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I was browsing social media, as I usually do most days, and I came across this video of Oprah interviewing Trevor Noah for some show of hers or another. If you don’t know who Trevor Noah is, he’s a late night news comedian from South Africa. I personally find him quite funny but also very intelligent. So I was listening to this interview and he gushed about his mother and how she groomed him to be the man he is today. Then Oprah asked him about how he feels he wants to be portrayed to the world through sharing the news cause his whole goal is to share the news in a fun, sometimes serious (depending on the topic) way. He said something that really resonated it with me and I kind of want to break it down with my thoughts and get some of your input in return.

The first thing he said was:

Human beings no longer see human beings on the other side of discussion… and it’s tough to say that one side should be empathetic to the other side when the other side doesn’t see them as human beings either.

First off, I thought this was quite an interesting thing to say because it definitely got me thinking about the way in which I engage in discussion with other people and how I normally react depending on the topic. I can’t necessarily say that I disregard what or how another individual says or thinks because I consider myself every open minded but I can admit I feel a sense of pause when it comes to certain topics. Obviously, this is natural because we all have our strong views, morals, ethics on certain topics especially when we’re crazy passionate about them. But I wonder if I’ve ever made someone feel less than human because I was driving my passionate vision on to them.

It made me think about this author/reader/publishing debacle that’s currently trending, at least on my Twitter. I won’t name names but basically there are authors out there who participate in manipulating readers into sympathizing or empathizing with whatever is going on in their life to the point that they walk a fine line of receiving things they didn’t necessarily earn. I know that kind of sounds like a jumble but ultimately it’s kind of equivalent to a person freely transferring all the kindness and support inside of them to an individual without the expectation of reciprocity but end up being used in the end. This kind of thing makes me wonder when that individual stopped seeing you as that generous human being and into something less inferior.

The other thing he said that resonated was:

If your character shifts because of who’s in power, was it your character to begin with?

In regards to his quote he’s relating it to politics but when I heard that, the two words I froze on was “character” and “shifts”. I was thinking about this for the rest of the day and on the drive home I asked my husband, “how do you define your character?” I explained to him the context in which I heard this and he said to me that he believes people’s characters fluctuate based on perspective and experience but at an individual’s core, it usually stays the same.

I have to agree in that respect. I think character is definitely fluid. I mean the word “characteristics” is derived from the world character itself. I tried to think of it like a character in a book where usually you have a hero, villain, or anti-hero. You go into it knowing what to expect and hope that the characters stay true to themselves. If they’re introduced as douchebags, I hope they stay that way throughout or die (cause I’m evil). Do I like happily ever afters? Sure. But I don’t want all my books and movies to be that way. When it comes to real life however, my hopes are completely opposite. The character I meet in the world, I hope they stay consistent with their views towards me. I realize, again that character is fluid so we are bound to change here and there but I guess I like to surround myself with characters with open wide minds, and I don’t mean about their personal lives, because that comes with time, but just in general.

I don’t set out to change a person’s character because I disagree with something they say or how they view the world but I hope that I could plant one tiny little seed in their mind that could maybe, just maybe, if not shift their views towards the middle a bit but at least get them thinking about someone or something other than themselves. Is that wrong? Do you think that goes back to not seeing the other as a human being? It’s quite interesting how these concepts are intertwined.

Like with most subjects, I could go on and on and on about what I’m thinking but we’re coming up on 860 words and I want to know what you all think. I’ll link to the Youtube clip below were I copied pasta’d the quotes if you’re interested in watching it. Again, he relates it to politics but I thought beyond that scope. Hit me with it in the comments below!

(Source: Youtube)


Have you ever created a registry for something?

It’s not fun.

Not even a little bit.

Who willingly likes making lists?? I’m taking volunteers to make mine. Thanks.

That’s all I have for today.


The Future.. cont’d

Yesterday I spoke about cool technological advances that I thought would be cool if they came into existence. Since then, I’ve thought up a couple more but I thought of talking about things that would help our future if we went in the other, declining direction; i.e. towards extinction. Now this post is not to scare you all cause I like to think we as humans are able to figure it out at least before the sun blows up (cause it is a star you remember and that’s the fate of all stars).

My husband showed me a video last night of this YouTube channel he follows called Primitive Technology. Basically a guy bought some a plot of jungle land in the middle of Australia somewhere and he films himself doing very basic, or primitive things like building a hut and tools, etc from what you find in nature. It’s quite mesmerizing to watch. I’ll share a video below but every time I watch one of these videos I think of how useful it would be to have these types of skills in case we spiral backwards into an apocalyptic world because when you think about it, no matter what happens to us, nature will always reclaim it’s territory. This is evidenced in lots of photos and videos around the world of what used to be a city now looks like a jungle. There’s actually one of those close to home. There used to be an amusement park called Geauga Lake. It was very popular but then it fell on hard times and closed. Now when you drive past Geauga Lake, it looks like a straight jungle because nature literally seeped through the cracks and is thriving on top of our man-made structures.

Here’s a video of the man building a hut from scratch in his new area:

After watching this (and getting sucked in and watching his other videos) I started thinking about the constant circling around travelling to Mars. Scientists recognize that Mother Earth is dying and they are just a small group of a giant population trying to figure out alternatives. I remember seeing a video once of a group that saved genetic material of many animal species including some that are extinct. The group is called The Frozen Ark and they currently have over 700 cells, DNA and gametes from various animals sitting on -80ºC ice in the hopes of preserving natural history. There’s another “doomsday” vault in the frigid ice habitats of Norway called the Global Seed Vault. Here they do the opposite of the Frozen Ark and preserve seeds of plants from past and present. Currently, they have 930,000 seed varieties stored here and these seeds have come from all around the globe. 200,000 of them alone are just rice species. Boggles the mind right? These are considered stop gap measures if a plant species were to be wiped out completely or we were to colonize Mars and get a fresh start. Well, and also, they’re nerds so this is like the coolest collection a nerd could have. 😉

I just thought this would make a great followup post because we really don’t know where the future is headed and honestly most of us will probably be dead by then but I like seeing this evolution of thinking of what could be in either direction. It also goes to show that there could be a decent balance between technology and nature to the point that we are able to make these happen like preservation or even rehabilitation because we’ve become advanced enough to do so.

Did you watch the video? Do you have his skills and come come teach me?? What do you think about these vault collections of various species past and present? Do you think we could go backwards but in a good way with technology instead of full steam ahead of full on technology? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

The Future

How often do you think about the future? I don’t mean in terms of your short or long term goals but in terms of innovation! While driving to work, I have this habit of looking around at houses and land and all that jazz because I have dreams of my husband and I building our own house one day with solar shingles and geothermal and all the good stuff! Not exactly a smart house but a sustainable one. We don’t want to go completely off grid, in fact, we’re such technological information hogs that we want to very much stay on the grid but we do care about the environment and the direction our mother Earth is going and try to do much as we can in a small city.

So anyway, I was thinking about all this cool tech and possible inventions that could come out in the future. I have to admit, some of it comes from watching the Netflix series Altered Carbon but some of these ideas I’ve had on my own. For example, wouldn’t it be SUPER COOL if glasses wearing people like me had mini windshield wipers on their lenses?? It would be a huge help when you’re walking outside with no umbrella or even just to give your lenses a good clean every once in a while because glasses are microscopic, dirt attracting magnets and trying to clean them without leaving streaks is such a pain! I realize that’s probably why contacts were existed but again, for people like me who eyeball touching makes me squeamish, having wipers on my glasses would be a godsend!

Another thing I thought would be cool is if they made VR (virtual reality for those unfamiliar with the term) glasses that you could use for book but that could like connect to your brain and project your imagination while you read! Think about it, when you read a book, you imagine what the characters look like, what the setting looks like, all the action scenes, the love scenes, the tragic scenes. The VR would be able to grab this picture out of your head and project it while you read. Maybe the story words pop up inside the VR off to the side and things just start appearing as you read. I mean I already love the immersion in my head so I can only imagine my scenes being played out before me. It would be sort of like being your own movie director in your own home.

Lastly, so the post doesn’t get crazy long cause I have so many ideas, is of course a teleport machine but specifically for travelling not for everything cause that’s just a bit too lazy for me. I always think about how it would be cool if we could travel to our dream destinations in minutes instead of many hours, half of which are spent in an airport due to layover. Or even just visiting that online friend you’ve gotten to know over many months and finally want to meet but they’re marginally far away. Or, not even just for fun but for emergencies. I’m obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy and you know sometimes they have the tragic episodes where patients can’t get to the hospital in time to be saved from dying so I think it would be cool to be able to transport someone who’s life is in danger to any world renowned hospital in a couple minutes. I don’t know how it would work exactly since I don’t think we’ll ever be advanced enough to disintegrate our solid bodies into tiny particles to be transported and then reformed at our destination but it would still be cool! However, I think we’ll get slightly close with the Elon Musks of the world looking to make Hyper Loops reality.

I could go on but I wan’t to know what type of ideas do you all think would be cool if they were invented for the future? Let me know in the comments below!

Rumis #2

Long while ago, I made a rumis post. I forget what it was about and since I transferred the blog it got lost in cyberspace maybe (I didn’t actually go search for it; laziness and all that). In the post I talked about something that was weighing on my mind. Well, today I’m having another one of those and I feel like sharing.

Have you ever had someone tell you that they’re the type of person that doesn’t do well with confrontation? I’ve been thinking about what that truly means because when I hear it, I view it as someone who doesn’t like to invite drama in their life or maybe they don’t do well with drama. So I decided to Google it.

Definition of confrontation

the act of confronting the state of being confronted: such as
a a face-to-face meeting 

  • confrontation between the suspect and the victim
b the clashing of forces or ideas conflict 

  • a violent confrontation between rival gangs

Both of these definitions seem quite hostile wouldn’t you say? When I talk about confrontation, I generally mean it in terms of if you have a problem, whether it be with a person, place or thing, you address it. I’ll be the first to admit that I can be very confrontational and not in a bad way. If there’s something wrong, I want to know and if a person doesn’t volunteer the information on their own, there’s a huge chance I’m going to ask them up front. If I have a problem with a product I bought, best believe I’m calling the seller or manufacturer to fix it or give me my money back. If I had a bad experience at a place, I will most definitely make the place aware of my negative experience and even go so far as to leave a negative review if they seem like they don’t care.

I wasn’t always this way. It was actually my husband that brought this out in me. I used to be the queen of giving people the silent treatment. It wasn’t so that I wouldn’t have to confront them, it just made me feel like I had the upper hand because I wasn’t responsive. I can remember arguments we would have back in our dating stages where I would treat him like he didn’t existed even though we lived in the same house and slept in the same bed. It came quite easily because again, I felt I was the superior one and could talk on my terms not his.

Let me tell you, I almost lost him over it.

He broke down one day. Told me that he knows I’m really upset but he needed me to know how the silence was hurting him more than me not talking about my upset. It was a pivotal moment for me, let me tell you. I ended up feeling like complete shit because I realized he was right. How do you solve a problem with continual silence? How can someone know what’s really going on in your head if you don’t say anything?

I always tell everyone I’m not a mind reader. I’ve learned to use this phrase over and over again. I learned the lesson best while working in retail and experienced all the behind the back talking because people were too afraid to speak their minds but found it really easy to gossip to other people. It’s literally dumping fuel on a spark that is going to turn into a raging fire. I also learned that it doesn’t help to be passive aggressive either. Again, most of us are not mind readers. Sometimes it simply needs to be spelled out if you’re at all interested in a problem getting fixed. So I became that manager that speak to people head on. Some people appreciated it and some people didn’t and that’s perfectly fine but I had to job to do and ultimately it made my staff comfortable enough to come speak to me instead of spreading gossip every day.

I’m definitely not perfect and I know I can be a tough individual to deal with but I always promise honesty and I have no problems apologizing for something if I’m in the wrong. Does that make me a confrontational person? Maybe, but I think ultimately it makes me a better human being in general. In a world where most of us talk to each other on the internet, I often ponder how people can’t be more bold and more forward even if they aren’t in real life. It’d be a real confidence booster if you ask me considering it’s like a 5% chance, maybe less, that we’ll ever meet in real life. That’s not how I roll of course. What you see is what you’d get in real life but the screen is almost more of a confidence booster than a dampener I would think. But we’re all different so I definitely don’t fault anyone at all who has a different though process. All I want to do is understand, apologize and fix stuff so we’re all happy in the end. Is that too much to ask? I don’t know; maybe.

What do you think? Do you view the definition of confrontational different than Merriam Webster? Would you consider yourself confrontational or non-confrontational? This is a touchy subject so don’t feel obligated to comment if you don’t want to!

Facebook Friday 3/2/18

Hey, hey! It’s Facebook Friday! First Facebook Friday of March to be exact. Woot, woot! I don’t know about you all but we’ve had some crazy weather this week in Ohio. It started out nice with some warm 60 degrees and rain. Little signs of spring were popping up everywhere as well and the trees were rejoicing! But then today happened… we got 3-5 inches of snow overnight and the trees are probably a bit shellshocked, haha. Luckily, as most weather changes around these parts, it’ll probably all melt by tomorrow because mother nature just loves making us all topsy turvy every day.

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

This Facebook Friday is going to be a tad different because I’m going to cheat a little bit. I wasn’t super active on Facebook last week but I did share some pictures that, at the time, I chose not show on here. BUT! Since I have some really awesome blogger friends who find tidbits in my posts that I sneak in (looking at all of you O.O), I’m going to share the pictures from last week and the videos from this week. Unfortunately, my meme game was low this week so no memes this round but I think you’ll enjoy what I have in store anyway.

Up first I shared a cool video of this guy who makes sculptures out of fruits and vegetables:

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t even cut half of these fruits straight let alone make owls and flowers out of them!

The next video I shared was ABSOLUTELY the cutest! Baby chimp Mussa was rescued from poachers and this pilot was tasked with flying him to his new jungle home. I could only just barely handle this level of cute:

Now as for the pictures, as a few of you smart cookies have figured out my news, I’ve decided to share the pictures we posted to Facebook to make the announcement cause you know nothing is official unless you post it on Facebook.


My husband shared this picture first with no words. A few people understood what this meant but most people didn’t. So I shared this photo about 12 hours later:


It suddenly made sense to everyone and a lot of people had a good laugh over my husbands humorous announcement. So yes, I’m pregnant. 21 weeks and 5 days currently. It’s a huge trial that I was not prepared for but I have a pretty good support system that tolerates my body snatcher rants. We opted not to know the gender so when I know in about 4 months, I will share. 🙂

So that’s it for this week’s Facebook Friday. Did you see anything interesting in your social medias? Let me know in the comments below and have a great weekend everyone!

See you Monday. 🙂


A friend of mine recommended a book for me to read recently. I’m part of the Ultimate Reading Challenge which lasts the whole year and I’m reading my tearjerker for this month. It’s highly likely I won’t finish it til March 1st because my life got in the way and I forgot February is stunted but so far I’m enjoying the story immensely and is what inspired this post today.

You ever think about the many definitions of one word or the many ways it’s interpreted? The main word revolving around my book is the word “blind“. While I was driving to work today, I was thinking about the many ways a person can be blind. There are lots of famous phrases for the word of course but I wanted to touch on a few that occur pretty regularly in a person’s daily life.

The most obvious definition of blind that comes to mind is a person who physically cannot see. Either they were born that way maybe lost their physical sight due to disease or another reason. To piggyback off this definition, there’s also color blindness as well; people who do not have enough cones and rods in their eyes to be able to see color.

Following physical blindness, there’s blindness of the mind. What I mean when I say this I always think about dreaded politics. I’m not a fan of talking about politics but I admit I do engage in conversations here and there once in a while. I liken blindness of the mind to being closed minded; a person who is unwilling to see past what they believe, their specific morals, ethics, etc. When it comes to getting into a debate whether it be politics or something else, there are people who are unwilling to open their mind and see another person’s point of view on the same subject matter. Or maybe they are willing to see but don’t care to really listen. I guess in this scenario, having an open mind and open ears kind of go hand to hand. Sometimes you can find a break in the stronghold of another person’s mind and sometimes you can’t. It’s hard to make someone understand that you aren’t trying to change their mind, you just would like them to see how your thought processes are evaluating the same topic. I guess the phrase, “walking in another person’s shoes” could fit here.

Lastly, I think of emotional blindness or blindness of the heart. A good example of this could be “love at first sight“. This is a common phrase where a person feels at one glance they’ve met the love of their life. Sometimes that’s true and sometimes it’s wrong. When it’s wrong, people will often shut down their “heart’s eyes”. I mean that in the sense that they are either unwilling or do not believe that they can ever open their heart to another person again. The same thing applies to friendship. Once you’ve been burned once or twice, you become wary of opening your emotions or “breaking down that barrier” to another person. Or maybe even the opposite is true where you can’t see “the writing on the wall” so to speak; that it’s obvious the friendship is going down the drain no matter how much you try, or don’t try, to salvage it.

At the end of the day, in any scenario of blindness, you become reliant on all your other senses, whether they’re physical or emotional. Trusting your other senses becomes quite interesting and intriguing when you think about it because your “eyes” make it so easy. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how my story develops considering the ways in which it inspired me to write this post today.

Do you ever think about the many interpretations of a single word? Are there other definitions of being blind that I didn’t cover? Let me know in the comments below!

Facebook Friday 2/23/18

Man is it just me or did February pass by in the blink of an eye? I checked the calendar this morning and this is the last Facebook Friday of February! (say that three times fast :P). Not much was happening in social media land besides constant talking points on guns of course but I did manage to find some happy spots I’m going to share with you today.

Facebook Fridays is a weekly segment of RT where I share some fun stuff I observed on Facebook this past week. I share a fun meme or screenshot, a video that resonated in some capacity and a photo of my own.

So this week, I actually did find a meme! I think it’s quite appropriate too since this is pretty much me all day, everyday:

No automatic alt text available.

I have definitely had no time to read these days so becoming a hobo sounds quite appealing right now!

Next up, I’m a bit of a Phantom of the Opera nerd. Which isn’t really true because I’ve only watched the movie version featuring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum but I have listened to various versions of the soundtracks and I know every song. Phantom of the Opera celebrated 30 years on Broadway this past week so their Facebook page shared lots of interesting fun facts all week long. It was also featured on an episode Jeporardy where it had it’s own category! I always liked guessing the answers to these types of questions so I watched the clip and I actually only missed two I believe! Shocked myself let me tell you. Had to have been a combination of lucky guesses and memory. Check it out for yourselves and see if you can guess the answers before the contestants do:

Lastly, I want to show you all two of the four feral cats that have been plaguing my existence these days. Yes, I know, they’re so cute and look so friendly! Don’t let looks fool you. They’re the spawn of Satan, the little howling demons. I hope as the weather warms up, they find somewhere else to live:

That’s it for Facebook Friday! Have you all seen anything interesting or fun in your social medias this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a good weekend everyone and see you Monday!

Proboscis Monkey

Today’s endangered animal comes straight from the coastal forests of Borneo. Sadly, pretty much all the animals in Borneo are Endangered, Critically Endangered or Extinct already. However, efforts are being made to save the surviving few.

I want to start by saying that if you Google the word proboscis it means the nose of a mammal, usually a long nose or it’s the mouth-like snout of an insect. So, seeing the picture of this monkey, you can imagine how it obtained it’s name. It’s scientific name is Nasalis lavatus. Proboscis monkeys don’t grow to be very tall. Only a little over 2 feet tall with males weighing up to about 50 pounds and females weighing less than that. You can find them in the arboreal coastal lowlands of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia where they are endemic.

monkey-681668_640You can distinguish adult proboscis monkeys from offspring because of their coloring. Adults have light brown or red fur with pale faces while their young are born with black fur and blue faces. The bulbous nose is only found on male proboscis monkeys. The main reason for such a large nose has to do with obtaining and attracting mates. Proboscis monkeys live in groups of harems where you have one male and between to to six females. They have specialized mating calls and it is speculated that the echo of these calls is amplified because of their noses. In the case of this species, size matters… a lot. Scientists have speculated that the size and length of the nose has a direct correlation with the size and length of the penis and the testes. The bigger the nose, the bigger the reproductive parts. The nose is always growing too. As males age, their noses become larger and longer.

Diet of proboscis monkeys mostly consists of leaves, seeds and unripe fruits. Offspring are born after a gestation period of six months. Like humans, proboscis monkeys only have one offspring at a time and will remain with mom and the rest of the harem for several years. If the offspring is male, once he reaches maturity, he goes off and joins bachelor groups. Proboscis monkeys primarily spend most of their time in trees but they will come down to land if food is scarce. Another feature of these monkeys is their swimming ability. There have been sightings of proboscis monkeys belly flopping into rivers to swim across in search of more food. What makes them such great swimmers are their partially webbed hands and feet! They are able to escape predators such as large lizards and crocodiles because they are such good, fast swimmers.proboscis-monkey-216215_640

The proboscis monkey has been listed as Endangered since the year 2000 with less than 1000 individuals remaining in the wild. The main causes of population decline are illegal hunting and capture and habitat destruction. The rainforest and mangroves trees have been cleared for the harvest of timber and implementation of oil palm plantations. This forces the proboscis monkeys to come to land more often and travel far distances for food making them easy prey for land animals such as jaguars. Hunting is also a problem because even though they are banned from being sold internationally, they are still sold within the area and some natives consider them a delicacy.

There are ongoing conservation efforts. One of which is a wildlife sanctuary but even that is a challenge for the proboscis monkeys especially since they do not do well in captivity. There are not any direct links to contribute to saving proboscis monkeys specifically but donating to any project that’s goal is to save rainforests is a start.

(Sources: Arkive, NatGeo, IUCN)

Ode to Oats

Last night I was in conversation with one of my favorites, Jenn, you all know her as Mischenko on here, and we were talking about healthy eating habits. She’s like my health guru because if you ever need to know what vegetable or fruit can cure your ailments, she’s the one you need to talk to because she’s full of amazing advice! I forget how we got on the subject of breakfast eating but we were talking about oatmeal and I remember telling her I found a link for some really good looking overnight oats. I’ve made overnight oats in the past but it wasn’t a successful, tasty endeavor. These recipes however sounded very appealing to my tastebuds. I shared the recipes with Jenn and she really liked the sound of them and we both got this idea that she’d make one recipe and I’d make another and then we’d both write a blog post about it today sharing out thoughts. So here we go:

I decided to make the berry overnight oats without the greek yogurt. I didn’t have any greek yogurt to begin with but also because I seem to have an aversion to it for now. All the other ingredients I had though. Prep for these oats takes literally 3 minutes. I had a mason jar suprisingly from back when it was cherry picking season and my boss made cherry jam for everyone. If you don’t have a mason jar though, I’m sure you could use any type of sealed container. Here are the ingredients:

  • Berries and Cream Overnight Oats:
  • ½ cup Rolled Oats
  • ⅔ cup Almond Milk (can substitute coconut or cashew milk)
  • ⅓ cup Greek Yogurt
  • ½ Tablespoon Chia Seeds
  • ½ teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • ⅛ teaspoon Salt
  • 1-2 Tablespoons 100% Real Maple Syrup
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries

So what you want to do is put all the ingredients in a jar in the order of which they appear on the list. The other ingredient I didn’t add was salt because I just missed the step I think. Now, I used frozen blueberries and strawberries. The recipe wants you to add them after but I put them right in with everything else. Mixed it up and plopped it in the fridge. This is what it all looks like mixed up in the jar:

So my oats sat in the fridge from 10pm to 7am. I ate them when I got to work at 8 and let me tell you, I was not prepared for the first bite. Good lord is this super delicious! I don’t know what I did wrong the first time but there is no comparison to this recipe! It doesn’t even taste healthy; it tastes like a dessert! I’m truly blown away and thinking this my be a regular staple to interchange with my egg breakfasts (cause I freaking love eggs).

Do yourself a favor and check out Jenn’s post (click the word post to be redirected :P). She made the chocolate coconut recipe so you have to see if her reaction to the oats was as great as mine!

Also, here’s the link to all the recipes if this sounds like something you want to try in the future: