about the course of their relationship and how it ended, the ugly tears come out

  • Rurouni Kenshin and Tomoe from Samurai X. I can’t even describe the depth of my sadness after watching this anime. This is the prequel to Kenshin the anime and it tells us how he became the wandering samurai.

  • Howl and Sofi from Howl’s Moving Castle. HAPPY TEARS! This is such a fun film with magicians, scarecrows and a talking flame named Calcifer but I still ended up shedding a few tears.

  • Jack and Rose from Titanic. To this day, it still makes me sob even though I know what’s going to happen
  • Sybil and Branson from Downton Abbey. They weren’t the only couple to make me sob but these two definitely hit me the hardest in that entire show!

  • Addie and Rowan from The Final Formula Series by Becca Andre. From the first book to the fifth one they were so complicated. There were a few times where I wanted to call the author and scream at her for making me emotionally tangled.
  • Everything Judith McNaught has ever written starting with A Kingdom of Dreams. It’s all, eventually HEA (happily ever after) but she takes you on a ridiculous, emotional roller-coaster ride
  • Tamara and Val from The Ultimate Weapon by Shannon Mckenna. Out of the entire series, that one was the hardest to read. Tamara had been through so much and she was quite skeptical of ever having and keeping true love!
  • Pocahontas and John Smith. Yeah I went there. I’m an easy crier ok!

  • Tristan and Isolde. Their story is set in a time before Romeo and Juliet and just as heart wrenching!

Bonus: Achilles and Briseis from the movie Troy. Hector’s situation made me sob before theirs but their story still gutted me. (All the pictures of them I tried to find were NSFW so you’ll have to Google them on your own :P)

I tag:

I hope you all enjoy this tag. Can’t wait to see your answers! To everyone else, feel free to participate in this tag. I would love more content to add to my list and hope my list inspires you all to check out these, and other, wonderful romances.