The Power of Nature and Tech

So I was late to work today.

But what I saw on the way was pretty intense. Last night, most of Northeast Ohio experienced a pretty, heavy duty storm. There was lots of rain, thunder, lightning and wind. I like when it storms in the fall mostly because the wind becomes a natural leaf stripper and makes cuts how many times we have to blow and rake leaves. I was watching Poldark (my new obsession) and watching the cats because my jerk gets a little bit of anxiety during storms, when my friend texts me and tells me her power when out. She lives out by where I work; about 45 minutes away. She told me luckily they have back up generators at her house but it didn’t sound good out there. And I wondered if my husband and I would lose power as well but there wasn’t much flickering going on really. Then about 15 minutes later she tells me a tree fell on her boyfriend’s truck. And I’m like, “Are you serious??” and she says yes and send me a picture. He drives a heavy duty pick up truck and this tree split his cab in half. I told her I was really glad it didn’t hit their house and thank goodness for insurance.

This morning, I’m driving to work and I see a few branches down here and there in the small town of Boston Heights and the back roads of Hudson. It wasn’t til I hit Aurora that it all came into stark reality. I saw a tree being barely held up by power lines, and almost every house I passed, there was a tree downed in someone’s front yard. I’m slowly getting to the intersection that takes me to the one main road to work and I swear to God all I saw was a wall of dirt coming. If there wasn’t people behind me, I would have stopped just to marvel at the sight. The wall of dirt was half the size of a two story house. I mean it was nothing but dirt and roots and it was the biggest downed tree I have EVER seen. Big ole pine. There was a woman in rubber boots walking around out front and I just felt so bad for her because not only did the tree fall and ruin her day, but it landed on her neighbor’s house which I can imagine only made the day worse. The circumference of that tree was literally staggering. I hope no one got hurt but I can only imagine the sound that tree made as it was falling and when it actually fell. Now more than ever, I told my husband, the trees around our house need to come down as soon as we can afford it.

From that point on, I experienced road closures. Thank goodness for technology let me tell you. If it wasn’t for GPS, I probably would have drove in circles lost. I texted my boss and let her know I was going to be late and then turned on Google Maps to try and help me find some kind of route to work. I was probably rerouted about 8 or so times because of physical police car barriers or signs like these:

I eventually made it to work and since I listen to NPR, heard about the thousands of people without power in two counties. My old man friend at work was talking about how his sisters from out of town were calling him asking him if he was okay and his response was just like him. He told her, “Yeah we might be two or three days without power but the people in Puerto Rico still don’t have power and probably won’t for a year.” Talk about putting others before yourself right?

Nature is a beautiful but dangerous thing. I think Mother Earth is a little pissed at us for ruining the environment but hopefully we can turn some things around with all the amazing, sustainable, helpful tech that keeps coming about. If you happened to be in this area of crap weather last night, I hope you and yours are okay.

Happy Monday everyone.


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44 thoughts on “The Power of Nature and Tech

  1. That’s insane! Trees are one of my most favorite things in life, but it’s not fun when bad storms roll around. We live in the woods and home damage is the worst. Just thinking about all the turmoil Puerto Rico will have for time to come makes me sad and the thought of no power makes me want to cringe. It’s something I think we take for granted sometimes.

    I surely hope nobody was hurt in these recent storms. The worst ones missed us yesterday. Glad you’re safe! <3 Take care, Nel. 🙂

    • You know, I was thinking the same thing. We definitely take a lot of things for granted and electricity is one of them. I’ve been binge watching Poldark and it makes me want to live in that time for maybe just a week to see what it was like.
      You take care as well Mischenko! Glad the storms missed you 🙂

      • I’m so VERY glad that you’re binging Poldark! Yay! I would love to try living during that time too.

        Have you watched Stranger Things yet? Oh my gosh. The best. 💖💖💖

          • Season 2 is AMAZING. I hope you can get to it soon. We all loved it so much, but sad it’s over because it’s hard to find shows that match the quality. 🙂

            • It’s on our list. We’re highly anticipating The Punisher which is coming out soon plus going to the movies, haha. That’s the best thing about Netflix though. Can binge at your leisure!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you had something similar to what we had a week ago. Did you lose power at all? It sounds awful! Are the roads cleared yet? I can just imagine you trying to go from detour to detour. What a mess!

    We experienced something similar a week ago. It was the worst power outage in Maine history with about a half million homes down. Luckily we got ours back just shy of two days later. There are some out there who still don’t have it back 8 days later. Still, we were saying the same thing about Puerto Rico. it’s been more than 47 days for them. I can’t even fathom what they are going through.

    • We didn’t lose power at my house but this city is on a different power grid than everyone else for whatever reason. The roads weren’t cleared by the time I left to go home and power was still out in some places. I know a lot of schools were closed today.

      Yeah I really feel for Puerto Rico. I can’t even imagine being in the dark and not having clean drinking water for 2 months.

  3. When mother nature turns against us, it always reminds me how powerless we actually are and the fact that we are at the mercy of the mother nature. Thank goodness I have never encountered such severe natural disasters or anything, I have never been in an affected area, but I cannot begin to imagine how tough it can be for those who are affected and how inconvenient it can be… thought-provoking post, Nel, as always <3 Stay safe!!

    • You are so right Nori. We are definitely powerless in the face of nature. Was here before us and will be here long after we’re gone. You’re lucky! I hope your luck lasts forever!

  4. Okay, I gotta admit I was too distracted by the fact that you like Poldark to focus on much else for a second cos AHHH I LOVE POLDARK!!!!
    Okay now that’s out of my system (mostly 😉 ) gosh that’s terrible about the weather. Wow that’s impressive about your boss putting others before him. Still, this sounds really intense- I hope Mother Nature lays off and stops being such a cow!!! 😉

    • You do??? I tried to resist starting season 3 til it ends but it’s totally a lost cause. I hate George and I’m starting to want to murder Elizabeth. She’s so stupid!!! Have you read the books?

      • Yes!! I love it!! It’s one of my favourites 😀 Ahh it came out a while ago over here, so I’m desperate for 4. I despise George and ughrfjgng Elizabeth… there are no words!! I haven’t actually, though I’ve considered it, but after reading a sample I decided to stick to the show, have you?

        • No I heard so many good things about the show that I skipped the books. I told they were old fashioned cause they were written in 1950 era and I’m not interested in that kind of writing after watching such a freaking awesome show. I’m on episode 3 of season 3 so I may just blow you up in your email when I finish it. I can feel a giant cliffhanger!

            • You’re going to have to recommend me other shows you like and seriously, I would not mind a Poldark discussion posts, maybe for season 4, like you do game of thrones. Hahaha they would be so epic!

            • hehe aww thanks 😉 oh gosh, that’s a hard question, cos I’m really stumped for shows right now- apart from GOT I like most of my TV frothy and light- so I’m watching Once upon a time again and Gifted 😉 Point is I NEED recommendations- what do you like apart from Poldark?

            • Omg I watch everything. I like drama. So Bones and Grey’s Anatomy but I adore period pieces. I watched Victoria before I got into Poldark and I thought that was good. Robin Hood and Merlin are my favorite BBC shows. Oh and Luther! 😍 And then there’s Vikings and The Last Kingdom which I also love. Clearly, I was born in the wrong time, hahahaha

            • Ooh this is the best!! Firstly I’ve been meaning to try watching Grey’s Anatomy cos I’ve heard so many good things about it!! The only reason why I didn’t pick it up the second I fell into the current lull was cos I was scared off by the number of seasons lol 😉 Gonna have to check out Bones!! And I loved Robin Hood back in the day and Merlin hands down wins as my favourite BBC show!!!! (you’ve just confirmed to me how awesome your taste is lol 😉 ) hehe Luther, Vikings and Last Kingdom are all at the top of my list too!! (have I mentioned I’m lousy at checking things out- I’ve literally wanted to watch all of those for years!!) hahahaha tell me about it!! 😂😂

            • Hahaha yes. I totally understand about Grey’s. I didn’t pick it up til about season 8 and only because it was made available on Netflix and I needed background noise while cleaning and what not and it turned into an obsession.
              Hahaha I absolutely ADORE Merlin! I recommend it to everyone! Luther isn’t light hearted but it’s such a good show. Ruth Wilson who plays Alice, omg fantastic acting in this show.
              I’m lousy at reading things so it’s okay! I totally understand! Reaction posts for Luther! (Can you tell how much I love those posts?) I mean I love all your posts but those are so freaking fun!

            • hahaha I totally get that. I feel like it’s something I’m gonna get obsessed with… but yikes 14 seasons 😉
              I know right!! It looks so good though!! I just have to be in the right mood- that’s basically why I’ve not gone for it yet. It looks brilliant!
              hahaha! hehehe aww thank you so much!! 😀

  5. Glad that you’re okay and were able to access the technology needed to help you get to work. Sorry to hear about the other people who have no power. We need to be grateful for the little that we do have because for some people it is more than enough. Have a wonderful day!

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