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I have food on the brain thanks to yesterday’s post.

What I wanted to eat for breakfast is not what I’m currently eating for breakfast. I’m a lazy morning person. It’s a legit struggle to get up out of the bed because it’s so comfy and warm. But then the birds start being obnoxious and the sun is up and work calls. You know, I love basking in the sun but I hate it when it wakes me up. The sun should not be mostly up at 6am. It’s just wrong. Sunsets > Sunrises.

Anyway, back to breakfast. I love breakfast food! I can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack — doesn’t matter. The problem is I hate making breakfast. Lazy morning person. It’s a process to just to make toast let alone eggs and bacon. I’m not much of cereal eater so I end up skipping breakfast. Yes, I know. It’s the most important meal of the day but 1) I’m not usually hungry until about 9am and by then, I’m at work and 2) you guessed it: laziness. My rationale is that I can lay in bed that extra 15 minutes it would take me to make something to eat.

So I’m eating an apple and these chile lime crispbreads(?) They look like mini, crunchy pita triangles and they’re delicious! I don’t know why I paired them with an apple but this has been my go to “breakfast” during the work week even though it’s a strange combination. It got me thinking of other food combinations that seem to be weird but turn out to be really good!

Chicken and waffles is the first combination I can think of that’s just fantastic. There’s a restaurant in downtown Cleveland that does chicken and red velvet waffles! Talk about upping the sweet/savory game!

Another one is shrimp and grits. They just don’t sound like they should be together but I’ve had some really good versions of shrimp and grits. I think grits alone paired with other things is weird for some people. I used to be a sugar in grits person but then I turned into a cheese and runny eggs in grits person and now putting sugar in grits sounds awful.

One I’ve seen, but hesitant to try is mint chocolate avocado ice cream. I like avocado. I like mint and I most definitely love chocolate but together? I’m not so sure. Along that ice cream line, I’ve had green tea ice cream before and that was pretty good!

Oh! Also, polish boys! If you’ve never had one it’s basically a hot dog with coleslaw, french fries and barbecue sauce on top. It’s random as hell but so delicious!ย And then Lox which is smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers which I’ve had in sandwich form as well as crepe form.

There’s also the classics — dipping french fries into milkshakes, peanut butter and banana (just no) sandwiches and pineapple on pizza.

How do you feel about food combinations? Any that seem odd to some but that you would swear are delicious?


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33 thoughts on “Yum!

  1. therobinsnest2017

    Well…not sure about those food combos – and I thought my husband ate the “out of the norm breakfast foods”. My mom loves (I know you detest them) banana and mayo sandwiches – but I don’t…I love bananas, I like mayo – just not as a sandwich. Me I like – I can’t think of anything – sigh ๐Ÿ™

    1. Nel Post author

      Bananas and mayo?!?! Why??? That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard and you couldn’t pay me enough to ever eat that! I can’t even imagine how that combination just happened, haha

    1. Nel Post author

      I guess I’ll have to try the avochoco ice cream then if it’s one of your favorites!

  2. Colin - Scottish Legend

    This will probably sound like an odd combination to anyone who isnt from the UK/Scotland for breakfast you can’t beat a Roll on Square Sausage, Bacon, Tattie Scon and if you are feeling adventurous adding on some Haggis. thats what i had on Satruday morning it was the bomb

      1. Nel Post author

        I have a love/hate relationship with pudding. Sometimes I like it, most times I don’t unless it’s incorporated in a way that I don’t know it’s pudding, hahaha

    1. Nel Post author

      I don’t even know what half the things you said are! They sound quite interesting though especially Tattie Scon. Do you have picture of this concoction?

  3. cwhiteweb

    “My rationale is that I can lay in bed that extra 15 minutes it would take me to make something to eat.”
    Hehe I love pineapple on pizza. Well, pineapple in anything. Even had it on a sandwich once lol

    Great post Nel!

    1. Nel Post author

      The curious question here is what else was on that sandwich besides pineapple or was it literally a pineapple sandwich? I had it on a queso, chorizo burrito before! Did not expect it to be so good.
      I’m glad you agree with my rationale. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. cwhiteweb

        It was just one of those sandwiches you make with all the things you like…. We had a layer of guacamole, a slice of cheddar cheese, pineapple and gherkins. I was with my eater brother, who wants to own a food truck so he always has access to cooked food lol ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Nel Post author

          I had to look up gherkins and it says pickled cucumber. Isn’t a pickle a cucumber? That actually sounds good though!

          1. cwhiteweb

            It was gooood!!
            Yeah, its pickled baby cucumbers. There are tons of other pickles hey. I guess pickles then became gherkins because they were the most common/popular, I don’t know.

  4. soulstories2017

    I haven’t tried any of those combinations. Those ingredients are so rare in my country. The only thing that goes is Dal, Bhat, Tarkari and believe me, it is the best food combination!! Also, I was feeling pretty lazy to make lunch this afternoon. So I combined popcorn with dried fish. Not a combination you’d ever wanna try!

    1. Nel Post author

      Yeah definitely don’t know about the last one. I had to look up dal that and tarkari and those look pretty good!

    2. Nel Post author

      If you ever come to America, you are definitely in for a treat in the cuisine dept!

  5. mainepaperpusher

    Since you love breakfast food, and I will take any pportunity that I can find to say something with fun alliteration, I like cornmeal coconut pancakes. Partly because I can get them at Polly’s Pancake Parlor. Yep it really exists, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Anytime we go over that way, I have to get my cornmeal coconut fix at Polly’s.

    1. Nel Post author

      Firstly, fantastic name. Second, cornmeal and coconut is a very interesting combination on its own! I only associate cornmeal with cornbread and fried fish, never pancakes. Do you put syrup on these or a different type of topping?

      1. mainepaperpusher

        Syrup…only REAL maple syrup. They serve maple syrup, maple sugar and maple sauce…all real. When I went there the first time I asked the waitress what she recommended and this was it. I thought she was crazy, but since the waitresses also cook the pancakes, she said she’d do a couple of small ones so I could try them. Haven’t had anything else there ever since. Soooo good! Real maple syrup is the way to go.

        1. Nel Post author

          Adding New Hampshire to my bucket list! And yes, I agree, real maple syrup is the ONLY way to go!

  6. theorangutanlibrarian

    Ah I have the same level of laziness when it comes to breakfast, even though I love breakfast food too- as good as breakfast is, laziness always wins out. Plus, I’m like you and am not a fan of cereal. That’s why I support brunch so strongly!! I’m quite fussy about random food combos though- cos I just find that when I usually suspect something won’t work, it usually doesn’t- for instance, Pret (don’t know if you have those in the US) made hot avocado and cheese paninis and it tasted like feet :/ Buuuut- I have to say chips (or french fries ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) in milkshake for the win!! As a Brit I only ever heard about this about a year ago and I cannot believe how good it is!!
    Also, I know this is a really long comment- but I *love* food!!

    1. Nel Post author

      Long comments are greatly appreciated! I don’t think avocado should be hot although my best friend swears avocado fries are delicious! I just cant see how that would work with the texture though! At this point, french fries with anything wins. I love food too!!!! I think I want to make a post about my favorite take-out go-to’s at some point.

      1. theorangutanlibrarian

        haha yes, avocado should not be hot. It might be nice fried- cos most things are nice fried- but warm and soggy is just gross. YES!! Ooh yum!!! I’m getting hungry in anticipation.

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    1. Nel Post author

      I would have never guessed it was all marketing! This sentence though “Kellogg, a deeply religious doctor who believed that cereal would both improve Americansโ€™ health and keep them from masturbating and desiring sex.” is gold. Just gold, hahaha!

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